Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date 1/30/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Fast Lane is the twentieth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


On the road, travelling once more, the sky is a bright blue but it is quite cloudy with the sun blocked out but its rays managing to shine through at times. As the view lowers, the news van is seen driving along a road by green fields with a few knocked over fence posts.

December 21, 9:56 EDT

Inside the news van, Kate is seen driving with John in the passenger seat, using his tablet.

Kate, driving: What exactly are we looking for again?

John, looking at his tablet: Not exactly sure... There was were sightings of Mutant activity around this area, probably linked to Owens' disappearance somehow.

Kate, driving: Right. If they're in the area, we can track them and it'll lead us straight to Owens.

John, looking at his tablet: Exactly but this is Iowa. There aren't exactly any science facilities around here. At least, none that I know of.

Kate, driving: So unless they switched their MO, we're dealing with something else entirely?

John, looking at his tablet: More or less.

A ground shaking force is then heard crackling in the distance with a pulse of light streaking. Kate turns her head and sees the light move away from where it originated momentarily.

Kate: John, did you see that?

John looks up from his tablet and looks outside, the light is no longer there.

John, looking outside: What?

Kate, driving: It was like a light or something. Nevermind, it was probably nothing.

Drake then comes up to the front of the van and looks through the front window.

Drake: Any sign of them yet?

John: Apparently, we might not even be dealing with them, whoever they are. We seriously need a name for these guys.

Kate: The Mutants we're looking for or the ones we keep running into?

John: Both. It's getting kinda confusing calling them both Mutants.

Drake: What about Mutants doing bad things and Mutants who act on their own?

John: I guess we need need to think about it some more.

As the van continues down the road, a small explosion is seen not too far away. The van, as in reaction to it, brakes and comes to a sudden stop. Inside, Drake, Kate and John, are seen looking through the front window at the explosion, its smoke still in the air.

Drake: What happened?

Kate: I don't know, looks like some type of an explosion.

John: I think there's a city district over there.

Drake: How far will it take us to get there?

John: Like 15 minutes?

Drake: Kate-

Kate: Way ahead of you.

Kate hits the gas and the van starts up, driving along the road, towards the smoke. The scene then cuts over to a city where there are buildings but more space between them. The sky remains the same but is slowly clearing up.

Iowa City
December 21, 10:21 EDT

A few citizens are seen running away from a scorched area where a big fur-covered Bison-like Mutant is standing, on all four of its legs. It has four horns protruding from its head and exposed muscles around its legs. It roars out at the citizens as they continue running away. The area that the mutated bison appears to be some sort of gas station with various debris around. The Mutant takes a sign plate reading "Ethereal Oil" over an oil droplet as its logo, into its mouth and flings it over its head, chucking it at the crowd. The news van then rolls up at the scene, stopping a good distance away from the situation.

John: Well, at least, now we know what's happening.

Drake: Stay here.

Drake returns to the back of the van.

John: I dunno, maybe we should help-

The sign of the gas station is then seen hitting the side of another building, causing pieces of it to crumble down onto the sidewalk as citizens continue running away, yelling.

John, noticing this: You know what? Sure, really, I mean- no arguments from me.

The scene then cuts to the back of the van where the doors kick open and Drake steps out in his Vigilante Suit. He then walks around the van and approaches the Mutant who continues scaring away the citizens.

Drake: Hey!

The Mutant then turns its head and looks at Drake, growling out at him.

Drake: That's right. Leave the people alone. I'm right here...

The Mutant then stomps its hoove down against the ground, drawing it back then stomping again. Drake then rolls his shoulders back and readies his fists. His eyes his glaze with an orange glow and his arms turn into his ax-forms. The Mutant then charges at him. Drake jumps out of the way and the Mutant collides with another building across the street. It then backs up, shaking the debris from its head and turns to face Drake who gets up and looks at the Mutant. Drake then runs towards the Mutant. He throws his arm out, using its elasticity to extend it outwards to hit the Mutant across the face. The Mutant, however, bites into side of the ax and pulls Drake in towards him. Drake then falls onto the ground and looks up, only to be hit by one of the Mutant's hooves in the face. Drake then tumbles backwards and lands on his back.

Mutant, roughly: Destroy... Vigilante...

Drake, surprised: What?

The Mutant then rams into Drake, throwing him onto the street. The Mutant then runs over to Drake and, stepping onto him with its hooves, presses its weight against Drake's chest. Drake then yells out as the Mutant actually steps on him, pressing hard. Drake, struggling, extends his arms out and wraps his arms around the Mutant, throwing it off of him. Drake then gets up, with his forms reforming back to his normal arms.

Drake: No. Not yet... (groans and holds chest)

As Drake continues to hold his chest in pain, the Mutant gets up and looks at Drake, about to attack, when the same ground-shaking force is heard however closer. A blur of light then enters the area coming from the street ahead and circles around the area quickly. The Mutant then stops and looks around at the blur but is struck across the head by a humanoid figure. The Mutant growls and looks around again but there is no one else there aside from Drake. The Mutant is then struck again but from the opposite direction. The Mutant then roars out and looks to attack Drake but is suddenly surrounded by the blur circling around him at fast speeds. Within the blur cycle, the Mutant looks around as if to escape but is met by various strikes coming from the blur until the Mutant comes more and more exhausted. With one more hit to the head, the Mutant falls on the ground, unconscious. The blur then stops spinning and stands by the Mutant, now taking on a physical form as a humanoid figure, with their hands on their hips. The figure is wearing an almost-cerulean blue jacket, with armor patches on the shoulders moving down towards the upper part of the arms. The jacket is closed with two black straps on his chest. He is also wearing black pants with armor patches as well, knee and elbowpads, dark grey sneakers with black lines on the sides, black gloves, green goggles and a black helmet with indents on them leading from the back to the front. He then dusts his hands off with a smile on his face.

Figure: You guys are appearing faster than I can beat you. Which I can sorta understand but- (turns to face Drake) Who are you?

Drake looks at the figure surprised.

Title Sequence

The figure continues looking at Drake but starts to walk towards him.

Figure: I thought I was the only costumed hero in this city. Although, there is something really familiar about you.

Drake: I'm not a hero.

Figure: Not a hero? (scoffs) Well, of course you're not a hero. You're just a guy dressed in a hood, in all black, trying to be some type of-

Drake: Vigilante?

Figure: Yeah exactly. (suddenly realizing) Wait... No. No! No way. Don't tell me. You're the Vigilante? Like the Vigilante?

Drake, confused: Yeah?

Figure: That's great. I mean really that's great. Dude, I'm like such a big fan of what you do. When you take out bad guys and save people. That's just- wow. Is it okay if I call you dude, Mr. Vigilante... sir?

Drake: Don't call me sir.

Figure: Right. Yes, sir- I mean Mr. Vigilante or just Vigilante.

Drake sighs.

Drake: Who are you anyways?

Figure: Well I'm a Vigilante like you, I mean I'm not you because you're the Vigilante and I'm not you so I can't be the Vigilante but I'm a Vigilante who is trying to be like you, I guess. (chuckles nervously)

Drake, confused: What?

The sound of some sort of engine is then heard causing the figure smile is break. He and Drake look up and see an MCA Jumpjet coming into view, flying past some buildings, now hovering over the two, about to land.

Figure: Uh oh. (looks down at Drake) Wish I could stay but it looks like I've gotta run.

The figure then runs off towards the right side of the street, leaving behind a sudden gust of wind as his motion becomes blurred, moving rapidly away and quickly out of sight. The MCA Jumpjet then lands on the street behind Drake who looks down the street towards where the other Vigilante ran off to. The scene then cuts to the news van which is now parked by the side in front of a few buildings. Across the street, a black car is seen pulling up and stopping.

Swift Hotel
December 21, 11:30 EDT

The scene then cuts, again, to the inside of the news van where Drake and Kate are seen seated on the bench while John is seated in the computer station seat.

John: So- what? This guy just ran off?

Drake: He's fast. Faster than anything I fought before.

John: That'll probably make finding him a lot harder. Thankfully, he's a good guy.

Drake: We don't know that.

John: Well he saved you, didn't he? And he stopped that Mutant.

Drake: Still. We don't know anything about him. Who is he, what he can do.

Kate: Actually, we might know more than you think.

Drake: What do you mean?

Kate gets up and goes over to the computer station, leaning over and typing on the keyboard. Articles then appear showing images of blurs and blurry humanoid figures.

Kate: Starling News, the news company stationed in Iowa, reported quite a number of issues about their new Vigilante. He's a bit like you, actually. Mysterious, little details about him and is unseen most of the time. He would have been called out as a rumor if it wasn't for thrist for attention. There aren't any clear photos of him but witnesses describe him just like you did so apparently he loves staying behind after helping people.

Drake: Is that all he's doing?

Kate: I guess. The computer station is better for looking up articles from our own database in New York so we don't have much to go on here except the articles we received. We can probably find out more if we go to the local news building.

John: The new Mutants we keep running into are interesting and all but I'm more curious about the Mutants here.

Drake: The one that I fought did say something to me.

John: What did he say?

Drake: "Destroy Vigilante"

John: Now I'm really curious.

Kate: Maybe it was another Mutant that acted on it's own.

John: First off, we're not calling them that. Second, I checked with the Iowa MCA. They said it was a standard Animal Class-2.

Kate: Well Starling News would probably have covered that as well so that could be a good place to start.

John: I guess, I should book the room then we can start looking into it.

John gets up from his seat and moves to the doors. As he opens the doors and steps out, John looks up and sees a gun pointed at his face. He then stops as a man in a brown jacket is seen cocking the gun.

Man: Hold it right there!

The scene then shows the man holding the gun to be Detective Wilson.

Detective Wilson: I've got you now, Vigilante.

John: Wha-What?

Kate, getting out of the van: Dad?

Drake looks around, now cautiously.

Detective Wilson: Don't worry, Kate. I've got this guy.

Kate: Dad, no. Stop. What are you doing? He's my friend.

Detective Wilson: Friend?

Detective Wilson looks at John who has his hands up, looking scared. He then lowers his gun and exhales.

John: Thank you, sir...

Detective Wilson, putting his gun away: I know you're up to something.

Kate: Dad, I can't believe you right now. You drove all the out here to- what? Put a gun at people I interact with?

Detective Wilson: You can't believe me? When I sent you off, you had two MCA trucks looking after you. Now where are they? I don't see a single one watching out for your safety which is not only a break in protocols for them but a pain for me knowing my daughter is out here unsafe.

Kate: I'm fine, Dad.

Detective Wilson: Fine? (scoffs) You are not fine. You're in danger. I came to make sure you're safe from freaks, hijackers, whatever threats are out here. And don't tell me you haven't run into any trouble. I got the news about you being in Philadelphia with some rich kid and a bunch of Mutant attacks. You're lucky you weren't hurt or worse, killed! Do you have any idea how worried I was? How worried I still am?

Kate is silent and looks down.

Detective Wilson: Yeah, that's right. You don't.

Kate: Dad, please-

Detective Wilson: No, Kate. This has gone on too far. You clearly can't handle being by yourself without being attacked by Mutants and- and what are you even doing out here? So far away from the city? Huh?

Kate: I'm working.

Detective Wilson: Working, huh? Is that it? Are you sure you're not fraternizing with the Vigilante?

Kate: What- What are you talking about?

Detective Wilson: I'm a detective, Kate. You can't pull this one under the radar. The Vigilante hasn't been sighted in the city ever since you left. I knew you had a thing with him before but that was a year ago. I convinced myself that you stopped and now here we go again with the same stuff.

Kate: Dad, that's not what's going on.

Detective Wilson: We'll see. I already booked a room, you're staying with me and we're having a long conversation about this. No but's about it.

Detective Wilson puts his arm around Kate and leads her away from the van. He turns his head and looks at John and Drake, who is now leaving the van.

