Eye Guy
General Information
Species Opticoid
Home Planet Sightra
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Sight
Enhanced Hearing
Optic Beams
360o Vision
Movable Eyes
Eye Merging
Weaknesses Noise Sensitivity
Sensitive Eyes
Used By Ben Prime
Ben 23
Gwen 10
Ultimate Ben 10
Appears in Death of Ben 10

Eye Guy is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Opticoid from the planet Sightra in Earth-1010.

His evolved form is Ultimate Eye Guy.


Eye Guy is a humanoid alien with cream coloured skin. He has no eyes on his face, instead he has two large ear-like features. His upper body and arms are covered in green eyes with dark green slit pupils.

Powers and Abilities

Eye Guy possesses highly enhanced sight, sensitive enough to detect differences in atmospheric density and consistency. In other words, he can see trails of scents.

His eyes are capable of firing high-power energy beams. If he merges all of his eyes together into his chest, he can focus these beams into a single super-powerful beam.

Eye Guy can move his eyes through his body to merge them together in different areas. Merging his eyes can also grant them different powers, such as freeze rays.

Having 360o vision, Eye Guy is incredibly hard to sneak up on.

Eye Guy has enhanced hearing.

Eye Guy is also light for his size, since his bones are made of cartilage.


Eye Guy is highly sensitive to eye irritants, for obvious reasons.

Eye Guy is also sensitive to sonic attacks.


Death of Ben 10

Ben 23 used Eye Guy in Chapter 11 to help fight Apollo, however he ended up not being needed.

Gwen 10 used her Opticoid form in Chapter 13 to attack Eon, but her optic beam was intercepted by Ben 23'000 as Feedback.


Death of Ben 10

Ben 23

Gwen 10


  • Eye Guy often makes eye-related puns.
  • Eye Guy's name is the same even in Dimension 23.
  • Ben Prime was confirmed to have access to Eye Guy in Chapter 17 as his hologram was seen while scrolling through his aliens.
  • Ultimate Ben 10 confirmed he had access to Eye Guy in the Epilogue when he joked that Ultimate Eye Guy was the reason he kept the Ultimatrix.
Death of Ben 10
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