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General Information
Original broadcast December 6, 2019
Season 2
Episode number 9
Overall episode number 29
Written by Ebomnitrix & TranswiththePlans
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Familiar is the twenty-ninth episode of E-10: Horizons.


While facing a familiar foe, Ethan and Maria together reminiscence their first mission together.


Just Another Saturday Afternoon (Enhanced)

[As the sun shone down at the screen, the setting took place outside Ethan’s house. We cut to inside as Ethan and Maria playing Splatoon 2 in the living room. Ethan and Maria revealed to not be wearing their jackets. Ethan was relying on his squad to cover ground while Maria’s team was taking his down one by one.]

Maria: I’ve got you now! You and your team are finished!

Ethan: Oh please, like you can beat me at my own game. I’m a master strategist!

Maria: Sure you are…

Ethan: I am! and I’ve beaten countless villains on a day to day basis. And you’re down with one to four, you can’t stop me now!

Maria: We’ll see about that.

[Maria’s squid splat to the ground and slithered over behind Ethan’s squad, then shot them one by one at rapid speed. Meanwhile, Ethan was bashing his controller.]

Ethan: GAH, NO NO NO NO!

[Ethan’s character jumped and tried shooting Maria’s as he was down in health. Ethan was eventually shot and ink splattered the screen to reveal the text “GAME OVER”]

Announcer: GAME OVER!

Maria: Woooo!


Maria: Because, “I’m a master strategist”. Plus my day to day job is to slaughter the competition, and you just plain suck at this game.

Ethan: Oh, haha.

Maria: And for a Nintendo game, that’s pretty sad.

Ethan: Fine! We’ll play whatever you want in the next round! I’ll show you!

Maria: [Chuckles] Okay, just let me refill my drink. [Stands up, looks back] And here’s a tip, try to not leave yourself open for too long to allow your trap to go off.

Ethan: Agh! Whatever!

[Maria arrived into the kitchen and poured more tea for herself. Ethan’s voice called out to her.]

Ethan: You know it’s funny…

[Maria turned around to see Ethan hanging from the side.]

Ethan: You’ve changed a lot since the day we first met.

Maria: Oh really? How so. [Pouring her cup]

Ethan: Well for starters, you’re not always gripping in my face anymore. You’ve actually really mellowed down and you’re actually kind of cool to hang with.

[Maria turned around as she was stirring her cup.]

Maria: Well, you aren’t so bad yourself. At least now you’re taking responsibility for your actions.

Ethan: Hey! I take responsibility for my actions all the time! I can just… be a bit reckless is all. [Scratches the back of his head.]

Maria: A bit? Well at least you can admit that much.

Ethan: Hey, at least I’m able to open up about my problems.

Maria: And what’s that supposed to mean?

Ethan: Well, you weren’t exactly easy to open up when we first met!

[The song ended.]

Maria: Maybe it’s because I have issues when it comes to opening up to people.

Ethan: Yeah, well I’m glad you did. Because I honestly like you a lot better now.

Just Between Us - Episode 29 (Short)

[Maria noticed this and smiled. Maria walked towards Ethan with her cup of tea.]

Maria: Thank you. And I like you too.

[Maria flipped her hair and left the kitchen. Ethan turned around to notice she was setting up her console.]

Maria: So how’s it going with that Alice girl?

Ethan: [Looks down] Well… I...

[The song ended.]

[Suddenly Maria’s phone rang below her, she noticed the caller ID being Lieutenant Steel’s, and answered, putting him on speaker.]

Maria: Yeah?

Lieutenant Steel: Is Ethan there with you?

Ethan: Yep, I’m right here.

To Adventure - Episode 29 (Intro Assignment)

Lieutenant Steel: Good, we’re going to need just you two for this one.

Ethan: Why just us?

Lieutenant Steel: The parasyte is back again, and it’s devouring everything in sight in the tri-state area. Since you two had such an easy job with it the last time, I thought you two would personally be able to take care of it.

Maria: You got it, Lieutenant. We’ll be there in 15 minutes. [Hangs up]

Ethan: Actually, there’s no need for that.

[Ethan raised his arm as the Omnitrix shined in front of them. Then we cut to outside their house, where XLR8 and Maria zoomed out the door and down the street. Maria was revealed to be hanging on to XLR8 with her arms around his neck.]

Maria: WOO-HOO!

[Maria and XLR8 zoomed down the street and everything cut to black.]

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa

18 months ago...

Caffeine - (E-10 Cut)

[We open to 18 months ago. The setting took place during the day as we panned down slowly from the sun to Ethan’s former house. A white flash of light glowed from Ethan’s doorway, as a blue blur ran out from his door and into the street. It was revealed to be XLR8, in his original outfit, ran through the suburb streets. XLR8 pulled his visor up as he stopped at the stop sign and looked around to see other cars were coming. XLR8 pulled his visor back down and turned right onto the street. XLR8 ran down the road as he past cars one by one. XLR8 turned down the stop light as a bunch of drivers pressed on their breaks before moving onto the stop light. XLR8 ran down a windy road as he ran through curves, passing cars until he eventually made it to the city. XLR8 drove down public streets as he continued to pass cars one by one. XLR8 found himself stuck in traffic, his visor popped open and sighed, then went back down and ran toward the sidewalks. XLR8 past people as they were headed for work. XLR8 ran past a couple as a cup of coffee flew into someone’s shirt.]

XLR8: Sorry!