Detective Wilson: Drake, right?

Drake: Yes, Detective Wilson.

Detective Wilson: Hm. I'm not done with you two yet. Think about leaving this place and I will find you and you'll be finding yourself in a jail cell.

Detective Wilson and Kate then walk off towards the building that the van was parked in front of.

John: (breaths) What the heck... I mean, seriously. What- Who was that?

Drake: That was Kate's father, Detective Wilson.

John: And he tracked her all the way here? What did he mean that he's not with us yet?

Drake: It means he knows one of us is the Vigilante.

John: That's not good. What are we going to do?

Drake: I don't know. I'll face it when it happens. Right now, we have to find out if these Mutant sightings are connected to Owens so we can find him.

John: And if it's not.

Drake: Then we keep looking. No matter what happens.

Drake looks off at the building that Kate vanished into. The scene then cuts to a building with its logo on the side, reading "Starling News".

Starling News Building
December 21, 12:44 EDT

Inside the building, there are various cubicles, with computers, printers, and file holders at each desk. The basic color of the entire interior is grey mixed with blue. There are also ceiling lamps hanging form the ceiling, doors leading to rooms with windows and blinds covering the windows, closed. There are various people working there, attending to their own work. An elevator is seen with its doors opening. Among a couple of people, Drake and John exit the elevator and continue onto the floor. Drake, dressed in his alter ego outfit.

John: Man, it's weird seeing you dressed like that.

Drake: Why?

John: Well it doesn't look like someone you would wear.

Drake: It doesn't feel like it too...

A teenage girl wearing a short jacket over a waistcoat and unbuttoned shirt is seen collecting papers at a desk. Her hair is brown, styled in a ponytail, and her eyes are hazel colored. She turns her head and sees Drake and John looking around by the elevators. Her eyebrow then lifts upwards as she finishes collecting her papers and makes her way over to them.

Girl: Hey, can I help you guys with something?

Drake removes a card from his pocket and shows it to the girl.

Drake: I'm Drake Reed with Central News.

John looks at Drake, confused, while the girl looks between his card and him.

Drake: We need to know what you have on any Mutant sightings that you had looked into.

Girl: Your ID is backwards, Mr. Reed...

Drake: No, it's not. I can see what it says.

John, whispering to him: ...You have to let her see it.

Drake: Oh.

Drake turns the ID around as the girl looks at it properly now.

Girl: It says you're an Intern... Why would you need articles that we've been working on? Especially if you're all the way from New York?

Drake: Uh-

John, stepping in: We're actually collecting some sources for our uh- friend, she's in charge of the whole operation we're pulling off.

Girl: Operation?

John: Yeah, it's like a cross-country... thing.

Girl: Oh um, the RDR. Regional Displacement Report.

John: Exactly. (eyes shift around)

Girl: I gotta say, that's really cool. I don't think we're apart of the RDR program here in Iowa but the fact that you guys in New York can do it, it's just so- wow. I'm Tiffin, by the way. Taylor Tiffin.

John: I'm John.

Taylor: You gotta last name, John?

John: I did. (looks at Drake)

Taylor, looking between John and Drake: Right... Mysterious. I like it. Not like love it but definitely like it. (after a short moment for silence) So those articles you asked for...

Drake looks at her with anticipation.

Taylor: I guess I can show them to you... After all, we're all in the news business. And it's not like we can compete with someone half way across the country.

Taylor goes over to the desk she was at before and types at the computer there after placing the papers she collected back on the desk. The printer then activates and starts printing files.

Taylor: Yeah these recent Mutant attacks have really been something else.

Drake: How so?

Taylor: Well, it seems organized in a way. Before, it was random. We'd have an attack or some type of an outbreak and the MCA would swoop in and take care of the situation. Then things started getting hectic and they've been attacking establishments, businesses, seems really specific, y'know?

John nods his head while listening while Drake pays attention closely.

Taylor: Anyways, that's when the other guy came into the picture.

Drake: The Vigilante...

Taylor: Yeah. We haven't came up with a name yet but we're working on it. Maybe something like... The Flare. I dunno, name sucks, doesn't it? I'm an Intern also so it's probably not my decision anyways.

John: You said the Mutants attacked specific places, what specific places exactly?

Taylor: Well it seems to be places that sell or store materials, hardware stores and stuff like that, half of the time and the other half seem to be places that match up with the Vigilante sightings.

Drake: Do you think he's involved with the Mutants outbreaks some way?

Taylor: I doubt it.

Drake: Why?

Taylor: We might not know who is and what he really is but at least we know what he's doing and it's good work in this city. But still, it does seem like too much a coincidence, doesn't it? I guess it's no different with the Vigilante in New York too, right?

John: Just a little...

Drake glares at John as he smiles nervously. The elevator doors then open again and a teenage boy stumbles out, clumsily. He's wearing a blue shirt over a black shirt with jeans and sneakers. His hair is dark brown, tousled, and his eyes are brown. His jacket has stains on them and a name plate stitched onto top right portion of the jacket, reading Dan. "Dan" gets up and dusts himself off.

Taylor, noticing Dan: Danny. You're late.

Danny, turning to Taylor: Sorry, I was working on something.

Taylor: Again?

Danny: Well, you know how it is, Taylor.

Taylor: Sorry. This is Danny, he's a friend of mines.

Danny, at Drake and John: Nice to meet you, guys. (focusing more on Drake) You look kinda familiar, have I seen you before?

Drake is about to say something but John interrupts.

John: Probably not, we just got in.

Taylor: All the way from New York too.

Danny: New York? You're probably here for the Vigilante then.

John: We're actually checking out some Mutant sightings but we did get a glimpse of the speedster around here.

Danny: I was actually talking about the Vigilante.

Taylor: What? Like the one from New York? He's here?

Drake: How do you know?

Danny: Well I saw him on the way in.

Taylor: This is definitely one of those times where I'm happy you help me out at work.

Taylor goes back to her desk and types on the computer. Danny turns to Drake and John.

Danny: So you guys are investigating Mutants? What's so special about the ones here?

Drake: Doesn't she tell you?

Danny: Well, I'd just want to hear what you guys are working on also. Maybe you found something we haven't.

John: We should probably just keep it to ourselves. Y'know until we really figure out what's going on.

Danny: Right, right. No worries. It-It's all cool.

Danny holds his arms and leans against Taylor's desk. She then looks up and grabs the papers from the printer.

Taylor: Alright, here are the copies of the articles based around the Mutant Sightings. This should help whatever you're looking for.

Taylor reaches out her arm, holding the papers, but is interrupted by the sound of falling papers. Taylor turns her head and sees the papers, that she had collected before, falling on the floor.

Taylor: (scoffs) Danny...

Danny: I am so sorry.

Taylor: This happens every time, Danny.

Taylor puts the papers in her hand on the desk and drops to pick up the papers on the floor. John joins in with Drake looking down at the two of them, picking up the papers.

Taylor: Thanks. (turns to Danny) Next time, be a bit more careful. I've been trying to organize these papers all morning.

Danny: Alphabetical or Chronological?

Taylor: Chrono but I don't see why it matters.

John gives the papers to Taylor while Drake walks around, over to the desk. He takes the papers on the desk and turns his head, seeing Danny leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. Drake then grunts and turns back to John and Taylor who are just finished exchanging papers.

John: Thanks again for the help, Taylor.

Taylor: No problem. (puts the collected papers on the desk) Good luck with your RDR.

Drake: Yeah...

Drake then turns and goes back to the elevator after looking at both Taylor and Danny. John then smiles quickly and turns to follow Drake.

Taylor: Now I've got to reorganize these papers... again!

Danny: Again, real sorry. Don't hate me.

Taylor: (sighs) It's okay, really. I'm so used to your clumsiness. What's it been? Three years?

Danny: (chuckles) Yeah. Crazy how much things stayed the same.

Taylor: What's even crazier is how much things changed.

Danny: Not sure I'm liking where this is going...

Taylor: C'mon, Danny. Ever since that day, you've been acting different. You've been hanging around here instead of going to school. I hardly ever see you.

Danny: I'm sorry, I'm just- busy with a project I'm working on.

Taylor: How long is this project going to take? Another year? I just don't you to loose track of who you are.

Danny nods and grabs the stack of unorganized papers. He starts to look through them while Taylor looks at him.

Taylor: You're really going to do this?

Danny: I'm gonna make it up to you, Taylor Tiffin.

Taylor: I'm serious about what I said. (after a moment) Anyways, that took me all morning to sort out so good luck with that, (mockingly) Danny Campbell.

Danny chuckles as he finishes looking through the papers. Taylor then turns to her desk and looks at her computer screen.

Taylor: So do you really plan on staying here all day reorganizing that or-

Taylor looks up and sees the papers stacked on her desk, with Danny no where to be seen. She then takes the papers in her hand and looks down at them, checking each paper.

Taylor: Chronological... Huh.

The scene then cuts over to the hotel building within the city.

Swift Inn
December 21, 13:12 EDT

Inside, there is a hotel room with blue wallpaper with pink flowers as its pattern. By the door, there is a mirror hung on the wall. Moving further along the wall, there is a wooden dresser and a chair next to it. Moving to the next wall, there is a small window, with white drapes that are slightly see-through and an old-looking radiator underneath. There's a bed against the back wall of the room, with white sheets and a red blanket over it. There is also a lamp hanging over head, a small room, by the door, with another door leading to the bathroom, and the floor is covered with a rugged carpet. Kate is seen siting on the edge of the bed with her head down. Her father is seen leaning against the wooden dresser, looking down as well.

Detective Wilson: I don't know what to do with you, Kate.

Kate: I said I'm fine, Dad. Really, there's no reason for you to be here.

Detective Wilson, turning around to face Kate: So you think that since you're with your "friends" that you don't need me anymore.

Kate: That's not what I meant.

Detective Wilson: Then what do you mean, Kate? I'm here because I want to make sure you're okay. You know how I am when you go out. I always tell you to be careful. Now I thought this little field trip would be good for you. You convinced me that it would be good for you.

Kate: And it is. I'm getting a lot of material for my stories and-

Detective Wilson, talking over her: No, no, no.

Kate: -I'm getting a lot of work done. Dad, please, I'm being really productive and-

Detective Wilson: Kate! I don't care about your job... I'm worried about you.

Kate: Well, I'm alive. I'm not hurt, I'm not wounded, I'm not in a conflict or in distress. So I made the trip here in one piece.

Detective Wilson: And I'm grateful for that. I really am, Kate. But if you ask me, that was luck.

Kate: (scoffs) Luck?

Detective Wilson: Yeah, you were lucky you didn't get killed up until this point. I- I mean I'm hearing talk about Mutant outbreaks in this city and you want to be around that? What are you? Insane?

Kate: What am I is a reporter-in-training, Dad. I'm doing my job, I know the risks and-and you taught me how to defend myself, how to stay safe. Don't you trust me with that?

Detective Wilson: I can't even trust you to let me know you're alright, Kate. What if you never come home again? Huh? How would I know? Huh? The last words I would from you would be nothing but a broken promise.

Kate remains silent then look down at the floor again.

Detective Wilson: ...At least, say something.

Kate continues being silent and continues looking at the floor as well. Detective Wilson nods then looks at the window.

Detective Wilson: Fine. You don't want to talk? Okay... We'll deal with this later then. Right now, (looks at Kate) I'm going to deal with the Vigilante.

Detective Wilson then turns to the door and starts to approach it. Kate then looks up slowly and turns to see her father opening the door.

Kate: Don't, dad.

Detective Wilson: Sorry, Kate. I have to do my job too.

Detective Wilson then leaves the room and shuts the door behind him. Kate then turns her head front, breaths out and looks down at the floor again. The scene then cuts over to the news van, parked in an alleyway. The sky is darker now, as if quite some time has passed by. The clouds seem to be rolling back in, with the sky becoming more grey than before.

