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This is a water version of Female Jetray in the Omnidewtrix.

General Information
Species Aerophibian
Home World Sunia
Body Jetray/fish
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Tail whip
Aqua blast
Steel Wing
First Appearance Who is this?


Like its relative Jetray, it is good in the water AND in air. Its tail becomes something else, like a saddle for other people to be on its back since Female Jetray is capable of flying people in the sky as a short cut somewhere than transportation vehicles.

Female Jetray is able to create a ball of water by two hands and blast it towards the enemy. As said in the abilities row, its tail glows white when it is used to to whip or slap somebody, while its wings can become steel for a very solid attack of flying down towards the enemy and hitting it via arm.



  • This is the first alien from the Ben 10 franchise to be in Cassie 12: Original Series as an alien in the Omnidewtrix excluding Clockwork.
  • The Artist who made FJ's appearance and initials didn't expect the Writer of Cassie 12 to like the initials.
  • FJ was unlocked after Cassie used Jetray in the Ultimatrix. The DNA was sealed into her arm, thus, after regaining the Omnidewtrix, it sampled it and altered it generating a Sub-Aerophibian DNA.