[XLR8 continued running down until he eventually ran back on the road as traffic cleared. XLR8 past cars one by one until he eventually he found a Starbucks in the corner. To XLR8’s surprise, there was a long line waiting outside into the sidewalk. XLR8 sighed, and waiting on the sidewalk. XLR8 waited for a good few moments, tapping his foot, checking the time on his phone, then grew impatient. XLR8 groaned and ran past the line and into the Starbucks. XLR8 made himself a cup of coffee at a quick speed, and ran out of the store, blowing everyone’s hair back and making a mess everywhere. To the cashier’s surprise, there was a 5 dollar bill waiting for her. We cut back to Ethan’s house as XLR8 arrived. XLR8’s visor popped open as he drank his cup of coffee. The song ended. The Omnitrix began blinking red.]

XLR8: Ah…

[XLR8 powered down back into Ethan in a red light. The song ended.]

Ethan: A grande vanilla latte, the perfect drink to start off the perfect day.

Let's Go Together - E-10 Cut

[Ethan began to walk up the hill towards his house.]

Ethan: It’s funny, I’ve only had these powers for a couple days and it’s made my life run insanely smoothly. [Takes sip] Ah, there’s nothing stopping me now from having the perfect morn-

[The song ended. Ethan heard a loud squeal coming from the back.]

Ethan: [Groans] Why do I have to go and jinx things?!

[Ethan ran to his backyard, and went by the destroyed gate to reveal a surprise.]

Ethan: Gah! What the hell?!

[We cut to three shots of a destroyed porch, containing bite marks and acid stains. We pan over to see a purple blob eating the remains of a scrap of metal.]

Ethan: Whoa.. is that a purple gummy parasite?! That looks so cool!

Shaking the Craters and Shattering the Diamonds! (Ep 29)

[Ethan’s eyes sparkled, then we cut to the purple blob squealing directly at him.]

Ethan: And just like that, you went from cool to creepy. It’s okay though, because I got an alien in here that’ll take care of this in no time! [Slams down]

[DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arm out as crystals began forming around his arm. Ethan raised his other arm as the same happened as well. The grew up towards his head and Ethan’s face changed as he shut his eyes. When he opened them, they turned green and flashed a bright green light. He spun over to his back as he grew a pair of four shards. He span back to the front as he raised his arms and struck a pose. The background faded behind him which lead to Diamondhead to take a look at himself. Diamondhead’s eyes sparkled up.]

Diamondhead: Whoa-hoa-hoa-hoa-hoa! Cool! I’m an alien made of crystals! [Raises arms] Alright! This’ll be a piece of-

[The parasyte jumped onto Diamondhead and began biting its arm. It’s drool surrounded Diamondhead’s arm as it slowly began to melt it. This caused Diamondhead to scream at the top of his lungs.]

Diamondhead: AH! I was wrong! I was horribly wrong!!!

[Diamondhead shook it off as it went flying into the bushes. Diamondhead regenerated his arm back to its normal appearance.]

Diamondhead: Hey! That really hurt y'know!

[The parasyte turned to Diamondhead while he forged a shooter on his arm.]

Diamondhead: Okay, Diamond Guy, Why don’t you show me what you can do!

[Diamondhead launched crystals at the creature, and the parasyte morphed around dodging the attacks. The parasyte jumped toward Diamondhead’s face, and he created a crash helmet and knocked the Parasyte to the ground, squealing.]

Diamondhead: I’m calling Lieutenant Steel, maybe he can handle this!

[The parasyte created a purple cloud of smoke, Diamondhead tried wafting it away.]

Diamondhead: Hey!

[It was gone.]

Diamondhead: Aw, crap.

[The song shifted.]

EXPO Digging - Catching the Trail, Ep 29

[The scene shifted to many SACT soldiers were investigating and cleaning up the area. Lieutenant Steel was talking with Ethan.]

Lieutenant Steel: So you said this purple… parasite, was attacking your backyard, and ate everything around it.

Ethan: That’s right. I also turned into this cool new diamond-headed alien… Ayy, Diamondhead… That a great name for him!

Lieutenant Steel: Focus, Ethan.

Ethan: Right. So I tried to contain it, but I had a hard time figuring out how to use his powers. Then it created this toxic purple cloud and got away… I’m in trouble, aren’t I?

Lieutenant Steel: I figure it’s going to do great damage to the city until we can find that thing. I’m going to send a squad to go and scout for the creature. You’re coming with me.

Ethan: But my parents, they’re coming back from vacation today. They still don’t even know I have powers!

Lieutenant Steel: Look, I’ll send somebody over to explain what happened. But for now, it’s best you come with me.

Ethan: Alright.

[The song shifted.]

Welcome to the Hills - E-10 Cut

[The scene shifted to the SACT HQ as Ethan looked around, as he was very enthusiastic seeing the giant base.]

Ethan: Whoa.

Lieutenant Steel: I believe you didn’t get a chance to see this last time, so I would like to properly introduce you to the SACT HQ.

Ethan: Awesome! Uh, what’s that stand for again?

Lieutenant Steel: Secret Alien Containment Team. We’ve got a lot going on here, and I have to remind you; extremely confidential. Not a single word of anything can leave this room, and so help me God, if I catch you taking a selfie right next to one of the extraterrestrial weapon containment chambers again or something, I swear-

Ethan: Alien weapons? Where?

[Lieutenant Steel facepalmed and he pointed to an artillery room, filled to the brim with various tanks and weapons from across the world, some of which Ethan has never seen before.]

Ethan: Oh, I've definitely gotta check that out!

[Ethan ran to the artillery room where the lights were shut off. Ethan turned on the lights and gazed at the various weapons. Lieutenant Steel grabbed Ethan by the ear and dragged him out of the room.]

Lieutenant Steel: Let’s go.

Ethan: Aw… come on!

