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Eyezor 2.png
General Information
Species Visionary
Home Planet Corus Prime
Body Headless Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Laser Vision
Hyper-Sensitive Vision
Partial Body Levitation
Enhanced Durability (Body)
Weaknesses Weak Spot (Eyeball/Head)

Eyezor is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Visionary from the planetoid Corus Prime.


Eyezor is a headless humanoid figure with dark grey skin. He has a large eyeball embedded into his torso with a dark green pupil.

His hands are typically kept as single appendages (like his left arm in the image), but can fold out into three-fingered hands with webbing (like his right hand in the image) which is designed to guard his main eye from dust and keep it clean.

Powers and Abilities

Eyezor's body is not a single mass, but rather three separate organisms acting as one via low-level psychic link. Two of the three organisms, the arms and eye, possess the ability to levitate, though they daren't move more than a few feet away from any other body part.

Eyezor's main ability is his Eye's laser vision, capable of firing high-power, long-range blasts of focused energy. For reference, these lasers are light-based and generate a lot of heat on contact.

When not attacking, his eye is also capable of seeing far past the human spectrum. He can choose to focus his vision anywhere between Infrared and Ultraviolet on the Electromagnetic spectrum. He can also see further than humans can, and in greater detail, though this ability is dampened on Earth due to the natural density of our atmosphere.

His upper body and leg segments are quite durable.


Eyezor has two main weaknesses:

The first and most obvious of the two is his massive exposed eyeball. While it is far more sturdy than a human eyeball, almost feeling like it is made of bone around the Sclera, it is incredibly sensitive to pain. It isn't really much more sensitive than a human's Sclera, but it is a really big target.

The second weakness is his overconfidence and sense of self superiority. This can sometimes lead him into messy situations.

A minor weakness is also his psychic link, which could be disrupted by powerful psychic attacks or strong mana presences. However, this only seems to be a problem if the three main segments are not physically touching.



Eyezor is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series.

Ben 10: Mysteries Uncovered

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  • Eyezor's name is a play on the phrase 'eye sore', as well as a contraction of 'eye laser'
  • Eyezor is inspired by the Terraria enemy of the same name.
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