EyeFibian is the Fusamatrix's fusion of Eye Guy and AmpFibian.

1/2 Opticoid 1/2 Amperi


He has Eye Guy's torso, arms, and head. AmpFibian gives him his legs.

Powers and Abilities

He can read his enemeis thoughts by measuring their brain's electric waves. He also levitate/fly and swim very fast. He can shoot ice from the eyes on his left arm and eletricity from his right. He gather all the eyes on his body into one large eye and shoot a large blast energy. With all his eyes he can see all around him. He is very strong.

Combo Move: S. F. B. (shock, freeze, blast): EyeFibian fires an eletrical blast at the enemy stunning them. Next he shoot a freeze ray, leaving them in a block of ice. Finally he shoots a highly concentrated beam breaking the ice, but causing massive damage.


If he enters water while he still has electricity in his body he will be shorted out. He is weak to bright flashes fo light due to all of is eyes.

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