December 21, 18:38 EDT

Inside the van, Drake is seen seated in the passenger seat with his cell phone in his hand.

Drake: So what did he say?

Kate, over the phone: Just that he's looking for you. Probably out talking with the local authorities.

Drake: Right.

Kate, over the phone: Are you guys somewhere safe?

Drake: Yeah, in an alleyway somewhere.

Kate, over the phone: It's always an alleyway with you. (chuckles softly)

Drake, looking out of the window: Yeah...

Kate, over the phone: It's probably best you guys stay away from the hotel. I'm not sure when my dad will get back and I don't want to find you especially if he thinks you're the Vigilante.

Drake: I am the Vigilante.

Kate, over the phone: You know what I mean.

There's a pause in the conversation as Drake sits there, waiting.

Kate, over the phone: How's John doing?

Drake: He's still going over the research we got from the news building you talked about. 

Kate, over the phone: Anything useful so far?

Drake: I wouldn't know. John knows research better than me. I know more about things in front of me than on a paper... or a phone.

Kate, over the phone: (sighs) I wish I was there too, helping you guys. But it's not just the house arrest thing. My dad- said some things and I just need to think about it for a bit.

Drake: Okay...

Kate, over the phone: I'll call when I get the chance. I hope you guys find out what's going on here.

Drake: Yeah. Me too.

Drake then lowers his arm, holding the phone and hits the button to end the call. He then looks up from the phone and stares off into nothing. John then makes his way to the front of the van, only appearing through the opening.

John: Hey, you should check this out.

The scene cuts forwards to Drake and John now in the back of the van. John seated in the chair by the computer station, typing on the keyboard, and Drake leaning on the chair, looking at the screen. The articles they received from Starling News on resting on the computer station table as well as John's tablet. The thumb drive is seen inserted into the computer station.

John: So I checked the files from the drive and compared notes with the articles we got.

Drake: Okay?

John: Facilities and other establishments in the files that the equipment was stolen from weren't like the ones here.

Drake: So these aren't the same Mutants. We know that already.

John: Yes but what we didn't know was what was stolen. (types) One of the files here talks about a genetic transmitter prototype that seems to be made of the same materials that were stolen from the places at the Mutant attacks. The articles mention piping missing, wiring, circuit boards, antennas-

Drake: So the Mutants are building something?

John: Which doesn't make much sense seeing as they don't think on their own, at least they shouldn't be able to.

Drake: The best thing that we can do right now is find out where the Mutants are coming from and stop them from attacking this city. When we do that, then we can find out what happened to them.

John: Makes sense. (gets up and grabs tablet from the edge of the table) I'll set up an algorithm based on the locations that were already reported. Hopefully, we can turn up on a next target and catch the Mutant in the act.

John walks away from the computer station, setting up the program on his tablet. Drake looks down from the screen and sees the papers. He looks at them carefully for a moment.

Drake: John.

John, still looking down at his tablet: Hm?

Drake: Where's seven?

John, looking up at Drake: What are you talking about?

Drake: All the papers here have numbers on them. The last one has eight so there should be eight pages. There's only seven and paper with seven on it is not here.

John: Huh... We must have left it back at the news place or it dropped with those other papers. Doesn't matter, we got enough information for a possible target. Now we just gotta wait for the results. (shows tablet screen)

John goes to the front of the van while Drake turns his head back to the computer station and looks down at the papers again. The scene then cuts to later on with Drake in the passenger seat and John in the driver's seat. John seems to be asleep while Drake is just looking out of the front window. It is dark inside of the van and outside of the van as well, silent as well aside from John's heavy breathing. The silence is then disrupted by the sound a pinging noise that causes John to wake. He then looks down and takes his tablet into his hands, activating the screen. It shows a shaded area on a small outlined map.

John, turning to Drake: Looks like we've got a match.

The van is then seen from outside, it's headlights coming on. The van's engines then start up and it takes off from the alleyway and back onto the street. The scene then cuts over to a junkyard where there are piles are scraps and materials behind the metallic fence.

Jenkins' Junkyard
December 21, 21:22 EDT

The van is then seen driving inside the junkyard until it stops by a large pile of scrap. The headlights then cut off and the vehicle falls silent for a moment. The back doors then open and Drake steps out in his Vigilante suit. John comes from around the van, walking by Drake.

Drake: You should stay in the van.

John: And miss out on the results on my research? No thanks.

They continue walking through the junkyard, passing by more piles of scrap with not much else in sight.

John: This doesn't make any sense. Why attack all those other places when you can just get material from the junkyard?

Drake: Junkyard?

John: Yeah, it's like a place where you puts scraps and junk. Hence the name. Mostly just things you don't need and want put out of sight.

Drake: Right... (looks around) They might not need anything from here then. If the things here are useless then they can't use it.

John: I guess. So why would they be here then? Maybe we just got the wrong place.

John continues walking but Drake stops and looks at a large pipe opening by a scrap pile. Drake then starts to approach the opening as a low growling is heard.

Drake: John, I think I found something.

John: What is it? More scrap?

As Drake continues approaching the pipe opening, a Mutant creature starts to emerge from the pipeline. Drake steps back and readies his fists as John turns around to see the Mutant Raccoon, with a large tail with spikes emerging from it, exposed muscles (similar to the earlier Mutant) and a mouthful of fangs and teeth. It hisses and screeches at both Drake and John.

John: Okay, definitely not scrap then.

Drake: Get some cover!

John: Yep!

Drake activates his one of his forms as his arms transform into his ax-forms. The Mutant raises its tail and swings it Drake who moves out of the way and slices at the tail. The edges of the ax burn through the spikes, cutting one of off from the tail. The Mutant hisses and manages to swing his tail around and turn Drake into a scrap pile, knocking some of the scrap onto the ground by him. Drake gets up from the pile with the Mutant approaching him, when a blurred figure runs around it, striking it in the face on the way, and stands on top of another scrap pile behind the Mutant. The blurred figure then becomes focused and is clearly the speedster Vigilante.

Speedster Vigilante: Hey, tough guy!

The Mutant turns around and screeches at the speedster. Drake looks up and sees the speedster.

Drake: You...

Speedster Vigilante: Yep, it's me. I saw you needed some help earlier so I figured I'd come by and save you again.

Drake: I don't need help.

Speedster Vigilante: Of course! Of course! I meant I thought I could assist in some way, uh- Mr. Vigilante...

The Mutant runs up and strikes the pile of scraps with its tail, knocking it over. The speedster looks down, now realizing that the structure is collapsing, but falls down the slope before he could react. He then tumbles down until he hits the ground.

Speedster Vigilante: (sighs) Okay, maybe not my best moment...

He looks up and sees the Mutant above him. He then looks surprised but is hit before he can react to the attack. The speedster is knocked into an old abandoned truck, which is blue with a white roof and has plenty of marks on it. The impact of the throw, leaves a dent in the door. The speedster then attempts to get up and looks up at the Mutant, groaning softly. The Mutant charges for the speedster but is stopped suddenly. The Mutant turns back and sees Drake holding down its tail with his ax-hand. The Mutant then lifts his tail up, throwing Drake into the air. The Mutant then turns around and leaps up, looking to eat Drake. The speedster then gets up and runs so fast that his motions become blurred, leaving behind a light blue trail with streaks of black mixed in. He is seen running around the junkyard then across the piles of scrap as if they were a running surface. He then jumps from one pile and catches Drake before the Mutant reaches him. They both then tumble against the ground. Drake and the speedster get up a moment after. Drake looks at the other Vigilante upset then turns to the Mutant then back to the speedster again, who is now brushing himself off.

Speedster Vigilante: Pretty cool, right?

Drake: I said I don't need your help.

Speedster Vigilante: Sorry but it looked like you were about to become that thing's dinner.

Drake: I know what I'm doing.

The Mutant screeches at them, diverting their attention towards it.

Mutant Raccoon, almost forcefully: Destroy... Vigilante! Destroy! VIGILANTE!

Speedster Vigilante: I'm not the only one hearing this, right?

Drake: No... you're not.

The Mutant then charges for them again. Drake then throws his arm out. It stretches outwards, using its elasticity, and strikes the Mutant right in its face. Drake then activates its burn edges, melting off some of its teeth as they drop onto the ground and dissolve. The Mutant then screeches and turns around, approaching the pipe opening. Drake throws his arm back.

Speedster Vigilante: Don't worry I've got this!

The speedster runs forwards, leaving his speed trail behind.

Drake: Wait!

As the speedster approaches the Mutant, the Mutant's tail hits another pile of scraps which fall down on the speedster just as he's about to grab the Mutant. The Mutant then continues through the pipe opening, escaping. Drake then runs forwards and stops the pipe opening. He then turns his head and looks down at the speedster with the scraps on top of him. Drake then reverts his arms back their normal form and grabs the scrap, throwing it off of him.

Drake: John!

The scene over to another part of the junkyard where a black car is seen parked with a figure approaching from behind some scrap piles.

Drake, from a distance: John!

John, from a distance: Yeah, I'm here.

The figure then steps out of the shadows cast by the scrap piles and is shown to be Detective Wilson, with his gun out.

Detective Wilson, to himself: John?

Detective Wilson then peeks from behind the piles and sees Drake with his back to him, knelt down over the scrap covering the speedster, who is out of view. John comes into view and goes next to Drake.

Detective Wilson, to himself, seeing John: John...

Drake: I need some help here.

John: On it.

Detective Wilson then steps out and aims his gun at Drake's back.

Detective Wilson, cocking the gun, to himself: I've got you now, freak.

The scene then cuts over to Drake and John who remove the scrap from the speedster who attempts to get up, moving out of the mess.

Speedster Vigilante: Th-Thanks, guys. (breaths out)

Drake: Don't thank us. Because of you, that Mutant got away.

Speedster Vigilante: I'm just trying to-

The speedster turns his head and sees Detective Wilson from behind the pile of scraps.

Speedster Vigilante, softly, to himself: Oh no...

The gun then fires and the speedster gets up and runs, slowing down everything around him as he runs in normal time. The bullet is already on a set path and is about to hit Drake's back. The speedster Vigilante then runs in front of the bullet as it collides with a part of his chest. The speedster then drops back into current time and crashes onto the ground, yelling out. Detective Wilson then takes cover behind the scrap piles and reloads his gun quickly. Back on the other side of the junkyard, Drake and John turn behind them and see the fallen speedster on the ground, flinching in pain, yelling out.

Drake: What happened?

John: It looks like he shot.

Drake: Get him to the van.

John: What if that guy shoots again?

Drake: I'll deal with it. Go.

John grabs the speedster from behind and lifts him back onto his feet. John then carries him over his shoulder and walks him back towards the van as Drake looks around, arms readied. Detective Wilson peeks around the pile, still readying his gun. He only sees Drake standing there.

Detective Wilson, to himself: Dang! What does it take to take this freak down?

Detective Wilson exhales then turns around the pile, catching Drake's attention immediately. Detective Wilson shoots but Drake throws his arms up, activating a form as ports appearing on specific parts of his body. Scales then jump from his back to his front quickly as a vibrational pulse keeps them in place, blocking the bullet and bouncing it off the plate. Detective Wilson then looks surprised and looks again, several times. Drake continues holding that position, with the scales doing their job and blocking the bullets. Drake also moves across, over to John and the speedster, to protect them from the oncoming fire from Detective Wilson who continues standing there, with his arms extended outwards, holding and firing the pistol in his hands. The bullets are seen impacting with the scales, flattening their ends and the bullets, themselves, falling to the ground at Drake's feet. John, when reaching the van, opens the back doors and helps the speedster into the van, who continues groaning in pain loudly. John lays him onto the bench then goes around and gets in the driver's seat, starting up the van. Detective Wilson continues firing at Drake, who also continues holding his position, until the Detective's gun clicks and he looks down at his gun, which had ran out of bullets. Drake then throws him arms down and jumps into the back of the van, turns around and closes the doors behind him.

