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Ezekiel Elix: Partners In Crime is a fan-made BTFF series created by XxXWTBxXx (or simply abbreviated to WTB) that went through several months-long past incarnations prior, including one from early-November 2018 to April 2019, one from mid-June to August 2019, and the final from mid-March to June 2020, with vast differences and states of completion between the three versions.

Each of them being scrapped for the same general reasons, including a loss of interest, increasing focus on other projects, undeveloped characters, poor writing, and distaste toward the direction of the storyline, EEPIC was again rebooted for the fourth, and hopefully last, time in February 2021.


"Ezekiel H. Elix, notorious homeless man, chronic alcoholic and drug user, and delusional apocalypticist, spends his days on the island of Jester's Bells off the coast of eastern California, living in dumpsters, leeching off those who pay him a second glance, and spreading his ridiculous beliefs of UFO religion, and how the world is doomed to end at virtually any second. Apparently destined to be a social pest, Ezekiel has confidently accepted his terrible place in the world, although the karma of such a decision seems to finally take hold of him during the anomalous December 2015 meteorological event, that strikes Jester's Bells with a three-day thunderstorm of colossal proportions, excessive flash-flooding, and a blinding fog. With the belief this finally may be the end of everything, Ezekiel painstakingly climbs up an abandoned transmission tower to incite and proclaim how he was finally proved right. Just as he kisses the world goodbye, multicolored forks of lightning violently strike the tip of the tower, grotesquely mutilating and rendering him instantly unconscious, leading him to plummet off and die upon impact with the ground, his scorched body crumbling before being whisked away by flooding."

"Although the incinerated pylon was discovered soon after the storm finally cleared, Ezekiel's body was nowhere to be found despite witness sightings of his climb and the discovery of clothing rags believed to have belonged to him, resulting in citywide rumors regarding his disappearance and potential demise, ranging from alien abduction, to government clean-up, that all stem from his public notoriety. With the widely accepted belief that Ezekiel had certainly died one way or another, a city-paid funeral marks the end of Jester's Bells' notorious apocalypticist, although his legacy lives on, as over the course of the next five years, widespread sightings of individuals with supernatural attributes and characteristics run rampant throughout the island, leading to these 'superpowered' individuals to take on the label of 'Insomniacs' due to their nocturnal sightings, and be treated more as a social spectacle than an oddity, thus attracting copious tourism, yet the ubiquitous belief Insomniacs were created by the event."

"Now in the modern decade, the lonesome 'Johnny Doewra' spends his days, living in a dingy apartment, mooching off those who forcefully put up with his pessimistic views on the world, even during an era of increasing popularity towards the Insomniac phenomenon around him, and keeping entirely to himself due to his reclusive nature. With difficulty utilizing his awakened Insomniac power, the struggle to escape a relentless stalker after him of all people, and the overwhelming dread that he has absolutely no place in the universe, Johnny becomes a hired accomplice to the 'Dream Team', an illusive gang of Insomniacs entirely against the city's exploitation of tourism, in hopes of mastering his power, his weak social skills, and his own will to keep living on in such a crazy little world, even if it means he has to reveal to them that there is no such person as Johnny Doewra."

"To him, the Sleepyhead Storm was not a blessing nor a curse. It was a wake-up call."



Double Helix Aliens

  • Bomb Cyclone
  • Sungrazer
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Lightweight Champion
  • Gigaxertz
  • Fleectro
  • Wyvulse
  • Memory Lane
  • Xpanshun
  • Vaultbreaker
  • Katzenjammer
  • ???


  • Primary Antagonists
    • TBA
  • Secondary Antagonists
    • TBA
  • Tertiary Antagonists
    • TBA


Ezekiel Elix: Partners In Crime is planned for 3 seasons, with 12 episodes each, with a 4th season and movie special being potential, but unconfirmed and uncertain of whenever either may have happened. As of February 2021, the series is currently focusing production on its first season.

Ezekiel Elix: Partners In Crime/Episode Guide


  • In the first incarnation of the series, known as "Ezekiel Elix: Power in Courage" instead, the plot followed Ezekiel as an optimistic homeless man who would have stumbled across an alien meteorite that would granted him the Double Helix, originally a massive and amorphous chunk of DNA-archiving technology, before it scaled down to the size and appearance of a wristwatch to Ezekiel's wishes, joining a team of wannabe superheroes to help fight random bouts of crime. More influence of the Ben 10 franchise, including a few lesser-known aliens being apart of its roster, was present, and up to around 15 episodes, nearly its entire first planned season, were written before its cancellation.
    • Surviving aspects of this version include the idea of Ezekiel's origin as a homeless man, and Ezekiel's reformation from this social position, albeit imperfectly, and some early ideas for Xpanshun.
  • In the second incarnation of the series, known as "Ezekiel Elix: Peculiar Institute's Crimefighter" instead, Ezekiel instead is horribly mutilated by the alien technology after it overloads and explodes with contact of him, but reducing itself to a molten liquid form, causes its programming to reset and for it to engulf and cybernetically-restore Ezekiel's body. A year-long time-skip later, Ezekiel has been placed into the secretive government project of Peculiar Institute, intended to hide people with anomalous, yet potentially-uncontrollable and dangerous characteristics from the world. Although rebellious at first, he eventually wishes to find purpose in using his newfound powers for good, and forms a ragtag team of other instituted patients to fight crime. A half-dozen or so episodes were written before its cancellation.
    • Surviving aspects of this version include the idea of Ezekiel being cybernetically-enhanced, most if not all of the starting alien roster, a greater focus on metahuman villains, and Ezekiel's wish to fight crime for him now left unable to find purpose in his newfound predicament, and that he wishes to redeem himself by giving back to the world he greatly took advantage of.
  • In the third incarnation of the series, sharing the same name as the last version, many of its characteristics are near-identical to the previous version, albeit heavily-revised, with a more-fleshed-out idea of Ezekiel's personality, instead being more anxious and lonesome, reworked characters, a few new aliens, and so on. Only a few episodes were written before its cancellation.
    • Surviving aspects of this version include the idea of Ezekiel being more of a reclusive person that flips between optimism and pessimism, several minor villain ideas, and a lean towards a more-mature theme.
  • EEPIC exists in the dimension of Earth-927.
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