[Ethan followed Lieutenant Steel into a training room, where he gasped as he saw a woman with dark blue hair in a SACT jump suit was dodging obstacles back and forth. She dodged a flamethrower, then opponents appeared to the side. She shot them down with her laser guns and they exploded. She jumped through a few traps and once a giant Mechadroid appeared in front of her, she threw a grenade and it exploded. Maria landed on the ground, as she caught her landing, then stood back up and waved her hair.]

Ethan: Whoa.

Lieutenant Steel: This is Maria Shamira. She’ll be the one overseeing your training today.

Ethan: Um, hi.

Maria: Hello there. So, you’re that kid Steel was telling me about.

Ethan: Yep, that’s me, talk of the uh, government here.

Maria: [Snickered] Interesting.

Ethan: What?!

Maria: Oh, nothing. So, about this watch on your wrist…

[Ethan raised his arm to reveal the watch.]

Ethan: What about it?

Maria: How exactly does it work?

Ethan: Well, it latched onto me about a few days ago. It gives me the power to transform into a whole bunch of aliens; XLR8, Heatblast, Four Arms and uh… Diamondhead! Yeah, Diamondhead, I just became him a few hours ago. I’m still trying to figure out how many there are in here.

Maria: That’s kind of cool, actually.

Lieutenant Steel: Enough small talk you two. We need you to run the obstacle course for us.

Ethan: Uh, right! Wait, how? There’s barely any room in here!

[The song shifted.]

Meeting Xerneas - (E-10 Cut, Ep 29)

[Lieutenant Steel pulled out a tablet and pressed a few buttons only to suddenly to reveal an entire obstacle course began sprouting out from the ground. Ethan’s jaw dropped in surprise.]

Maria: Try not to look surprised yet, rookie. You got a gauntlet to run.

[Maria and Lieutenant Steel left the room as we zoom into Ethan's surprised face. The song shifted.]

Magician's Whereabouts - Ep 29

[We cut to Ethan was standing by the side, waiting around, while Lieutenant Steel, Maria and a group of scientists watch from a few levels up. The scientists were carefully taking notes and reviewing footage from beforehand. Maria was watching a few clips, including the one of Ethan taking down the Mechadroid.]

Maria: So, that kid managed to take that down?

Lieutenant Steel: Yep. That’s what sparked my interest in him. He’s had no prior training, or real experiences...yet it seems like he could do this from the get go.

Maria: Alright, there’s that. But...

Lieutenant Steel: We believe that Ethan was only able to defeat the droid due to the alien just being similar to a human. His other forms seem to have a few more powers, but the big guy just has super strength and invulnerability.

Maria: Plus, with that parasite...

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan’s going to need to learn however many aliens are in that thing.

[Lieutenant Steel pressed the intercom button. We cut to Ethan down below waiting for his instructions.]

Lieutenant Steel (Speaker): Alright kid, we don’t have all day. Why don’t you give Maria and the other agents a demonstration here.

[The song ended.]

Ethan: No problem! I just gotta dial in the right alien here.

E-10 Transformation Theme - 6 (Ep 29 version)

[Ethan tapped the button from the watch as the core popped up. It formed a diamond shape and Ethan began to turn the dial. He switched from Diamondhead to XLR8 to Heatblast. Ethan made a smirked and slammed down on the watch as a green light blinded the screen.]

[HEATBLAST TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s feet changed, we cut to coal spreading from the bottom of his body to the top. Ethan’s head caught on fire and he spun in a circle. Ethan’s arms were raised up as he stood in a stance.]

Heatblast: E-YAAAAHHH!!!!

[A green light blinded the screen, ending the transformation. The song ended. We cut from the observatory, the other scientists were eagerly taking down notes.]

Maria: Interesting…

Simulation Test, A Battle of... Skills! - Ep 29

Lieutenant Steel: Okay, we’re beginning the obstacle course now.

Heatblast: Alright! Let’s show them what Heatblast can really do!

[Heatblast ran along a narrow beam, steadily maintaining his balance. Lieutenant Steel pressed another button, and suddenly, parts of the beam began to break off. Heatblast gasped as he quickly jumped over them. He then charged towards the end platform, and smiled. Heatblast directed his eyes over to a ramp leading up to a higher platform.]

Heatblast: Really? Geez, it’s like you made this thing more easier for me.

[Suddenly, a large ball dropped down from the ceiling, and began rolling toward Heatblast.]

Heatblast: ...ohhhhhh...

[Heatblast sprinted to the wall, and ran up it, narrowly avoiding getting crushed by the ball. Heatblast panted heavily.]

Heatblast: Okay, this is a lot tougher than I thought it would be! No big deal… I just gotta…

[A trapdoor opened underneath Heatblast, causing him to fall underneath and land in an empty room, with a climbing wall and exit in the top right corner. Heatblast frowned.]

Heatblast: ...Agh, I really wish I had a flier right about now, then I wouldn’t be so wet and...wait, wet?

[Heatblast looked down to see the room is filling with water. Heatblast yiped, before quickly climbing up the wall. To his surprise, Heatblast’s grip wasn’t that strong, noticing as he began to melt the material, making it even more difficult. Meanwhile, the scientists paused from taking notes, but were still very much invested. Lieutenant Steel shook his head in disappointment, while Maria silently snickered. Heatblast weakly jumped out of the room, right before the water reaches him. Heatblast was completely out of breath as he weakly stands back up, and noticed a red dot pointing to his chest.]

Heatblast: Who with the what now?

[He looked up and was promptly blasted by a laser beam and into the wall, leaving a noticeable dent.]

Heatblast: GAAAHHHH!!!

[Heatblast fell to the ground, and landed on his face.]

Scientist: Subject is incredibly durable...