Detective Wilson, looking up and realizing what happened: No! You won't escape me this time, Vigilante!

Detective Wilson runs towards the van which already starts driving away, almost hitting Detective Wilson who jumps out of the way and lands in some scrap. He then looks up and sees the news van driving out of the junkyard and onto the regular streets.

Detective Wilson, breathing out: ...You can run, but I know who you are, Vigilante. I know who you are.

Detective Wilson stares off at the junkyard exit, grimly, until the scene cuts to the road, showing the news van driving away. Inside, John is seen driving, looking a little distressed.

John, calling to the back: How's he doing?

Drake, calling from the back: It doesn't look good.

John, calling to the back: I have to stop somewhere. I need to take a look at him.

The scene cuts over to the back of the van with Drake by the speedster who is still laying on the bench, in pain, his body flinching from the pain.

Drake, calling to the front: We can't stop now. He's still behind us, if we stop now, he'll find us and continue shooting at us.

The speedster then opens his mouth and tries to speak. Drake turns and looks down at the speedster who continues trying to say something.

Drake: What?

Speedster Vigilante: Auto- (cough) Auto-shop... on Maple.

John, calling from the front: Drake, if I don't see him soon, he could die.

Drake, calling to the front: Auto-shop on Maple.

John, calling from the front: Huh?

Drake, calling to the front: That's what he said.

Drake looks down at the speedster again. The scene cuts the front of the van where John is seen looking out of the window. He then sees a street sign labeled "Maple Street". He turns the steering wheel and the van turns to the left. The scene then shows the van approaching an auto-shop with only the street lamps and the moonlight providing lighting in the dark, empty street. The scene then cuts to the back of the van with Drake by the speedster still. The back doors then open and John climbs into the back of the van and examines the speedster.

John: I need my medical kit, it should be in the suit container.

Drake nods once then turns to the suit container. He opens the doors and removes a reinforced first aid kit. John undoes the latches on the speedster's jacket and opens it, showing a black shirt. John then turns and takes the medical kit, resting it by the bench, on the floor. John puts his hand on his chest, away from the bullet wound, and listens closely.

Drake: How's he doing?

John: Not good. The bullet's still in there and his heart rate is intensifying, moving rapidly. If it continues speeding up, the bullet will just continue to sink towards his heart and kill him.

John looks up and reaches for the speedster's goggles but the speedster grabs John's hand quickly and groans in pain.

John: It's okay. I'm a nurse, I have medical training. Your heart rate is accelerating rapidly, you need to calm down. Your head wear is creating pressure so taking them off should help.

The speedster continues holding his hand.

John: Please. I'm trying to help you.

The speedster then breaths uneasily then lets go of John's hand, his arm dropping slowly to his side. John then reaches forwards and grabs the speedster's helmet, removing it, revealing his brown hair. John sets the helmet aside and reaches the speedsters' goggles. He then removes then gently, slowly showing the speedster to be Danny Campbell. Both Drake and John look at Danny, who remains where he is, still breathing uneasily. They then turn and look at each other before John turns his head back to Danny. John then looks down, reaches and removes some medical tools from the medical kit, including a scalpel and a clamp. Through Danny's perspective, his eyelids start closing until they completely shut, and the scene is nothing but darkness. The scene then transitions to the outside, showing the auto-shop. The sky is now day, with the clouds blocking the sun, but it not being overly cloudy.

Turbo Repairs
December 24, 8:59 EDT

Inside, Danny is seen laying on a green sofa. He then stirs awake and looks around the room, which is a garage. The only lighting is the sunlight coming through the windows on the garage door. There are a some metallic shelves with brown boxes on them along with other equipment, a workbench, a toolbench, a wooden door behind the sofa and the news van parked across from the sofa. Danny gets up then groans and holds his chest. He looks down and sees a bandage there. He then looks up surprised. He then turns his head and sees the news van parked there.

Danny: What the...

Danny then gets up from the sofa, slowly, then walks towards the news van. He reaches out and puts his hand along the side, feeling it.

Danny: Something's telling me that wasn't an intense dream...

Danny then puts his arm down and goes to the back of the van. He looks at the doors then grabs the handles, opening them. He looks inside and sees that there isn't anyone in there.

Danny: Hm... (continues looking inside) Maybe it was...

Danny then closes the van doors, leaving the scene in darkness. After a short moment, light bleeds into the scene again as another type of door opens. Danny is seen in front of the view, reaching towards it, grabbing something. The scene then moves, showing Danny reaching inside a mirror cabinet inside a small bathroom with a cheap looking shower, a white sink and toilet in the corner. The room has sky blue tiles for the walls and white tiles for the floor. Danny removes a toothpaste tube and closes the door, a red toothbrush already in his hand. He starts the water and cleans off his toothbrush. The scene then skips ahead to a door which opens as Danny makes his way outside, still brushing his teeth. He then turns the corner and makes his way into an office-like area. He looks down and opens a mini-fridge by a counter, leaving the toothbrush in his mouth as he uses one hand to keep the door open and another to reach inside. He retrieves a gallon of milk and closes the door afterwards. He puts the milk on top of the fridge and turns towards the counter, grabbing the toothbrush to continue brushing. He then looks up and sees Drake, still in his Vigilante suit, sitting in a chair, across from the counter. Danny then spits the toothpaste from his mouth as he notices Drake's presence.

Drake: Danny Campbell...

Danny, shocked: Totally not a dream then.

The scene then cuts to later with Danny, properly dressed and cleaned up, sitting with Drake and John in the auto shop's lobby.

Danny: So I guess you guys know my secret now.

John: It makes sense that it was you. You were there when the article went missing.

Drake: He was also there at the attacks.

Danny: Saving people. I was there to save people. I only took the article because it was the closest thing to a lead.

Drake: A lead to what?

Danny: To the source of these attacks. I assume you guys were looking into the same thing, right?

Drake looks at Danny, unconvinced.

Danny, noticing: Look, these attacks have been happening longer than when you guys got here and I'm just trying to do the right thing and make sure more people don't get hurt.

Drake: So you're not involved?

Danny: Of course not! I mean- I'm a nice guy, I guess. I like to eat sushi sometimes, go to the park, have a little picnic and stuff, y'know? I have a lot of free time on my hands, I guess. Aside from fixing cars.

Drake: And being a Vigilante.

Danny: Good point.

John: So, how do you do it?

The scene cuts over to the three of them entering the garage. Danny makes his way over to a big, red storage cabinet with grey, metallic doors. Danny then reaches at the side of the container and activates a mechanism. He backs up as the doors open on their own, revealing his Vigilante suit on a metallic display.

Danny: Pretty cool, right?

John: Nice. We have a costume storage similar to this on the news van.

Danny: Really? (turning to face them) Sweet. I mean great minds think alike, right? Aaand- cool Vigilantes fight the same too. I mean we both have goggles. Do you use them for wind resistance or just some style points cause I might be able to-

Drake: Danny, stop. We don't need your help. Because you helped, you were shot and exposed.

Danny: Yeah, speaking of that, who the heck shot me?

John: Oh just a detective tracking him down from New York because he figured out his alter ego.

Danny: Alter ego as a reporter? I mean I remember you (points to John) and there were only two of you from the big city. It's not that hard to figure out.

John looks at Drake who sighs and removes his goggles.

Danny: This is great. I mean I don't really who you are since we're from different states but still. Wow.

Drake: My cover up is already failing. No point in keeping secrets... other than yours.

Danny: Don't worry about it. I wouldn't tell anyone especially if it involves risking my own secret identity.

Drake: But you have been taking risks. And this isn't the time to be someone you're not. Danny: What's that supposed to mean?

Drake: It means you're not me so don't try to be. I'm not like you, I'm not like anyone. You keep putting yourself out there like that and you'll end up dead and it wouldn't even matter. Now I'm going out there, alone, and I'm going to find the source of the attacks and stop it. You're staying here and I'll deal with you later.

Drake walks away from Danny who looks at him, upset. Drake makes his way to the garage door and puts his hand against a panel, hacking into it. The door then activates and reels upwards, showing the outside world through the opening.

Danny: Y'know ever since I heard about you, I looked up to you. I thought you saving people could be something anyone could do, that it was right thing to do despite what everyone told me. I guess I was wrong about you, after all.

Drake looks back at Danny as he says that then turns back when the doors reels up completely. He then leaves puts his goggles on and leaves the garage. Danny then looks down and leaves into the auto shop. John then goes over to the garage, looking outside. He then uses the access panel which activates the door mechanism, reeling the garage door downwards until it closes completely. The scene then cuts to the news building.

Starling News Building
December 24, 10:00 EDT

Inside, Taylor is seen at her desk, typing on her computer when the elevator doors are heard opening. A figure is then seen approaching her until they stop at her desk. Taylor looks up and sees that it is Kate.

Taylor: Uh hi there. Can I help you?

Kate: Yeah, hi. I'm (pulls out and shows ID from jacket pocket) Kate Wilson, with Central News.

Taylor: Oh I talked with your guys the other day. Gave them some articles about the Mutant activity in the area.

Kate: Yeah, I was actually wondering if I could have that information also.

Taylor: Why did you lose it or something?

Kate: No, I'm just running an independent investigation. On my own, nobody really knows about it.

Taylor: Huh. Well, I mean I have the articles right here. I could print them up for you.

Kate: Thanks.

Taylor types on the computer but then stops shortly after, only looking at her screen, thoughtfully. She then turns to Kate.

Taylor: You know what? (looks around before turning back to Kate) I have something better than the articles. I have a lead.

Kate: Um, great. What is it?

Taylor: It's not going to be that simple. You see, I want to look into it to but I'm just an intern. I'm sure where you're from people our age make up the whole floor but here it's mostly just adults. Teens are like super rare.

Kate: Your point?

Taylor: I'll tell you the lead but you'll take me with you for your investigation.

Kate: I can't just take you with me.

Taylor: I guess you don't want that source then.

Kate: ...Fine. But don't do anything crazy. I have enough to deal with already.

Kate turns and approaches the elevator, followed by Taylor, who gets out of seat first. The scene then cuts over to the junkyard where Drake is seen looking at the pipeline. The view then shows Drake, from within the pipeline, as it moves outwards, showing Drake further and further away than from its original position. As the view continues moving backwards, the scene becomes darker and darker as more of the pipeline is explored, until the scene becomes completely dark. At that point, the scene transitions to the end of the pipeline where Drake is seen exiting it. He looks around and sees that he is in a forest of some kind.

Outside the City
December 24, 11:02 EDT

Drake turns around and sees the city in the distance.

Drake, to himself: This must lead outside of the city.

