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Fallen-Star is Leader of the Sociopath Seven, Also the expert on gravity and forces. She Has also vast knowledge about Teleportation and wormholes. Appears in Imad 10.

Sociopath Seven - Fallen-Star REMAKE

OLD INFO: (Can manipulate attraction and other forces including gravity. Has the destructive ability to control localized black holes and protect objects from them. Can also create attraction or repulsion gravity orbs. Later, with enhanced technology, can open wormholes and move between dimensions like the Esoterica. Plus, gains some control over time itself.
Personality:Calm, Collected, Serious, Doesn’t tolerate incompetence, Somehow Egotistical and very self confident.)


Villain Alias: Fallen-Star ; Title: "The Black Hole that tears space and time".

Real Name: Minerva Gravius ; Gender: Female

Position: Leader of the Sociopath Seven, Main Strategist. Expert on scientific fields relating to Gravity and Space-Time.

Creation and control of Gravitational fields and Abnormal Black Holes.

Personality: Calculating, Collected, Serious; Despises incompetence; Egotistical to an extent but careful not to step into foolish arrogance territory; High degree of confidence in herself and to a lesser extent her teammates.

Extra trivia: Rainbow color associated with: Purple Lantern Corps associated with: Orange (Greed, thirst for power and control)