[Lieutenant Steel sighed, before pressing the intercom.]

Lieutenant Steel: Take five, kid.

Heatblast: [Attempts to get up] I hate you…

[Heatblast was shot with foam in the face, then powered down back to normal, as Ethan’s face fell into the foam. The song shifted.]

Scavenging the Evidence - Ep 29

[Meanwhile, the parasite slowly reverted back to its liquid state in front of a junkyard. It slithered through the gate as it was feeding on the rust and tires left behind. The parasyte grew in size, then continued forward as we zoom up to see a city above.]

Assignment 16

[We cut back to the observatory where Maria and Lieutenant Steel were monitoring Heatblast’s moves.]

Maria: I’ve got to say, he’s got some talent. It’s like-

Lieutenant Steel: Something coming out of a comic book, right?

Maria: Yeah. It’s unbelievable. To think we’re not truly alone in the universe… it’s so bizarre. The idea really hasn’t settled with me yet. Ethan’s pretty young, too, almost the same age as me when I started. I think he’s got the same potential as me, maybe more.

Lieutenant Steel: He might be our fighting chance to save the world. Whenever that day will come.

[Ethan walked into the room, taking deep breaths.]

Ethan: Man, I’m exhausted.

Maria: Clearly.

Ethan: How many more of these obstacle courses do I have to run?

Lieutenant Steel: Until you’ve mastered all the aliens in the watch.

[Ethan groaned. As the scientist spoke, the group turned to him.]

Scientist: While you all were testing out Ethan's abilities, we managed to gather some information about this Parasyte you were talking about. It’s called an Phagoderm.

Ethan: ...Yeah I'm still going to call it a Parasyte.

Scientist: [Adjusts glasses] Anyway, they are a blob-like species that resemble starfish. They carry physical strength but has no mind of its own. Phagoderm gather any material they can find and digest it. Once they’ve swallowed enough material, they increase their size and change their shape to become deadly dangerous. According to the database, in extreme cases they’re capable of eating enough to destroy a planet until there’s nothing left.

Ethan: In other words, I let a man-eating blob loose into the city.

[Ethan sat down with a disappointed look on his face.]

Ethan: How did it even get on Earth in the first place? I didn’t see it in the pod.

[Maria laid her hand on his shoulder.]

Maria: Maybe you didn’t see it?

[Lieutenant Steel stepped forward as the two turned to him while he spoke.]

Lieutenant Steel: Or maybe another ship crashed nearby.

[The scientist turned the channel and the news was pulled up on the monitor.]

Newscaster: In other news, a man-eating blob was left loose in the city. Ten people have been confirmed to have been absorbed by this monstrosity, and citizens are fleeing the area as we speak. In all my years of broadcasting, I’ve never seen anything like this...

Lieutenant Steel: I’m sending a squad over to handle this Parasyte immediately. Ethan, Maria, I want you two to go and take care of this as well.

Ethan: Are you sure? I haven’t practiced enough with the watch.

Lieutenant Steel: All the more reason I think you should go. You need more experience out on the battlefield. A soldier has to be familiar with what he has and how to act in matters like this. [Raises eyebrow, smirking.] Just think of it as an exercise.

Ethan: [Smiles] Will do. [Runs off]

Maria: Sir, are you sure this is such a good idea?

Lieutenant Steel: Just be sure to keep a close eye on him so that he doesn’t do too much damage to the block.

Maria: Understood.

[Maria ran toward the exit until Lieutenant Steel called her.]

Lieutenant Steel: Oh, and Agent.

[Maria turned around.]

Lieutenant Steel: Never question my authority again.

[Maria exasperated.]

Maria: Will do, sir.

[Maria ran out of the room and we zoom into Lieutenant Steel’s face as he made a smirk.]

Kinetic Experience & Down the Block - Ep 29

[The setting shifted to where an SACT airship flew above downtown. We cut to see a 30 foot tall Parasyte was gobbling empty cars as the other citizens ran for their lives. We cut to the airship arrives on the ground as a group of SACT soldiers ran outside, same with Ethan and Maria.]

Maria: So, what are you going to do?

Ethan: Well, given that its a giant blob, I planned on kicking its butt in four different kinds of ways.

Maria: Hey, whatever works best for you.

[The parasyte approached them.]

SACT Soldier: Attack!

[The soldiers began blasting the Parasyte as it roared. It whipped them back with its arm, while other agents tried running to the side. One of the agents threw a grenade and it exploded upon impact. It roared, as it did little damage. The parasyte grabbed the agent as he screamed for his life. The parasyte swallowed the agent alive and continued attacking.]

Ethan: Agh, vore. Why did ya have to do that?!

Maria: Ethan!

Ethan: On it, on it!

[Four Arms was selected from the Omnitrix, and Ethan slammed down.]

[MINI-XLR8 TRANSFORMATION: Ethan, facing the left position, floated back in the air as he was curled into a ball. Ethan then kicked his legs out as they turned black while his wheels stuck out from his feet. Ethan spun around, changing the rest of his body into XLR8. A green light blinded the screen.]

[We zoom out to appear Ethan went the wrong alien, as he took a look at himself.]

XLR8: XLR8?! I may have gotten the wrong alien, but I can still kick your butt! Gotta vroom!

[XLR8 sped over towards the Parasyte as he tried kicking it at different angles. The parasyte threw him back until XLR8 caught his landing. XLR8 looked up at the walls.]

XLR8: Fascinating!

[XLR8 ran up the walls as he tried dodging the Parasytes slinging attacks. XLR8 jumped off the building and tried kicking him from mid-air. It slinged him into an empty car and XLR8 groaned from the back pain.]

