After Ben trains with his new Omnitrix,The Celestrimatrix,he recieves a crime alert saying that a bandit using Mana powers just robbed the Bellwood Official Bank.He turns into XLR8 and runs into the city.There he sees in a building a dark shadow in the top of the building and quickly turns into Jetray and flies to the top of the building and screams to her to stop.She shouts back that no way.Jetray fires a laser beam and she uses a mana shield to protect her and fires back mana discs,which Jetray easily dodges.Later she uses a spell which turns Ben back to normal.Ben is high in the air falling to his demise but she uses a mana hand to catch him.Ben asks her why she did that for.She replies saying that he seems cute,which that makes Ben blush and quickly turns into Fasttrack and runs into her taking her hood off.She is a red haired girl.Her hair reaches her shoulder.Ben asks if she is a girl.But she replies saying "Duh!!".She says that she dosnt have time for stupid questions.Ben turns into Wildvine and reaches for her but she uses a spell which tangles Wildvine.She says that was fun and before she leaves saying that he nows where to find her and that her name is Skyler.Wildvine turns back into Ben sayng "WOW".Later back into Plumber Base he asks Kevin if he has a chance with her.He says that Ben is going to blow it.Ben then goes to Mr.Smoothies and when he asks the waitres for a smoothie he founds out that she is Skyler.Ben screams and jumps and turns into Bloxx and asks her why she robed the bank.She says that her teacher assigned her because it was part of class.Ben says that she is weird.Ben asks her who is her teacher.She says that she is named Zara.Ben remembers that she is a magician.Ben tells her her teacher is a crazy,power hungry thief.Skyler says that is not true.Ben shows her footage of her stealing a bank.Skyler is surprised that her teacher is a thief and she wants revenge for tricking her.When they reach an old building that Zara uses as a base,they get inside and find Zara counting money.When she sees Ben she is surprised and shoots and energy bolt but Ben transforms into Swampfire and starts shooting fire and Skyler shoots and energy ray.Zara blocks the attack and says that they are weak.Skyler realizes that combining her powers they can beat her.Swampfire shoots a wall of fire and Skyler combines her mana powers with Swampfire's and knocks out Zara.Later they climb a building and she says thanks for helping her and kisses his cheek.Ben blushes.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Skyler
  • Kevin


  • XLR8
  • Jetray
  • Fasttrack
  • Wildvine


  • Skyler makes her debut
  • According to TheOmnitrixWeilder Ben is in love with Skyler
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