FOTO is an organization of aliens who hunts for the Omnitrixes.


  1. Bayouio - A Methanosian
  2. Chromedome - A Crystalsapien
  3. Jellix - A Polymorph
  4. Simion (from Birds of a Feather) - An Arachnchimp
  5. Freezeon - A Necrofriggian
  6. Magnet - a Biosovortian
  7. Gigaman - a Tokustar
  8. Omni-triplicator - a Sonorosian
  9. Specter - a Ectonurite
  10. Star-scream - a Loboan

Other members

  • Hexcuba - an Anodite Witch
  • Naraka - a four-headed demon
  • Wra - a Thep Khufan
  • Psychic Fly - a Lepidoterran

In Ultimate Omnitrix 1&2

The Organizaton was founded by Bayouio, a Methanosian who was angry that after he had asked for the Ultratrix, Azmuth had not given him! Bayouio recruits the failed canditates to destroy Azmuth and get the Ultratrix. Toh knew of this and expelled them from Galvan Mark II. Then, after the defeat by Ben Tennyson, Bayuoio's soldiers were destroyed. Bayuoio using the last remaining power of Gigaman became The World Cobbler. Finally, Ben with a temporary alliance with Galaxius destroyed him and his army.

Only, Chromedome and Psychic Fly has appeared in Something to Hate. Waiyenoo111 has confirmed that that Jellix and Omni-Triplicator will return.

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