XLR8: Well, that was easier than I thought it would be. [Gets up] Let’s try what kicked off XLR8’s career!

[XLR8 ran around the Parasyte. The parasyte took notice to this and tried slinging it, but missed every hit. The SACT soldiers and Maria stood back watching. XLR8 increased his speed as he struggled to continue running. XLR8’s wheels caught on fire, and soon it created a flaming vortex. This triggered the parasyte and it slinged the ground, finally managing to hit XLR8. A tiresome XLR8 was sent flying in circles until he eventually collapsed into the ground.]

XLR8: Ugh, I thought that was going to work.

[Maria helped him up.]

Maria: You tried. If you could just keep him busy a little longer, we have a squad preparing a trap for it.

XLR8: So distract it until it’s done, then lead him towards it. Got it!

[Maria ran out of the scene while XLR8 stretched his legs.]

XLR8: Guess that was just the warm up! Now it’s time for the main event!

[XLR8 ran towards the Parasyte, and continued hitting the Parasyte, even though it did little damage. The parasyte tried slinging it with its arms, but failed at each hit.]

XLR8: In the mood for some fast food!

[The parasyte screeched and noticed a semi-truck parked on the ground. The parasyte grabbed the truck and swallowed it whole. It began to grow a bit more in size.]

XLR8: It’s materializing itself, that’s just great.

Maria (Intercom): Ethan, we’re ready.

XLR8: You got it!

[XLR8 ran up to the Parasyte.]

XLR8: Hey! Parry guy! I got a happy meal, laying out for you right he-ere! [Waving arms.]

[The parasyte screeched and tried to grab XLR8. XLR8 dodged and made a run for it, which lead to the parasyte chasing after him. The innocent bystanders took notice of this as XLR8 ran from the parasyte. The parasyte got distracted as it glanced over to try and eat the people. XLR8 kicked it again and ran back up to the parasyte.]

XLR8: Hey! I said I got a hot-sticking meal for you, right here!

[The parasyte turned its attention back to XLR8 and chased after it. It began increasing its speed and tried smacking XLR8 as he dodged left and right.]

XLR8: Man! Who knew he would be so hungry!

[We cut to the agents standing from the rooftop, with an electrical net prepared for the Parasyte. XLR8 noticed and ran toward it. XLR8 stopped by the net and turned around, trying to signal the Parasyte.]

XLR8: Hey, buddy! Just a little further!

[The Parasyte noticed XLR8’s presence and slinged its arm toward XLR8, he dodged, running the other way. Then the other agents pressed a button and a large weapon sent the Parasyte flying towards the electrical net, then trapped it from both sides, electrocuting it. The parasyte screamed from the top of its lungs as parts of its body turned to stone. Its screams finally stopped as everything was dead silent for a moment.]

SACT Soldier: We did it!

[The other soldiers and XLR8 cheered. Maria turned to Ethan and hugged him.]

Maria: Way to go Ethan!

XLR8: [Blushing] What can I say, guess I know how to lead them right where it hurts. Hahaha!

[The song shifted.]

Goloog Golurk vs Reshiram (E-10 Cut, The Parasyte Breaks Free)

[Eventually the net began to tear apart, the other agents noticed and cleared the area. Purple goop rained down from the area.]

Maria: Ugh, gross!

[XLR8 tried dodging the raining purple goop.]

XLR8: Ew-ew-ew-ew!

[It landed on his face, then slithered off him.]

XLR8: Ah what is happening?!

Maria: It’s regenerating itself… Oh no. [Turns around] EVERYONE GET BACK! GET BACK!

[The SACT soldiers made a run for it as the purple sludge had regenerated itself back into the larger, now 60 ft, parasyte. It grew three mouths, and we zoom out for it to begin screeching at the group. The parasyte whipped its arms toward the ground, and it threw the SACT soldiers back. XLR8 noticed this and grabbed as many agents as he could. XLR8 managed to grab two agents and placed them safely on the ground. He noticed Maria went flying back unconscious.]

XLR8: Maria!

[XLR8 ran over and grabbed Maria, then landed her safely. She had a minor scrape on her forehead.]

Maria: [Opens eyes] Agh, I’m alright.

[The parasyte roared and left the other direction to continue devouring the street. The Omnitrix began beeping from XLR8’s chest.]

XLR8: Oh no you don’t! [Runs off] Get ready for what I call an accelerating close-

[Ethan powered down in a red light.]

Ethan: Aw man!

[Ethan went flying into the ground. The parasyte took notice to this, it tried to grab Ethan, but Maria used her grappling gun to grab Ethan, then pulled him away from the Parasyte. The parasyte turned away and continued to demolish the area.]

Then the Ortus and the Protective Pillars - (Ep 29, E-10 Cut)

[We cut to a few moments later where some buildings were demolished. Ethan slowly began to open his eyes as all he saw was a blurry face covering the sun, and all he heard was ringing in his ears. Everything then cleared up, letting him see Maria staring at him, with the sunlight shining behind her and the leaves on the tree. The ringing slowly stopped, letting her voice be heard.]

Maria: Hey, get up! Get up!

Ethan: [Sits up] Ah! I’m awake! [Turns to Maria] ...It got away, didn’t it?

Maria: Actually it only went a few blocks up the street.

Ethan: Agh, dang it! I almost stopped ‘em! I could have done something.

Maria: Ethan…

Ethan: Why am I so useless?! Even with these powers, I can’t do anything. I can’t even get the right alien I want. Ugh! I can’t believe I’ve allowed this to happen.

Maria: Hey, hey, calm down. This isn’t your fault.

Ethan: But I was the one who let it escape in the first place.

