Eye Guy
General Information
Species Optcoid
Home World Optcus
DNA source Unknown
Body Eye-covered Humanoid
Predator Cornea Parasites
Prey Veggies
Alternate Counterparts N/a
Powers and Abilities
Abilities element projection
First Appearance Eye see you.

Eye Guy is the Omnimatrix's DNA sample of a Opticoid from the planet Optcus in Triton-10.


Eye Guy's entire upper-body is covered with green eyes, he ironically has no eyes on his face, which consists of a mouth and a very large pair of bat-like ears. He has dark yellow skin with lighter yellow skin on his chest. His entire skeleton is made of cartilage, not bones.

Transformation Sequence

Eyes grow out of Triton's skin as his skin tints yellow and the camera zooms into Triton's eye which blinks and turns into one of Eye Guy's eyes then it zooms out showing Eye Guy standing in victory.

Powers and Abilities

Eye Guy has the ability to absorb solar energy/plasma/rays and filter them into different forms of energy that produce different elemental effects which can influence the tide of battle depending on his creativity. He absorbs solar energy/plasma/rays through his eyes which are also used to project this energy back out.

  • Eye Guy can project green fire that spreads fast depending on what it was shot at and how much.
  • He has the ability to project a beam of energy that can instantly freeze anything that is touched but it can only reach so far.
  • Eye Guy can shoot electrical beams from his eyes that have limitless range but not as much bite.
  • The most powerful ability at Eye Guy's disposal is his power to project raw solar plasma from his chest eye but this drains his power supply in a matter of minutes which will leave him defenseless.
  • Enhanced strength, Eye Guy is able to lift a small car with a struggle, he's not able to hold it but he mostly uses his strength to jump far distances and extreme heights, he's the lightest alien which allows him to use this to it's fullest effect.
  • Three sixty degree sight.
  • Eye growth, he can grow new eyes on any part of his upper body on the fly but this can be a detriment to his health.
  • Solar immunity, Eye Guy is practically immune to any weapon that is solar power based.


  • Irritants will blind him and he can't blink.
  • Bright lights, such as Sun-guns which project sunlight at point blank.
  • Strong smells, make his head hurt.
  • He can use all of his abilities at once but this will knock him out.
  • He has terrible night vision.
  • He can't see anything directly above his head.
  • Whenever his vision is impaired his equilibrium is non-existent.


Eye Guy destroyed a field in the middle of a forest and later beat Agent Greist and Agent Six with his powers that very much were pushed to it's limits along with hurting his body, he later fought and won against Charmcaster.


  • Eye See You
  • Charmed to Meet You


Eye Guy's name is a fusion of the word Eye and Guy.


  • Eye Guy is Triton's favorite alien to use even though he used him only three times (as of March 5th 2021).
  • Eye Guy was unintentionally named by Charmcaster when she referred to him as such.
  • Opticoid DNA is the most recent addition to the archive inside of the Omnimatrix.
  • The only reason Eye Guy is one of the few aliens that Triton will be able to master to its fullest extent.
  • Triton has used him the most off-screen.
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