Drake turns around again, his back towards the city now. In front of him, are various trees, overgrown vegetation along the ground now. Even some vines growing on the sides of the pipeline, along with rust and mold. Drake walks through the forest-like area, passing through the tall grass and bushes along the way, until he stops, looking at something in the distance. In the distance, there's some type of facility that can seen over the trees. Drake grunts and continues forwards. The scene cuts to later on with Drake reaching the facility with seems fortified in a way. There appears to be a large set of stairs leading up to an entrance to the facility. Drake proceeds to climb the stairs towards the facility however when he reaches the middle of the stairs, an alarm goes off. Drake looks around cautiously then looks up and sees a gate around the entrance start to lower. Drake runs forwards but the gate shuts before he reaches the door. When he does reach the door, he slams his fists against it but the gate doesn't move. Drake then takes a step back and clenches his fists however a growling noise is heard coming from behind him. Drake then turns around slowly and sees various Mutants emerging from the forest, approaching towards him. They seem to be mostly Mutant bison, deer and raccoons. Drake releases his fists only to clench them again. He then forms his blade-form and readies himself. The Mutant then charge towards him, climbing up the stairs to the facility. Drake then jumps from the stairs and lands on one of the Mutant bison, who instantly try to shake him off. Drake then slices at it with his sword, causing it to fall over along with him. Both of them tumble down the stairs but Drake jumps off before it reaches the bottom. Drake gets up but is rammed from behind by the spiked antlers from the Mutant Deer which yelps out at Drake. Drake then yells out a bit. He gets up while reaching for his back. When he stands, he removes a spike from his back and drops it on the ground. He looks at the Mutants then yells out in anger as he charges for them. The Mutant charges for Drake as well but Drake slices through the curved, spiked antlers of the Mutant with his blade-form, causing them to drop on the floor. Unbalanced, the Mutant falls over. It attempts to get up but Drake kicks it in the face, knocking it unconscious. Drake is whacked again by the Mutant Raccoon's tail, throwing him from the steps onto the grass at the bottom. Drake then gets up and breaths heavily. Behind him, Kate and Taylor are seen peeking from behind some trees at the battle.

Taylor: I can't believe it, it's really the Vigilante.

Kate: I'm more worried about the Mutants attacking him.

Taylor: He can handle it, right?

Taylor looks at Kate who looks at here back, before looking back at the battle unfold. Through the perspective of, presumably, a Mutant, it is seen approaching Kate and Taylor from behind, a low growling heard as well. The scene cuts over to the battle where Drake is still fending off the Mutants with his blade-form until a shriek from a girl is heard. Drake then stops and turns as he sees Kate and Taylor running away from one of the Mutants that came up from behind them.

Drake, to himself: Kate?

Drake is then hit by one of the bison Mutants, knocking him onto the grass. He then gets up and slices at the Mutant's leg and punches it, with his other hand, at the side of its side as it falls backwards. Drake then turns back and runs towards Kate and Taylor. When they all reach each other, Drake stands in front of them, as a Mutant Raccoon approaches them.

Drake: What are you doing here? It's not safe.

Kate: We're starting to realize that now. Yeah.

The Mutant gets to them but Drake kicks it in its head, pushing it back. He then slices at its face, cutting through some of its teeth. The Mutant turns its head away as it happens then turns back to attack but Drake jumps up and performs a spinning hook kick, knocking the Mutant onto the ground.

Taylor: I can't believe this is happening right now.

Drake: You two need to get out of here before more of them show up. Come on.

Drake leads the two girls back towards the pipeline, they're practically running as the Mutants by the stairwell chase after them. With the pipeline ahead, Drake stops and turns back, seeing the Mutants approaching. He then stands readies and fends them off as they reach them. The girls continue heading towards the pipeline when two more of the Mutants emerge from the forest and grab them. They yell out, drawing Drake's attention away from the fight.

Drake: Kate!

Drake runs towards them but his foot then grabbed by the tail of one of the Mutants. Drake, turns his head and tries to shake his way out but the hold is firm. He then slices the tail tip off, leaving the Mutant to yell out in pain. Drake kicks it in the face and gets up only to see the Mutants running off back to the facility with Kate and Taylor in their grasp.

Drake: Kate!

Drake runs towards the facility but is blocked off by the Mutants.

Drake: I'll take all of you!

Drake runs forwards but is hit by one of the Mutants, knocking him onto the ground. Drake tries to defend himself from the Mutants stomping on him with their big hooves with his sword-form by one of the Mutants manages to kick his arm hard enough to break it. Drake yells out in pain as they continue stomping on him. Drake then weakly raises his sword arm and throws it over his head, slicing at their feet, causing them to back away. Drake then gets up, weakly, and makes his way through the pipeline, escaping. The scene then fades into black as it follows Drake through the dark pipeline. The scene then transitions as the it pans out from a black car which is parked across the street from Danny's auto-shop.

Turbo Repairs
December 24, 12:45 EDT

The car door is then heard closing as the view pans upwards and shows Detective Wilson with his back to the view as he looks at the auto-shop from his car. The scene then skips forwards to Detective Wilson knocking on the door with has the closed sign over it.

Detective Wilson: I know someone's in there, open up.

A short moment later, Danny is seen coming to the door.

Danny: Hey- Hi there, officer.

Detective Wilson: That's Detective to you, kid. Are you running this establishment?

Danny: Yeah but we're closed or I'm closed since it's just me.

Detective Wilson: That right?

Danny: Yep. (sounding more sincere) Just me...

Detective Wilson: What's your name?

Danny: Danny Campbell, sir. What's this about?

Detective Wilson: Just looking for someone. You happen to hear any noises or see anything around here?

Danny: No, I was sleeping all day.

Detective Wilson: Got anyone to confirm that?

Danny: You can ask, Taylor Tiffin. She works at the news building in the city.

Detective Wilson: News, huh? Must be a common thing for teenage girls. (looks down then at Danny for a moment) Alright, I'll let you off. You see anything, you call the police. You got it? No being a Vigilante.

Danny: Already on it, sir.

Detective Wilson: ...Good. Good. (silent for a moment) Sorry for disturbing you. Have a good day, Danny.

Detective Wilson then turns around and walks back to his car. Danny then closes the door and walks off. When Detective Wilson gets to his car, he pulls out his phone and punches in a number. He then puts the phone by his ear while looking around the neighborhood.

Man, over the phone: Wilson?

Detective Wilson: Yeah, it's me.

Man, over the phone: Find anything yet?

Detective Wilson: Nothing so far. Just some weirdo on Maple Street. I'm heading back to your prescient. I'm glad you and your officers are helping me catch this guy, Chief.

Detective Wilson then hangs up the phone call and gets back in his car, which is seen from across the street, through the window of the auto-shop door. The car then starts and makes a U-Turn in the street, driving away. Danny is then seen peeking from behind the counter.

Danny: Okay. (gets up) I think we're good.

John then gets up from behind the counter as well.

John: Thanks.

Danny: Like I said, I won't tell anyone as long as you don't tell anyone about me being the- (correcting himself) a Vigilante.

John: This is one of the secrets that I don't mind keeping. (smiles)

Danny smirks for a moment then looks down.

Danny: I could uh- (looks at John) check out your van if you want. After all, this is an auto-shop.

John: Uh, sure.

The scene cuts to the garage where Danny is seen examining the van's engine, as its front hood is up. John is standing by him, watching him work.

Danny: Looks like you're getting rough start ups but nothing a little adjustment can't fix.

Danny starts his adjustments on the van with his tools.

John: Great. Cars aren't really my area of expertise.

Danny: Yeah, not many people are too interested in how they function unless they're trying to drive away from some Mutant or something.

John: What about you? What made you want to be a mechanic?

Danny: Nothing, really. I just- I'm good at these types of things; equipment, machinery, parts and scraps, you name it. My dad taught me most of the time when I was a kid. (chuckle) He was always good with machines. That's why he started up this place, the auto-shop. He said he wanted to settle down and do something he enjoyed. And it was good until it happened.

John: What happened?

Danny: The changes. When the Mutants started showing off. (shakes head) I had nothing left after that day except the shop and my powers. I mean, I continued on, the best way I could. I kept my powers to myself and that was that.

John: So why did you start being a Vigilante?

Danny: Because of what happened in New York, last year, on Christmas. We get news from other places from time to time and when I heard about a hooded guy with powers saving people from the same type of monsters that took my parents and whole bunch of other people away, I thought, maybe, just maybe, I have a chance to save people too. He inspired me, John. But now, it looks like I'm going to be just plain ol' Danny Campbell from now on.

Danny moves away from the van, completing his adjustments. He drops the wrench into a red toolbox on the ground.

John: Well, he did just fixed my van so he can't be that bad.

Danny: Heh. No, he's the worst. I mean who ditches school to fight crime? Taylor even thinks I'm loosing myself. Maybe I am...

John: Just because you're loosing track of who you are, doesn't mean you give up on what you're fighting for. I have a sister who mutated on the day of the incident. Since then, I've been looking for a cure to the mutation. And I made some mistakes along the way, I lost respect and trust because of those mistakes. I could have just stayed home and accepted it but I pushed through that because even though my sister is fine now, everything else- isn't. I don't have powers but that doesn't stop me, even though it probably should. I guess my point is, even if you're not a Vigilante anymore, it doesn't mean you have to give up on saving others.

Danny looks at John, thoughtfully, then turns away and walks towards the other side of the room. He takes a cloth, laying on the sofa arm, and cleans the oil from his hands.

Danny: You might have a point, John.

The two then remain silent as Danny throws the cloth onto the sofa and John heads to the back of the van. After a moment, the garage door then activates on its on and reels upwards. Danny turns to look and, when the door reels up completely, Drake is seen staggering in. John looks from the back of the van then makes his way over to Drake, holding him steady.

John: What happened to you?

Drake: I'm fine...  I found the source of the attacks. The Mutants took Kate there.

John: Kate? What was she doing there?

Drake: I don't know but I need to go back and get her.

John: You need to let your body heal, the suit helps with that but it'll take some time.

Drake: She doesn't have time, John.

John: I don't know what to tell you, Drake. I want her safe just as much as you do but if you go back out there like this, you'll get yourself killed which won't save her at all.

Drake sighs as John lets him down on the sofa. Drake leans back before looking up at Danny.

Drake: Danny...

Danny turns to look at Drake who leans up from the sofa.

Drake: I might just need your help.

Danny: (scoffs) What about all that talk about you not wanting me to be a Vigilante anymore?

Drake: I only said that because-

Drake pauses then looks down, thinking. He then looks back at Danny.

Drake: Because I don't want you to be like me.

Danny: Because I'll get hurt and killed?

Drake: No. Not just that. (pauses again) Danny, I don't remember much about who I was or what I did. The only thing I remember are flashes of what was and waking up in a facility with no memory of who I am. I was trained by officers and left to be on my own. Now, Kate works in the news, she has a father. John is a nurse, he works with machines. I don't have any of those things. And I was wrong, before, there are people out there like me. Mutants who can control their powers. You're one of them. And when you took that shot for me, I just reminded me of how I hurt people around me. And that you being like me would end up killing you and that would be on no one but me.

Danny: I didn't know...

Drake: Well, now you do. My friend needs help and so does yours.

Danny: What?

Drake: Kate was with Taylor during the attack, they were both taken.

Danny, softly, to himself: No...

Drake: We're going to get them back but you can't be the Vigilante. You can make people look up to you the same way you did to me, in a way I never can. By being you, by being better.

Danny looks at Drake then smiles slightly. He then turns his head and looks at his suit on the display. The scene then cuts over to the outside of the pipeline where Drake and Danny are seen, looking at the facility, suited in their Vigilante Suits, with John by the trees.

Outside of the City
December 24, 13:58 EDT

John: Looks heavily fortified, whole place is wired up like some type of secret base.

John looks down at his tablet which shows a schematic of the facility with a blue outline and a yellow dot in one of the corners.

John, pointing to the yellow dot: See that? That's where the main power source is. You take that out and the security system gets disabled.

Danny, looking at the tablet: No sweat. (looks up) I've got this.

Danny then backs up and runs forwards, now zooming off. He maneuvers around the Mutants in front of the facility and runs up the stairs. One of the Mutants turns their head to look but doesn't see anything and turns back. Danny then trips the alarm, causing the gates to close however Danny speeds through, crossing underneath the gate just as it closes. He then turns the corner roughly, nearly slipping. He catches himself and continues running through the facility. He then stops at one of the facility's corners and sees a circuit breaker. The scene then cuts to the outside with the alarm dying. The Mutants then turn to the facility, as if acknowledging it. They then return to their original positions while some retreat back into the forest. Drake is then seen scaling up the side of a tree until he makes his way onto one of its branches. He then approaches the edge of the branch, looking down at the Mutant Bison below him. He then jumps down from the branch and lands on the back of the Mutant who, in response, becomes startled and alerted. Drake then activates his armor-form, as ports appear in specific parts of his body. Drake then raises his arms and slams them against the side of the Mutant's head, raising the vibrational forces emitting from the ports. The Mutant then yells out and falls unconscious, dropping to the ground. Drake then gets up from the ground and sees a Mutant Elk charging right for him but the Mutant is hit from the side by an energy blast, sending it away. Drake then turns his head and sees John, holding his exposed MCA blaster, as he comes into the view. Drake waits for John to approach then they walk, together, towards the stairs of the facility.