Maria: We’ve all made mistakes, but you can’t let mistakes define who you are. Now put yourself together and snap out of it. There’s still enough time to stop it!

[Maria held her hand out for Ethan to grab. Ethan grabbed her hand and she pulled him up.]

Ethan: Okay.

Maria: It’s done a lot of damage to the city, and it only keeps getting hungrier and more dangerous as it feeds. The real question remaining here is how to stop it.

Ethan: Well when I fought it earlier as XLR8, I noticed a few things. First, the flaming vortex I created was weakening it, then the electrical net trapped it long enough to keep it contained, at least until it broke itself free.

Maria: So its weakness is heat.

Ethan: Exactly! With another firepower, it’ll turn itself into stone and it won’t be able to move.

[Maria gave him a confused look.]

Ethan: I’ve seen this on TV before, nothing new.

Maria: We just need to contain it long enough for us to electrocute it, then that should shut it down.

Ethan: Are the other agents available?

[Maria and Ethan turned around and we zoom out to see the other agents unconscious.]

Maria: [Sigh] Nope.

Ethan: Typical background characters.

[We cut back to Ethan and Maria’s conversation.]

Ethan: Grab as many electronic equipment as we can. We’re going to need something more powerful than just the net to contain it.

Maria: I might have just the weapon.

[We cut to the SACT vehicle as Maria grabbed a few objects as she combined it into a large blaster. Maria strapped it around and placed it on her back. Ethan also placed one around his back too.]

Maria: Let’s move.

[The song shifted.]

Hero's Counter Attack! (Ep 29)

[We cut to a four way street, where the parasyte is digesting many cars in sight.]

Ethan: Hey! Giant Snot-blob!

Maria: You make purple look like an ugly color on you!

[The parasyte screeched at the two and began swinging its arms at them. The two run and dodge the attack. Maria and Ethan unstrapped their weapons, then pressed a couple switches.]

Maria: Okay, let’s hope this works!

[Maria and Ethan aimed their cannons and fired a large electrical blast at the parasyte. It screeched as it turned its arms to stone, they ripped off and regenerated its arms, then screeched at the two again.]

Ethan: It didn’t work!

Maria: We’ll just have to keep trying. Any aliens you could dial up in there?!

Ethan: Let’s see.

[Ethan turned the dial to see a jellyfish icon activated on his playlist.]

Ethan: A jellyfish? [Turns to Maria] Do you think a jellyfish could take down that thing.

Maria: Ethan, Jellyfish are known to electrocute its attackers! That might be just the alien we need here.

Ethan: [Glances to the side] But what if I-

Maria: Don’t worry, you can do this.

[Ethan nodded to Maria’s response, then activated the core and raised his arm.]

Ethan: It’s Action Time! [Slams down]

The Pillows - Skinny Blues (E-10 Cut)

[AMPFIBIAN TRANSFORMATION: White and blue clothing grew up from Ethan’s Omnitrix to surrounding his arm. Then it surrounded his entire body as he spun around in a circle. Three blankets went flying on his body as his arms split into pairs. We zoom to his face as eyes opened out. Then we zoom out as Ethan striked a pose, with electricity surrounding his hands. A green light blinded the screen.]

AmpFibian: AW YEAH! I got the right alien!!! Alright you Parasnot! It’s time to amp things up!

[AmpFibian floated towards the parasyte. It tried slinging its arms at Ethan as AmpFibian dodged left and right from its attacks. AmpFibian’s arms supercharged then he fired a blue EMP blast from his hands. It hit the parasyte as its shoulders turned to stone. The stone shattered into rubble and it continued trying to grab AmpFibian.]

AmpFibian: WHOA! Sorry, but sushi’s not on the menu today, yo!

[AmpFibian continued blasting the creature in the sky as the parasyte kept trying to hit him.]

AmpFibian: Aw, yeah! Finally I have an alien who can fly! [Dodges] I always wanted to fly! [Dodges] And shoot electricity! [Dodges] I wonder if he can swim too…

[The parasyte tried to grab him.]

AmpFibian: WHOA!

[AmpFibian barely dodge in time and wrapped his arms around the Parasyte. AmpFibian electrocuted its arm as it turned to stone. It shattered as AmpFibian flew back up in the air. To AmpFibian's surprise, the Parasyte regenerated its arm and screeched at him.]

AmpFibian: It’s not working yo!

Maria: Try harder Ethan! You might want to unleash a shockwave large enough to turn the creature into stone! That’s the only way it’s going to work!

AmpFibian: Whatevah ya say, girl!

[AmpFibian tried shooting another blast, it turned the Parasytes arm into stone and it shattered. The pieces of rubble went flying towards a few bystanders nearby. AmpFibian flew towards the students and grabbed them in time.]

AmpFibian: Yo! Get out of here. This isn’t the place for chillaxing!

Student 1: We’re Horizon students. We were just trying to take pictures for our photography assignment!

AmpFibian: Horizon?!

Student 2: Yeah, Horizon Arts! We’re taking classes online over the Summer. We thought it’d be a good idea to take pictures for the assignment.

AmpFibian: Boy were you sure wrong.

[An arm went flying towards the group.]

AmpFibian: Look out!

[AmpFibian grabbed the students as they dodged the attack in time. A fog of smoke clouded the area, it faded with the horrified students looking at AmpFibian. AmpFibian turned to the Parasyte.]

AmpFibian: That’s it! Time I take you out!

[AmpFibian flew upwards and dodged two more of its attacks. AmpFibian wrapped his arms around its bag and unleashed blue electricity around the Parasyte. Its body began turning to stone, then we zoom out towards Maria watching.]

AmpFibian: Maria, I could use a boost, yo!

