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Fallen Kingdom is presented to you by Sci, Rob, Jack, Pablo, and Brian.

Fallen Kingdom is a series about a king who loses his kingdom to aliens.


A king who used to slay aliens for a hobby is now retired. A while after he retires, his kingdom is attacked by aliens.

But there wasn't just aliens. A king must defeat a secret weapon of the aliens, reclaim his kingdom, and more before it's too late.

The aliens and secret weapon break into the kingdom, and surround the king at a cliff. The king has no choice, and salutes the kingdom. He jumps off the cliff, but lands on a close edge.

By the time he climbs back up from the cliff, the kingdom is taken over. No humans are in sight. The king manadges to be sneaky enough to get into the castle, where he reclaims his old sword. His sword is revealed to be Ascalon, but not at it's full potential.

Now, the king must reclaim his kingdom from the aliens, the secret weapon, and an enemy kingdom.

However, the enemy kingdom is a story to be told another day...






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