Drake: You still didn't fix that thing?

John: We've been chased by a detective and looking for Mutants, I'm working on it.

Drake and John then climb up the stairs and approach the gate. Danny speeds into view and leans against the doorway as Drake and John enter the facility.

Danny: What took you guys so long?

Drake ignores Danny and continues moving while John looks at Danny then looks forwards again and continues as well. Danny then shrugs and walks after them. The scene then cuts over to the three of them making their way through a hallway with overgrown vegetation on the walls, covering up plagues and pictures as well. Drake looks around and sees large and small cages with the steel barriers broken open from the inside.

Drake, looking around: What is this place?

Danny: Looks like a zoo.

Drake, turning to Danny: A zoo?

Danny: Yeah, it's a place where people kept wild animals to look at them and stuff. In fact, I know this zoo. Yeah, it was shut down by the MCA since all the animals had mutated. Called it a violation to the well being of others.

John: That explains why it's so fortified then. The real question is-

Drake: Who took over the zoo?

John, checking his tablet: There are some energy signatures building up in a close by area. I think we'll find our answers there.

The three continue through the hallway, passing by more abandoned and broken enclosures and cages. The scene then shows the three stopping in front of a busted metallic door leading into an enclosure. The enclosure is then shown; it is a big area with plenty of grass, most of it brown/yellow colored, a ring of water around the area, now tinted brown mixed with green, with a decaying tree and a crater in the center of the enclosure. Inside the crater, there is a slope heading downwards into a tunnel underground. The scene then cuts to the dirt tunnel where all three of them are seen walking through. There are some lamps planted into the sides of the tunnel, all connected by the same wiring which runs from outside of the tunnel to further down it. A slight pinging noise is heard emitting from John's tablet as he looks down at it.

John, looking down at his tablet: We're getting closer.

They continue walking forwards until they enter a small circular room at the end of the tunnel. There is a single lamp planted at the center of the ceiling, emitting a dim light across the entire room. Also, in the room, there are a few cheap foldable tables with scraps and materials as well as things like piping and antennas as well, some welding equipment leaning against the wall, several schematics on another table on the right side of the room, a cylinder shaped object covered by a sheet on a table in the center next to a roughly made metallic device with a small dish attached to it and a large object behind the table covered by a tarp with wires coming out from underneath the sheet. Each of them look around the room, looking at the set up.

Drake: Looks like they were building something after all.

Danny: These things can build? I mean I knew they were stealing stuff but to build machines? What are they? Santa's Elves?

Drake, confused: What?

John: I got the reference.

Drake looks at John.

John, sheepishly: It's a Christmas thing...

Drake looks away from John and continues looking at the items in the room. His attention turns to the table on the right as he starts to approach it. Meanwhile, John and Danny look at the other tables. Drake then looks over the schematics which look similar to the device in the room however more advanced. Drake then looks down at the corner of the schematics and sees the initials "D.N.".

Drake: John.

John: Yeah?

Drake: You said the Mutants could be building a machine like the one in the file.

John: Um, yeah, why?

Drake: I think this is it.

John: Yeah, me too. Thing is, how did they know about this?

Drake: Because of these.

Drake takes the schematics and turns to show them to John. Danny turns around and looks at the schematics too.

Danny: Those look like schematics. They have those for cars too.

John: Maybe they just saw the same file and made schematics based on it.

Danny: No these are the original schematics. (points) Look, you can see the labeling and the initials "D.N.". If it was a copy, you wouldn't need to label it like that.

John: But if that's the original schematics then that means... (sentence trails off)

Drake: What, John? Who made this?

John: ...Dwight Nemo.

Drake: Nemo? That doesn't make any sense.

Voice: It makes perfect sense to me, Vigilante.

Drake turns his head and sees a figure entering the room. They enter the dim light which shows the figure to be Annabelle Nemo.

Ann: I hear that's what people are calling you now.

Drake: You...

Ann: Yes, it's me.

John: Annabelle? I thought a building dropped on you.

Ann turns her head away from John and looks has an upset expression on her face.

Ann, trying not to sound aggressive: My name... is Ann.

Ann turns back then smirks and scoffs a moment later.

Ann: Yes, the entire data center caved in on top of me. (snarky) All thanks to you. But I survived. I fell into a lower part of the facility and the debris created a pocket, ensuring my safety.

Drake: That doesn't explain what you're doing here.

Ann: Maybe if you didn't interrupt me, I would tell you.

Drake's face clenches up as if he's squinting at her or something similar which isn't easy to notice with his goggles on.

Ann: Despite falling into a fall and having an entire "building drop on me", my transmodulator was mostly intact so I was able to use whatever power I had left to call any nearby Mutants to my aid... which took some time. When I escaped, I scavenged the remains for anything useful that I could salvage. I found the schematics for a transmitter based on the transmodulator's design... among other things. And since I knew you were just going to get in my way again, I decided to move location.

John: All the way to Iowa?

Ann, sounding defensive: It was a logical decision! (calming down) the time. Unfortunately for me, I heard the Vigilante was around but I decided to make the best of the situation and destroy you with my newly acquired minions. I mean what better place to control Mutants then a locked down facility containing Mutants?

Danny: Except you got the wrong Vigilante, miss!

John: Focusing on the important stuff, what's the transmitter for?

Ann: Wouldn't you like to know?

Drake: Yes, we would.

Danny: I think she's actually just mocking us.

Ann: You don't need to be a Geneticist to figure that out, you dummy. However, you do need to be one in order to work the transmitter.

John: The only the geneticist around was your father.

Ann, moving towards the back of the room: And he still is.

As Ann moves towards the back of the room, Drake stands defensively as well as Danny. John just stands there, watching Ann approach the table with the cylinder shaped object and big object covered by a tarp. Ann then reaches the table and stands by the cylinder object.

Drake: What's that supposed to mean? He's dead.

Ann: His body, yes. But the rest-

Ann then takes the sheet into her hands and pulls it off the cylinder shaped object revealing a cylinder-shaped jar with fluid inside, presumingly water, with a oddly shaped brain with green veins at its sides inside of it. Drake and John looks surprised while Danny takes a step back in shock.

Danny: Dude, is that a brain?

Ann: Not just any brain. The brain of my father. (pridefully) I removed it myself... By reanimating his brain, I'll be able to use his genius to control this device and the Mutant population. And with all the Mutants out there, I'll be all powerful at last and show everyone our united genius!

John: This is crazy. You can't just reanimate your father! This isn't Frankenstein.

Ann: You'll see. I'll prove you and everyone else wrong!

Ann turns the dial on her helmet, activating the device. Both Drake and Danny turn their heads in slight pain as a humming noise is heard, broadcasting from the helmet.

Danny, holding the side of his head: Ugh! What is that?

Drake: She's trying to control us. Fight it!

Both of them resist again the humming until it is no longer heard. Danny then shakes his head and exhales.

Danny, turning to Ann: Is that the best you've got, lady?

Ann: I'm just getting started, brat.

A growling noise is then heard coming from the tunnel. Drake and Danny turn around and see some of the Mutant animals emerging from the tunnel at them. The Mutants are now more diverse than just Elks and Bison, some being Mutant Monkeys with six arms and fang-like teeth, Mutant Zebras with striped thorns emerging from its muscles and no eyes with a jagged tail, and Mutant Wolf like a bear-like shape and elongated fangs and claws with an exposed hunched spine.

Danny: Uh oh...

Drake, turning to John: Find Kate and Taylor. We have this.

John nods then runs off past the Mutants who turn to attack him.

Drake: Hey!

The Mutants then turn to Drake and Danny who stand ready.

Drake: Ready?

Danny: Oh yeah.

The Mutants then charge forwards at both Drake and Danny. Drake activates his blade-form and blocks against the force of an attacking Mutant Wolf as the sword remains it its mouth. Danny runs around the Mutants, circling around them several times. Some of the Mutants look around as Danny encircles them while others focus on Drake, struggling against the Mutant Wolf. Drake then kicks the Mutant off of him, throwing it into the air towards Danny's running path. As if in response, the Mutant is taken into the blurred cycle and thrown out at the other side, hitting the side of the tunnel and dropping to the ground unconscious. Drake then gets up and looks with a sense of acknowledgment. He then looks to the other Mutants and grunts. The Mutant Monkeys then leap off the backs of the Mutant Zebras who also charge for Drake. Drake whacks the Mutant Monkeys away using the side of his blade, throwing them into the cycle in which results in them being taken into the blurred path of Danny and thrown into the tunnel wall. One of the Mutant Monkeys however evades the whacking and clings itself to Drake's head, grabbing his goggles. Drake then attempts to shake it off. The Mutant Zebra then headbutts Drake into the cycle, knocking him into Danny, ceasing the running cycle. The Mutant Monkey then attacks Drake in the head as Danny gets up from the ground. Danny then kicks the Mutant Monkey off of Drake and helps him up.

Drake: Thanks...

More Mutants approach from the doorway at the two. Danny then runs forwards, tripping the Mutant Zebra, causing it to fall to the ground. He then recovers quickly and continues running forwards. He takes the Mutant Elk's antlers in his hand and pulls them slightly, causing the Mutant to turn towards the Mutant Bison next to it. He then runs back around as the Mutant Elk rams into the Mutant Bison. He then stops right next to Drake. Drake then turns and sees Ann standing over the object covered by the tarp, on some type of structure possibly a barely seen ladder, with her father's brain in her hands. She is seen inserting it into the object through some type of slot at the top.

Drake: What do you think you're doing?

Ann: I told you. I'm bringing my father back!

Danny: Someone's got daddy issues...

Drake, seemingly ignoring Danny: You don't know what you're doing.

Ann: You know that's what they told my father. But you'll see how wrong you are, Vigilante.

Ann then finishes and throws the tarp off of the object, revealing it to be the body of a Mutated Gorilla. It appears like a regular gorilla but definitely bigger, more muscular with its veins exposed, with grey skin with light fur. There are some ports and other bits of machinery installed in its arms and shoulders were wires and cords are seen to be plugged into. The face is humanoid with the top portion showing the newly placed brain, exposed.

Danny: Whoa...

Ann then jumps down from the ladder and moves over to the wall, while Drake and Danny look at the body. On the wall, there is a switch which seems to be connected to all the wiring in the room. She then pulls the switch up, amplifying the power usage, causing the lamps to spark up. Drake and Danny looks around the room at the electric activity. Danny then turns and sees Ann at the switch, he then runs over to her and pulls her away from the switch.

Ann: NO! Get your hands off me!

Ann kicks at Danny who continues holding her. Drake moves towards her but a discharge is heard drawing Drake's attention to the Mutant body in the back of the room as it twitches with electric discharges around its body until it stops. Everyone looks at the body for a moment while nothing happens. After that moment, the gorilla's fingers start moving slightly as they start to form a fist. The gorilla's eyes then open slowly, showing that one of them is slightly larger than the other. Drake takes a step back as the body starts to get up from the floor and stand on its own two feet. It then looks around the room, breathing heavily.

Ann: D-Dad?

Dwight Nemo: Uh- (roughly) Ann- Annabelle?

Ann: Yes, Dad. It's me.

Dwight Nemo: What- What happened? I don't- Uh! (holds head)

Ann: I brought you back, Dad. Back to finish your work.