[Maria grabbed her cannon and activated it. She unleashed a large electrical blast as it surrounded the entire Parasyte. It screeched in pain, then became completely surrounded in stone. AmpFibian moved its arms and floated back to Maria.]

Maria: It worked!

AmpFibian: WOOOO!

[AmpFibian and Maria high-fived, but to Maria’s surprise, AmpFibian actually shocked her with his tentacle. Maria pulled back.]

Maria: Agh!

AmpFibian: Sorry.

[They noticed a small piece of the parasyte screeching and slithering out into the streets, reaching towards the sewer. Maria walked over and trapped it inside a glass container.]

Maria: Now, where do you think you’re going?

[The song ended. The scene shifted back into the SACT HQ where in the laboratory, the scientists were studying the parasyte.]

E-10 - Everyone are Friends

Scientist: This creature is amazing! It’s anatomical structure and cellular organization is astounding. And look! It’s massive digestive and epidermal cells are regenerating at an alarming rate. We can easily use this to create an immediate cure for viral pathogens, or we can combine this with lizard DNA and regenerate bone structures and tissue on people, and- -

[Lieutenant Steel, a couple agents, Maria and Ethan looked at him with confusion.]

Scientist: It’s amazing… that’s all.

Lieutenant Steel: Good work. You two made a pretty impressive team back there.

Maria: Indeed we did.

[Maria rubs Ethan’s hair.]

Ethan: Agh, hey! [Pushes her off] I’m just glad I was able to save the day this time, and with my new alien!

Lieutenant Steel: New alien?

Maria: He transformed into a jellyfish.

Ethan: Jellyfish? Nah, he’s more like… an… AmpFibian!

Maria: Of course you would name it that.

Lieutenant Steel: Well back to training kid, you got a lot more aliens you need to figure out before we send you back into the battlefield.

[Ethan groaned. The scene shifted to nightfall at Ethan’s house where Ethan was laying in his bedroom. He was searching on his laptop and found the Horizon website pop up.]

Ethan: Horizon, School of Arts & Culture. It’s said to be one of the top art schools in the country… [Eyes widen] I could finally achieve my dream...

[We pan upward into the night sky and suddenly the scene shifted to day time. The song shifted.]

Freebee Honey - The Pillows (E-10 Cut, Ep 29)

[The setting took place back in present day where Ethan and Maria arrived into Merridale. They had just arrived to have the parasyte screeched in front of them.]

Maria: There it is.

Ethan: Bleh, The Parasyte.

Maria: You know how to defeat this thing, right Ethan?

Ethan: You bet I do! And this one calls for an encore, only with a slight modification!

[Ethan tapped the Omnitrix to have AmpFibian’s icon already selected. He slammed down and transformed in a green light.]

[AMPFIBIAN TRANSFORMATION: Blue and white clothing surrounded Ethan’s entire body, then in a green light, Ethan had transformed into AmpFibian with his arms raised up, striking a pose.]

[OMNI-SPLICER AMPFIBIAN TRANSFORMATION: Yellow electricity glowed from the Omnitrix symbol as a white light surrounded his body. In a yellow spinning background, a gold bracelet surrounded AmpFibian’s entire chest, connecting to the Omnitrix symbol. AmpFibian’s arms formed braces at the tip as yellow electrical whips wigged around until we reached AmpFibian’s head. AmpFibian’s head bloated up and began to change shape. We zoom out to a full body of AmpFibian, now in his Omni-Splicer form. AmpFibian struck a pose as the background resumed normal.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: OMNI-SPLICER AMPFIBIAN, YO!!!

[A yellow light blinded the screen, ending the transformation. We pan up to the parasyte screeching at AmpFibian. We cut back to AmpFibian as he charged his arms with electricity.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: Let’s go, round two baby!

[AmpFibian flew towards the parasyte and unleashed a combination blue and yellow electricity. He fired the electricity and it began to turn the parasyte into stone. A quick moment later, it shook itself free then waved its arm towards AmpFibian, leading AmpFibian to dodge the attack. AmpFibian flew back above him to keep his distance.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: Hey! Stay put will ya?!

[AmpFibian raised his arm, while the tip of his tentacles were surrounded in a pink aura. The parasyte’s body was surrounded by a pink aura, which lead it to be lifted in the air, as it struggled to break free.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: Aw yeah! I got psychic powers! I always wanted me some psychic powers! [Turns to Maria] Maria, now!

[We cut down to Maria prepping her weapon.]

Maria: With pleasure!

[Maria removed her strap and grabbed the cannon. Maria focused her aim on the moving parasyte.]

Maria: Steady, aim…

[Maria locked in on the perfect shot, and she fired a large electrical blast at the parasyte. It screamed from the top of its lungs while AmpFibian unleashed an electrical blast from his lower tentacles. The parasyte’s entire body was turned to stone. AmpFibian released the parasyte from its psychic containment and it went flying towards the ground. Eventually it exploded, which created a large cloud that fogged the area. The area eventually cleared, only to reveal what was left of the parasyte was a pile of rubble. The innocent by-standers watching in the background cheered for them.]

Innocent By-Stander: WOOOOO!

Innocent By-Stander 2: Yeah!

Innocent By-Stander 3: YEA-HAHA-AH!

[AmpFibian, floating in the air, changed back to his regular form, then transformed back into Ethan as he dropped to the ground. The song ended. Ethan looked up to see the crowd cheering for him, while he noticed Alice was watching in the background. Ethan’s eyes gazed and ran toward Alice.]

Ethan: Alice, hey!

Alice: Oh, [brushes hair] Hey, Ethan.

Ethan: Um. What are you doing here?

