Facs is a second cloning attempt by Dr. Psychobos. Instead of killing Ben though, he has been created to destroy Riley Twist.


Facs like his twin Riley was created by splicing alien DNA from the Omnitrix and Ben's as well. Facs was created to combat and kill Riley because of his betrayal. Although Psychobos learned from his mistake and planted a small chip into Facs' head. It keeps him completely under Psychobos' control, but on his first mission to kill Riley, his chip was destroyed. The result was that it freed Facs from Psychobos' control, but also scrambled his brain and drove him insane. He instantly turned on his former master and intended to destroy Riley on his own accord. Although he also shows hatred towards Ben Tennyson because he is the original and considered "perfect" while Facs and Riley are just mutated clones of the original.

His dementia also makes him have an extreme hatred for Psychobos and is known to go through bursts of rage and frustration. In fact Facs as time goes on has become a feared and hated villain in his own right and wants to conquer the galaxy and even create an army of Ben Tennyson clones as his loyal followers.

Powers & Abilities

He has all the powers of the alien DNA inside the Omnitrix like Riley.


  • He might be considered to be Riley's version of Albedo.
  • His name Facs comes from the word facsimile.
  • The green skin, black hair, along with the miscolored eyes are the side effect of the DNA splicing and excelerated growth process.
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