Fall of PT 2 is the 4th episode of Deo 12, and the 2nd part of Fall of PT 1.

Deo 12
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date Unknown
Written by FlameStrike96
Directed by FlameStrike96
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Fall of PT 1


Deo, Lif, Deo 9 and Deo 12'000 are fighting FireFast. He gets arrested

(Deo): Where do u guys get those cool aliens?

(Deo 9): Go to an alien zoo

(Lif): my dad give them to me

(Deo 12'000): i don't remeber

(Deo): Oh

(Deo 12'000): Come on i will give u some new aliens

(Deo): k

They go away

(Deo 9): When will we do it

(Lif): I don't know, but i have a better plan.

(Deo 9): oh yeah?

(Lif): Yeah

(Deo 9): What is it then?

(Lif): We don't hand him over, but first we steal some trixes ...

(Deo 9): We could steal from your dad

(Lif): Good idea. then we hand him over ...

(Deo 9): And get what we need

(Lif): That's right.

Meanwhile Deo 12'000 is giving Deo some new Aliens

(Deo 12'000): Now here u go! 5 new aliens

(Deo): can i turn in to one? Can i? can i? can i?

(Deo 12'000): Well u need to unlock the additonal mode.

(Deo): realy?

(Deo 12'000): 85% sure

They go beck to Deo 9 and Lif

(Lif): Dad, can i show Deo 9 your collection of trixes

(Deo 12'000): Only if u take Deo whit u

(Lif): K, Dad

Lif, Deo 9 and Deo go to a secret room that is locked. Lif types in the code. they walk in

(Lif): This is the collection!

Deo 9 Takes one trix and takes of his own. He puts on the one he took

(Deo 9): Wow!

(Lif): The Digammatrix, good chose

(Deo): Can i put one on

Lif puts one of the trix on

(Lif): nope

Lif and Deo 9 Transform.Lif in to Hipnobeast, but Deo 9 in to Starfly. They capture Deo and take all the Trixes.

At Deo 12s universe

Lif and Deo 9 hand Deo over to Vilgax, Khyber and The Unknown X.

(Vilgax): Thank u both.

(Khyber): Here is what u need

Khyber gives Them A tube

(Khyber): here is the DNA

(Lif): tnx

Lif and Deo 9 teleport away

(The Unknown X): We have him now

(Vilgax): Yes, we do, Master

Deo transforms

(Deo): Lavathrend! Cool

(Khyber): what? What is this?

The Unknown X Shows his trix and transforms

(The unknown X): Fireflight!

(Deo): What?

An Othe man comes in the room. he transforms

(The Maskman): Ikarus!

(Deo): What?

He transforms

(Deo): Balance Flame! Cool!

They Start to fight. Deo blasts The Maskman and he turns back. The unknown X Blasts Deo, But Deo transforms in to Way Big. He Steps on the unknown X And he transforms back. Deo transforms back to and takes of there masks

(Deo): Let's see who u two are

He takes the masks of.

(Deo): Deo 9!

(Deo 9'000): It's Deo 9'000

(Deo): And Lif!

(Lif  10'000): I am Lif 10'000 now

(Deo): Oh? But why?

(Deo 9'000): We wanted to become the ultimates

(Lif 10'000): he means The Unlimited ones

(Deo): Oh

Doe 12'000 teleports in

(Deo 12'000): I'l take care of them

He Takes them and Teleports Away. Jack And Christie are running towords Deo.

(Jack): Deo! Your Back

(Christie): Deo!

(Deo): Good to Be back





By Deo

By Lif

By Deo 9

By Deo 12'000

By Deo 9'000

By Lif 10'000


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