Alice: I was running some errands.

Ethan: Oh. [Scratches back of the head] Um, what did you think of the fight.

Alice: I thought it was pretty cool.

Ethan: Really?

Alice: Yeah.

Ethan: Thanks. Um…

[Alice turned to see Maria speaking to the other agents, she turned to see Ethan and Alice, then waved. Alice sighed.]

Alice: I should… probably get going.

[Alice began to walk away as Ethan raised his arm out toward her.]

Itsuka no Tegami - Episode 30

Ethan: Wait, Alice!

[Alice was already lost in the crowd.]

Ethan: I just wanted to say that I’m…

[Alice was gone.]

Ethan: Sorry…

[Ethan put his arm down and looked down with a disappointed look on his face. Meanwhile at the Horizon campus, the second to final rose petal went flying off the branch and into the fountain, as the fountain was completely covered in petals. The scene shifted back into the SACT training room. Heatblast was training in the obstacle course as swinging nunchucks went flying towards his way. Heatblast threw fireballs and knocked them over to the side of the room. Heatblast was charging a supernova blast from his palms as many objects and weapons went flying towards his way.]

Heatblast: NOVA-BLAST!

[Heatblast unleashed a fire blast that lead into the shape of 大. Maria walked in the room as it was surrounded with a bright orange light. The light faded as Heatblast’s palms were covered in smoke, as he took deep breaths. Heatblast powered down back into Ethan and he turned to see Maria.]

Maria: I’ve gotta say, you’ve gotten really better at controlling your powers.

[Ethan holding back his emotions, he looked away and constantly kept moving like a Disney character.]

Ethan: Yeah, at least I’m not creating fireworks and burning apartments down by accident like I used to.

Maria: Ethan...

[Ethan’s eyes gazed into Maria’s and stopped moving. Ethan took a deep breath, then looked down.]

Ethan: It’s just… Alice has been my closest friend ever since I went to Horizon, and ever since we confessed to each other, she pushed herself away from me. I’ve never felt so empty inside ya’know?

Maria: I know how that feels. I used to date somebody here in the SACT right when I first got out of college, him and I were so close to each other until he started distancing me once he got his new position. Then I found out that he started cheating on me, and before you know it, I was devastated.

Ethan: I’m sorry to hear that. Looks like we’ve both had our hearts messed with, huh.

Maria: Yeah.

[Maria turned away pressing her hand around her shoulder.]

Ethan: But I can’t believe someone like you would be cheated on, you deserve better than that.

Maria: I know. But it’s not like I’ve met the right guy yet and sometimes I question if I ever will.

Ethan: Well, lucky for you, you have a better chance than I do.

[Maria turned back to Ethan]

Maria: Now you’re putting yourself down? Gee, Ethan. You sure know how to take control of the battlefield.

Ethan: Nah, I’m just stepping into the crossfire. One bridge destroys another. Besides, you deserve a chance of happiness, whether it’s someone out there, or… in here.

[Ethan eyes turn to the side, blushing. Maria’s eyes suddenly sparkled.]

Ethan: Point is, I know it’ll happen for you someday.

[Maria walked up to Ethan.]

Maria: Well, I hope it happens for you someday too.

[Maria and Ethan stood next to each other, and as their eyes met each other. They slowly shut as they kissed. They kissed again as they wrapped their arms around each other as the scene zoomed out to a full body shot.]

Life - Rude-a - ED 2
E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

Episode 30 preview

[We shifted through scenes of the G.L.E.E. Team suiting up in the elevator. The next scene showed a depressed Lieutenant Steel admitting something to the group. The next scene showed a large sea monster making their way towards the ship. The next scene showed Four Arms and the group arriving to the scene to fight the Esoterica. The last scene showed a seal cracking through as an explosion of light blinded the scene.]


Major Events

  • In the flashback:
    • Diamondhead and AmpFibian are used chronologically the first time.
    • Lieutenant Steel gives Ethan his first mission.
    • Ethan and Maria meet for the first time.
    • Lieutenant Steel and Maria decide to train Ethan how to use his powers.
    • Ethan looks into Horizon Arts & Culture.
  • In present day:
    • Omni-Splicer AmpFibian makes his debut.
    • Ethan assumes Alice is over him and loses the chance to apologize to her.
    • Ethan and Maria confess their feelings to each other and begin their relationship.


  • Maria and Ethan reminiscence at how far their friendship has came since she first became her bodyguard.
  • In the flashback, it's revealed it has only been a couple days since Ethan found the Omnitrix.
  • Alice is still upset with Ethan after the misunderstanding between him and Maria.



  • Parasyte (first appearance)

Aliens Used


  • Heatblast's transformation sequence is based on his counterpart's from the Ben 10 reboot episode, "Buggy Out"
  • XLR8's transformation sequence is based on his counterpart's from the Ben 10 reboot episode, "Ye Old Laser Duel"
  • Ethan makes a reference to CW's The Flash when he uses XLR8's speed to grab a coffee and resume his day.
  • When Ethan confesses to Maria, he references to Ron from Kim Possible when he confesses his feelings to Kim.
  • Caffeine is used as an insert song during the episode's opening segment.
  • Skinny Blues by the Pillows is used as an insert song.
  • Freebee Honey by the Pillows is used as an insert song.
  • Itsuka no Tegami is remixed in this episode.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode.
    • Let's Go Together
    • Welcome to the Pokemon Hills
    • Meeting Xerneas
    • Golugg Golurk vs Reshiram
    • Then the Ortus
    • The Protective Pillars


  • The episode title given for this episode was based on the Steven Universe's "Familiar".
  • The tone for this episode is based on the first season episodes.
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