Dwight Nemo: Finish? ...Work? I- Ugh!

Ann: It's okay, Dad. We'll get through this together.

Dwight Nemo, more concentrated: No, Ann. You don't understand... This is wro- Ack! (holds head) This is so, so- ugh... (grimly) right...

Drake: Doctor Nemo?

Dwight Nemo: Hm... Doctor Nemo. I like it. (looks at Drake) You'll call me Dr. Nemo, Mutant. (looking at Danny and Ann) All of you will.

Dwight then turns his head and looks at the genetic transmitter on the table. He moves over to it and reaches for it but is restricted by the cords attached to his arm ports. He then yanks them out and takes the transmitter into his hands.

Ann: I- I built it like you designed it, father. I just don't know how to use it.

Dr. Nemo: Of course... Only I can use this.

Drake: If you use that hurt others, then I can't let you use it.

Dr. Nemo looks up at Drake.

Dr. Nemo: You remind me of some people who tried to hurt me before... I don't like that.

Dr. Nemo then activates the transmitter which throws Drake back as it releases a wave of energy. Danny then looks shocked as Ann reaches for the welding equipment behind her. She then takes it in her hand and hits Danny in the knee with the side of the blow torch tip. He then releases his grip on her and holds his leg. She then kicks him over and arms herself by strapping it to her back. Drake is seen laying against the ground, unconscious. The scene then transitions into a flashback scene as a younger Drake is seen laying in his mother's arms. She is seen walking through the streets, carrying Drake. The sky is grey and cloudy. At the side of the street, there are several houses. Some of the houses seem battered up while others seem in fair condition. There is ash on some of the lawns.

Unknown Neighborhood
8 Years Ago

Drake's Mother continues moving through the streets as she approaches Drake's home, with seems to have suffered the same type of damages as the other homes. Drake's Mother appears tired as he pushes forwards, walking on the lawn, her steps creating footprints on the ash covered lawn. The scene then shows the inside of the house, focusing on the front door. The doorknob then turns and the door pushes in, as Drake's Mother leans against the door frame, still carrying Drake, in one hand, while opening the door, with the other hand. She then walks in and moves into the sitting room where she places Drake on the sofa and leans against it for support. She then gets up and walks back to the door where she closes it after reaching it. She then, still holding the doorknob in her hand, breaths out.

Young Drake: Mom?

Drake's Mother, slightly startled, turns quickly to Drake where he's seen looking at her but still laying down on the sofa.

Drake's Mother: (sighs) Baby, are you alright?

Young Drake: No. I don't feel good.

Drake's Mother: It's okay. I'll take care of you.

Young Drake: What about Dad?

Drake's Mother: I don't know, baby. If your father is still out there, we'll be here for him.

Young Drake: What if he isn't out there?

Drake's Mother: I don't know, baby... Things won't happen quickly. We have to slow down in order to see them coming.

Young Drake: What does that mean?

Drake's Mother: It means we'll see what happens... We'll see what happens.

The scene then returns to the present with Drake still laying on the ground, stirring awake now. He looks up and sees Danny holding his leg with Ann lighting up the blowtorch. Danny looks up, seeing Ann reaching for the trigger. He then dashes out of the way as fire bursts from the end piece of the blow torch in his direction. Danny then trips and slides a bit ahead on the ground. Drake then sits up with Danny looking up at him.

Danny: Hey, you alright?

Drake, getting up: Fine.

Drake helps Danny up from the ground and they look at both Dr. Nemo and Ann.

Drake: We need to slow this fight down.

Danny: You're asking the wrong guy. I'm the speedster.

Drake: Maybe not. When I'm in a fight, hitting something slows me down.

Danny: You want them to use me like a punching bag?

Drake: The point is, you're too fast to get hit.

Danny, catching on: Right...

Danny then runs forwards, his motion becoming blurred, leaving a trail behind. He then stops in front of Ann and sticks his tongue out. She, now angered, swings at him but misses as Danny runs off. He then pushes her from behind. She turns around and swings once more, only to miss him again. Danny then stands between Dr. Nemo and Ann.

Danny, mocking: Still waiting...

Dr. Nemo: Move, child! I will handle this pest!

Dr. Nemo clasps his hands together and slams downwards over Danny who runs out of the way. The impact, throws Ann onto the ground.

Ann: I have it under control, father.

Dr. Nemo: Hardly!

Drake notices the squabble between them as Danny runs back to Drake's side.

Danny: I hope there's a point to all this, man.

Drake: There is. If they turn on each other-

Danny: Fight's over.

Drake: Exactly.

Danny: Don't worry. I'm on it.

Danny speeds forwards again, dashing past Ann and Dr. Nemo. He then runs up the wall and on the ceiling before running down the opposite wall and continuing forwards, forming another cycle. Ann uses the blowtorch at the cycle but the gusting winds essentially put it out.

Ann: Your forms won't stop us, Vigilante!

Danny, running: I am not that Vigilante!

Ann: But you work with him!

Danny, running: Lady, you are crazy. Nice to see it runs in the family, Mr. Nemo, was it?

Dr. Nemo: That's Dr. Nemo, you irritating little-

Danny, running: Just sayin'. It's hard seeing the scientific mind of a doctor with your current looks. I guess you gotta blame your daughter for that.

Ann: I did the best that I could.

Dr. Nemo: Did you? I must show my brilliance to all those who defy me. How can they marvel at my intellect when they are distracted by my form?

Ann: I uh- uh- This is the Vigilante's fault!

Dr. Nemo: No, Annabelle. This is your fault. Time to accept responsibility.

Ann: My name is Ann!

Danny then runs out of the cycle at back to Drake. Ann then uses the blow torch at her father who evades the blast. The flames then short circuit at the wiring as discharges run along the wiring around the room. The power switch then starts sparking up.

Ann, looking at the switch: NO!

Ann is then snatched up by her father within his gorilla hands. He then holds her tightly as she struggles to get free. Drake then looks down at his hands and clenches them into fists. He then looks up, his eyes glowing orange. His arm then forms a cuff-like structure around his wrist with four green ports at the sides. Two black jagged lines run up his arm from the cuff. While both arms are identical, the left is blue while the right is red. He then extends his arms outwards, his palms upright, now showing a fifth port on the palm on his hand. Drake then fires a green shaded net-like material through the ports like an energetic blast. He impacts with Dr. Nemo and wraps around him, seemingly capturing him. Dr. Nemo then drops Ann who hits the ground and struggles get loose. He moves backwards in which Danny trips him. Dr. Nemo then hits his back against the power switch which overloads, making the walls of the underground room unstable.

Danny, looking around: This place looks like it's about come down.

Drake: We need to get out of here. Fast.

Danny: Only way I know how.

Danny then rushes over and picks up Ann. He then speeds off out of the room through the tunnel.

Dr. Nemo: You think this is over, Vigilante?

Drake turns to Dr. Nemo who is still tied up, leaning against the power switch.

Dr. Nemo: You have no idea what knowledge I hold.

Drake: Then tell me. What is the Nanogene Project?

Dr. Nemo: ...Wouldn't you like to know? (smirks)

Drake then looks upset and then strikes Dr. Nemo across the face, knocking him out. The scene then cuts to John breaking open a lock on a cage as the ground shakes slightly. He then opens the door and Kate and Taylor exit the cage.

Kate: Am I glad to see you.

John: Shouldn't that be an everyday thing?

Kate smirks at John. The ground then shakes again. The three of them look down in different directions. John then takes Kate's hand.

John: Come on, this way.

Kate nods and the three of them move forwards, finding themselves in one of the zoo's hallways. Taylor then stops and looks around as both Kate and John continue moving forwards. Taylor then finds the enclosure with the tunnel entrance and approaches it. Back in the den, the structure starts falling down. Drake and Danny are seen running, normally, through the tunnel.

Drake: We won't be able to make it like this. You need to get out of here, Danny.

Danny: And leave you?

Drake: Yes. I'll survive.

Danny: Still, better not that any chances.

Danny then grabs Drake's arm and, within an instant, they both move quickly up through the tunnel within a blurred trail of speed. At the entrance of the zoo, Kate and John are looking out for anyone else.

Kate: Where's Taylor?

John: I don't know. I'm a little worried about Drake and Danny.

Kate: They have powers, she doesn't.

John: Yeah, good point.

Drake and Danny then appear before Kate and John, through the blurred speed trail. Danny then lets go of Drake who seems a little dizzy.

Kate, surprised: Whoa!

John: You guys alright?

Drake: Spinning feeling... Uh- Dizzy. I'm feeling dizzy.

Danny: Sorry, I don't rush around with people a lot. (looking around) Wait, where's Taylor? I thought you said Taylor was here.

Kate, still in disbelief: She uh- was... 

Danny: What?

John: I don't know, man. She was with us and then she just vanished.

Danny: She must have went back into the tunnel.

Drake: It's too late, Danny. That tunnel is coming down. If you go back, you'll be stuck there.

Danny: It's her freedom, Drake. I have to try.

Drake the nods. Danny then turns back and runs forwards, his motion becoming blurred as he leaves behind a speed trail. He then enters the cave, leading into the tunnel. The scene then cuts over to Taylor climbing up on a newly appeared slope in the tunnel as the ceiling starts slowly caving in on her. She then coughs as puffs of dirt fall from the ceiling around her. She reaches upwards but the structure is too weak and chips off within her hand. She then falls from the slope onto the floor of the tunnel.

Taylor: Uh!

The ceiling then starts coming down. Taylor turns away and puts her hands up to protect herself. Danny then runs through the tunnel and holds up that part of the ceiling. Taylor then turns back and sees Danny standing above her, holding the ceiling up.

Taylor: It's you... You're the speedster vigilante.

Danny: Yeah, it's me.

Taylor: You came back for me. Why? We'll both get stuck in here now.

Danny: I won't let that happen to you. I'm going to get you free of here. Trust me.

Taylor then nods. Danny smiles and pushes the ceiling up with all his strength. He then drops it and rushes down, grabbing Taylor. He then runs up the slope, the ceiling now coming down along with the rest of the tunnel. As part of the side collapses, Danny runs up the side around onto the ceiling and back through the other side, avoiding that side of the tunnel. He continues speeding along, the exit getting smaller and smaller. He then pushes forwards and runs right out of the cave's mouth, tumbling with Taylor onto the front of the enclosure as the cave completely collapses on itself. Danny and Taylor both look up at the collapsed tunnel then look at each other. They both then take a breath. Back at the entrance of the zoo, John is seen fiddling around with Ann's transmodulator helmet while both Drake and Kate wait. Danny and Taylor then walk over to them.

Kate: Oh thank goodness, you're both alright.

Taylor: All thanks to the Vigilante.

Drake looks over at Taylor.

Taylor, noticing: Uh- I mean...

Drake: It's fine.

Taylor smiles softly.

John, examining the helmet: I think I might have figured this out. At least, long enough to keep those Mutants away from us so we can get out of here.

Drake looks outwards. The views shows the enclosure with prints outside of the collapsed area, leading outwards.

Drake: Looks like Dr. Nemo escaped.

Danny: Don't worry about it. I'll keep an eye out for him. I mean how hard can it be to find a giant monkey?

Taylor: Did you just say giant monkey?

Drake: You should probably get her out of here.

Danny: Right. You guys you know where to find me.

Danny takes Taylor into his arms.

Danny: Shall we?

Danny then speeds off, leaving behind a gust of wind which blows Kate's hair up momentarily.

Kate: He's fast...

John: Yep.

The scene then cuts over to Danny's auto-shop, now later within the day. The sky is cloudy, a soft thunder heard within it.

Turbo Repairs
December 24, 18:16 EDT

Inside, Danny is seen handing a cup to Drake who is seated on one of the chairs in the lobby as well as John. Danny then sits at one of the chairs and exhales.

