Family of 10 is an upcoming Ben 10 film created and written by Paperluigi ttyd. It will be released towards the end of summer 2017.


60 years after the events of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Ben Tennyson has died at the age of 76. When a new threat appears, the Gwen and Kevin of that time period are forced to return to the past and recruit of the Ben, Gwen, and Kevin of previous times in order to prevent the ultimate destruction of the universe.

Production information

The movie was announced on May 20, 2017.

On May 22, some information about the plot was released. It was confirmed that the movie will include the story of the first time Professor Paradox met the Tennysons from his perspective (having already met them when the Tennysons met them for the first time from their perspective in "Paradox").

On May 26, it was announced that 41 and 77 year old Kevin Levin will possess an Omnitrix like device that contains samples of different materials for Kevin to absorb. This allows his to have an endless supply of things to absorb. This device contains materials such as titanium, platinum, rubber, gold, silver, stone, crystal, and iron. The concept for this device came from an earlier, cancelled series by the same creator as Family of 10.



  • Ben Tennyson (40 years old)
  • Gwen Tennyson (40 years old)
  • Kevin Levin (41 years old)
  • Ben Tennyson (10 years old)
  • Gwen Tennyson (10 years old)
  • Gwen Tennyson (76 years old)
  • Kevin Levin (77 years old)


  • Max Tennyson (60 years old)
  • Max Tennyson (90 years old)
  • Professor Paradox
  • Azmuth


  • Kevin Levin (11 years old)
  • Vilgax (of 10 year old Ben's time)
  • Vilgax (of 40 year old Ben's time)
  • Vilgax (of would-be 76 year old Ben's time)
  • Albedo (of 40 year old Ben's time)
  • Dr. Animo (of 10 year old Ben's time)
  • Darkstar (of 40 year old Ben's time)
  • New villain


  • Fourarms (10 year old Ben)
  • Stinkfly (10 year old Ben)
  • Wildmutt (10 year old Ben)
  • Wildvine (10 year old Ben)
  • Upchuck (10 year old Ben)
  • Way Big (10 year old Ben)
  • Grey Matter (10 year old Ben)
  • XLR8 (10 and 40 year old Ben)
  • Cannonbolt (10 and 40 year old Ben)
  • Diamondhead (10 and 40 year old Ben)
  • Swampfire (40 year old Ben)
  • Big Chill (40 year old Ben)
  • Lodestar (40 year old Ben)
  • Rath (40 year old Ben)
  • NRG (40 year old Ben)
  • Chargar (40 year old Ben)
  • Eye Q (40 year old Ben)
  • Wook (40 year old Ben)
  • More TBA




  • Family of 10 takes place on Earth-1024 of the BTFF Multiverse. Numerically speaking, 1024 is equal to 210, and is an important number in computing.
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