Fake Jersey Devils
General Information
Home World Earth
Predator None
Body Upright Goat with Wings
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fire Breath
Echolocation and Flight
First Appearance Cryptid Vs. Cryptid

Fake Jersey Devils are a species in Ben 10: Haunted. They live on the planet Earth.


Fake J.D.'s resemble the real Jersey Devil with slight differences, such as the appearance of their horns.

Jersey Devil(Secret Saturdays).jpg

Powers and Abilities

The Fake J.D's are capable of Flight.

These creatures can also shoot fire from their mouths as a pale imitation to Jersey Devil's Hellfire Breath.

Since they were made using bats, they can use Echolocation.

These creatures have excellent Night Vision and Smelling capabilities.

They are very Strong. And once they become immortal, they are extremely Durable.

While they may not be as smart as the real Jersey Devil, they are relatively Intelligent given they used to be Goats and Bats.

They can use their Horns and Claws as weapons, as well as their Triangular Tipped Tail.


They can be killed if they are freshly created.

If they are far beyond the transition between mortal and immortal, holy objects can ward them off.


At some point after Ghost King's banishment, Jersey Devil learned how to create fake versions of himself. He then used these creatures to terrorize New Jersey and occasionally Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware.

Secret Saturdays: One was caught by Leonidas Van Rook when it was about to cross over into New York. It was shortly put into a cage match against Fiskerton Saturday. The beast lost to Fisk and was guided back to it's cell. Soon after, the other Saturdays rescue Fisk and shut down the arena. They then let the Fake Jersey Devil and the other imprisoned Cryptids free.

A few of them later appear in Zak's army with the real Jersey Devil creating more because he sensed Argost's Anti-Kur and feared his power.

Prior to T.G.I.S: When the real Jersey Devil was captured and used to make Frankencryptids, they returned back into goats and bats, technically ceasing to exist. With no memories of their lives as fake Jersey Devils, they wandered the Pine Barrens either living free (bats) or being found and taken to farms (goats).

Pine Barrens Panic: Jersey Devil decides to revive his pack of Doppelgangers and uses mind control to lure many goats and bats into the Pine Barrens. He then used his powers to fuse them once again. They cornered a few of their former owners and attacked, but one was killed in the conflict, not yet immortal. Once the farmers realized what was happening, the real Jersey Devil prepared to kill them. But the Saturday family arrives and fights them off. In the end, they follow Jersey Devil back into the Pine Barrens to live and fight another day.

In Perfect Storm: They follow their master out of the Pine Barrens and fly miles to Bellwood. Ben notices them and a squadron of Mothmen fly to Nemesis tower and attempts to stop them, but they deal with him. Later on, they are seen attacking Rojo and her gang. Although they aren`t seen during the final confrontation, it is presumed they escaped alongside Ghost King`s team.

Notable Fake Jersey Devils

  • Unknown (Ghost King's Sample)
  • Fake Jersey Devils

Notable Evolved Fake Jersey Devils

Notable Fake Jersey Devils Hybrids

Notable Fake Jersey Devils Fusions


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