Danny: Man, what a crazy day.

John: You don't know the half of it. (sips from his cup)

Drake: What happened with Taylor?

Danny: Oh I took her back to her place but she just wanted to know more and more about me. Me as the Vigilante, I mean.

John: You have a thing for her?

Danny: I dunno. I mean- Maybe. I'm not sure. Maybe I should just focus on being something more than a Vigilante first.

Drake: Good idea. (drinks from cup)

Danny: What about Nemo's crazy daughter?

Drake: She's with the MCA here.

Danny: You're leaving her here?

John: Well we could stick her in the van with us but that would take the fun out of everything.

Drake: The MCA know what they're doing. They can make sure Ann stays in one place for good and look into her hat machine.

John, correcting: Transmodulator.

Danny, lifting his cup, correcting: Helmet. (sips)

Drake: Helmet. (sips)

John, defeated: (sighs) Helmet. (sips) Well that takes care of one of our problems.

Danny: What's that supposed to mean?

John: We still have to deal with the detective that was shooting at us.

Danny: Well, I wish I could help you guys.

Drake: I think you can.

The scene then cuts to the hotel where the news van is seen pulling up and parking in front of it.

Swift Inn
December 24, 18:54 EDT

The back doors of the van then open with Drake and John stepping out of the van. Kate is then seen exiting the hotel, carefully.

Kate, approaching the van: Hey, glad you could make it.

John: Of course. How's your situation?

Kate: Rough. After being taken by a few Mutants, it kinda goes with what my dad has been saying this whole time.

Drake: Well it's taken care of.

Voice: I bet it is.

They all turn around and see Detective Wilson pointing a gun at the two of them.

Detective Wilson: I guess you recover fast, Vigilante.

Kate: Dad, please-

Detective Wilson: No, Kate. You need to learn how to see things my way. I'm protecting you from these freaks.

Detective Wilson cocks the gun.

Detective Wilson: Any last words, Vigilante?

Voice: Yeah...

Detective Wilson turns around and sees the Vigilante standing there, hood up.

The Vigilante: Get out of this city.

Detective Wilson: What the-...? Who the heck are you supposed to be?

The Vigilante: I'm the Vigilante.

Detective Wilson: No. You can't be.

The Vigilante approaches Detective Wilson who fires the gun at him. The Vigilante then blocks the bullet with his instantly forming metallic fists. Detective Wilson then lowers his gun in surprise as the Vigilante lowers his hands which instantly vanish. He then continues approaching Detective Wilson.

Kate: Leave him alone, Vigilante. I helped you already, what else do you want from me?

The Vigilante stops and turns to Kate.

The Vigilante: You helped me, Kate Wilson. So I won't hurt him. But justice still needs a face and that face will remain hooded for I am the Vigilante. Now I must go, my city needs me.

A light then emits from the Vigilante, causing Detective Wilson to cover his eyes momentarily. When the light vanishes, Detective Wilson lowers his arm and looks outwards however the Vigilante is no longer there. He then turns around and sees Drake, Kate and John still where they were.

Detective Wilson: I don't understand...

Kate: I think you owe someone an apology, Dad.

Detective Wilson: Right... I'm so sorry. Uh- I think I need to sit down or something.

Detective Wilson puts his gun away and walks back towards the hotel. As soon as he enters the hotel, Kate turns to Drake and John.

Kate: Well that happened.

Drake: Hard to believe it did...

John: I thought it went a lot better than we planned.

Drake and Kate look at John who shrugs then looks down at his tablet.

John, using his comm: Alright, he's gone. You can come back now.

John lowers his hand from his ear and a dark blue blur motions quickly over to them from the front of the van. It stops in front of the three of them and takes shape of the Vigilante. The Vigilante then removes the hood and the goggles showing him to be Danny underneath it all.

Danny: Phew! That was great.

Drake: "My city needs me"?

Danny: Alright so I'm not that good at improve.

John: Aside from that, you did a good job, Danny.

Danny: Yeah, well, I mean using scraps from the junkyard as fists props was a nice touch. Although I'm pretty sure I could just catch the bullets.

John: It did need to be convincing. And since the Detective doesn't know much about Drake, I figured we stick with something... basic.

Drake: Basic?

Kate, to Danny: Point is, you did great.

Danny chuckles in response. He then looks down at himself and looks up at them.

Danny: Can I keep the suit?

John: Uh-

Drake: No. I still need that.

Danny: Right. Right. Sorry, my bad. Let me just-

Danny then speeds off into the van and runs back a short moment later, now appearing in his regular clothing which seem to smoke up a bit.

Danny, patting himself off: -get changed. (smiles)

It then starts snowing. Kate looks up and smiles as the snow comes down.

Kate: It's snowing...

Danny, looking up: Cool.

Drake: ...We should get going. Danny, looking at Drake: Already?

Drake: We stopped Ann, Detective Wilson is taken care of. We're done here.

Danny: I guess but it's Christmas and it'd be great if you guys stayed. Just for the day.

Drake: I don't know...

Kate: It is Christmas, Drake.

Drake then looks away. Danny, noticing, moves over to Drake and leads him away from Kate and John.

Danny: You alright?

Drake: With everything happening, I don't think I can do this right now. My... friend is missing and we're facing some Mutant threat that we don't even know too much about.

Danny: So it's hard to find something to celebrate about, huh?

Drake nods. Danny then looks back at Kate and John and turns back to Drake.

Danny: Lemme show you something.

Drake: What?

Danny, grabbing his arm: Just, hang on, alright?

Danny then speeds off with Drake, their motions becoming blurred through a speed trail. The scene then cuts over to a grassy field with the snow falling down softly. There is a fencing across the field by a dirt road.

December 24, 18:33 EDT

Drake and Danny then trail into view, Danny letting go of Drake afterwards. Drake holds his head and turns to Danny.

Drake: Where are we?

Danny: Somewhere I like to go when I'm feeling down sometimes.

A nickering sound is heard behind Drake as Danny looks outwards. Drake turns his head and his eyes widen. He then turns around completely, approaching closer as the nickering sound is heard again. The view then shows the other side of the dirt road which is a field with three horses roaming around the area, one eating the grass while the other two are just looking at Drake and Danny.

Drake: What are they?

Danny: Horses. Actual horses. No mutation whatsoever.

Drake continues looking forwards, interested.

Danny: I was just testing out my powers, running around when I found these guys over here. They never leave the area, they're just here. When everything around you is either a Mutant or a person trying to survive, it's hard to see anything to be so... normal.

Drake: There's a chance they'll change. One day.

Danny: Yeah. I guess they will. Everything changes, faster than you think. For me, these horses aren't just horses. They're free to go wherever they want but they stay because they feel the need to. I guess it's the right thing to do. For you, maybe it represents what we have left among the things we lost. You told me you didn't have anything but you've got something that I don't have-

Drake: What's that?

Danny: You've got friends, Drake. And they have you.

Drake: If it means anything, you're mines too.

Danny: Thanks, it does. So an unrelated note, Christmas...

Drake: (sighs) Okay. I'll stay. I realize that last time I did Christmas, it was with my friends. It shouldn't be different this time.

Danny nods and looks at Drake. They then look at the horses for a moment before the scene transitions to an overhead of the city. The scene then cuts to an apartment building among others as the snow continues falling down. The sky is now day and clear with only a few clouds in the sky.

Taylor's Apartment
December 25, 10:08 EDT

Inside, a Christmas tree is seen in the living room next to a couch which is located in front of one of the windows. In the center of the room, there is an end table on top of a red rug. Drake is seen talking to Danny on the sofa while John walks across the room with a cup in his hand and Kate is seen talking by the door to Taylor.

Kate: Thanks again for letting us stay at your apartment, Taylor.

Taylor: It's really no big deal. I mean we were both captured by a crazy scientist lady and we both work in the news. People like us should probably stick together. Shame you have to head back to New York soon.

Kate: Well, we might stop by some other places along the way.

Taylor: Tracking the Vigilante, no doubt.

Kate: Well...

Taylor: I mean I saw you guys talk to each other. You must have some type of connection, right?

Kate: Something like that. But I feel like you and your Vigilante might be something else entirely.

Taylor: You... might be right.

They laugh with each other.

Taylor: I'm gonna check on the food.

Taylor turns and heads across the room, leaving Kate by the door. Then there is a knocking at the door. Kate turns around and walks to the door. She opens it and Detective Wilson is seen in the doorway, with his arms behind his back.

Kate: ...Dad.

Detective Wilson: Hey, Sweetheart. Thought I'd stop by.

Kate: To keep an eye on me?

Detective Wilson: To be with you, Kate. Look, I know I've been obsessed lately but I'm only like that because you mean everything to me a-and I don't want to lose you. But I realize that you've had this psychotic... guy chasing after you and you knew about it and you took care of him. And I saw your part of the report again and just you being you was enough to show me that you're doing what you want to do and I can't stop you from that. Truth is, I'm always going to keep an eye on you. You're my daughter and I love you but I have to give you the space you need in order to grow into the woman you want to be.

Kate, getting all teary-eyed, smiles and leans in to hug her father who wraps his arms around her, carrying something in his hand.

Kate: I love you too, Dad.

Detective Wilson: I know, Sweetheart. I know. And can you, at least, call me while you're out there.

Kate: (chuckles) Yeah. Yeah, I will. (sniffs)

After a short moment, they disengage from the hug. Kate wipes his eyes with the back of her hand and looks down at the object in Detective Wilson's hands.

Kate, recovering: What's that?

Detective Wilson looks down at the object which can barely be seen. He then lifts it more into view, showing it to be a gift wrapped present.

Detective Wilson: It's a gift; from me to you. It is Christmas, after all.

He hands the present to Kate who accepts it into her hands.

Kate: Thanks, Dad.

Detective Wilson: ...Well, I guess I'll be going then. I'll see you when you get home.

Detective Wilson turns and starts to head off when Kate steps forwards.

Kate: Dad.

Detective Wilson turns around and looks at his daughter from the hallway of the apartment.

Kate: Come inside. You being here is the only present I ever need.

Detective Wilson smiles and returns to the door where he enters the room with Kate, closing the door behind him. The scene then cuts to later with them all talking to each other and opening up various presents. The scene then transitions to outside of the apartment where they are seen doing the same thing through the window as the snow is also seen coming down still, among the rest of the city. Credits

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake and the others meet Danny Campbell
  • Dr. Dwight Nemo is re-animated by his daughter

Minor Events

  • Drake and the team celebrate their second Christmas
  • Drake unlocks a new form



  • Annabelle Nemo
  • Dr. Nemo (Re-animated)

Forms Used

  • Acidic Thorns (x3)
  • Stone Slicer (x2)
  • Neuro-Web (First Appearance) (x1)



  • This is the second episode where Drake encounters another Mutant Vigilante; the first being Test of Might with Emmett Murphy as Leviathan.
  • The episode was going to take place in either Kansas, Kentucky or Ohio.
  • This episode was originally meant to be released on Christmas Eve.
    • That would have made this (and still technically does make this) the series' second Christmas special; the first being Into the Storm Part 1 and 2.
  • Originally, Danny was going to get shot in the leg rather than the chest and simply speed off afterwards while the news van would sustain damage after the Mutant attack. The next day, Drake and John would take the news van to a local repair shop which would be Danny's place. While John would treat this like a normal scenario, Drake was growing suspicious of Danny and decided to investigate the repair shop only to find the missing article that they came to collect from Starling News. Danny would then confront Drake but Drake would point out Danny's leg injury and accuse him of being involved with the Mutant attacks so in order to defend himself, Danny admits to being the speedster Vigilante.
    • Despite being more favored, this scene was cut from the original plot due to time constraints.
  • Annabelle Nemo is the first villain from the previous season to appear in the current one.
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