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The Extra Terrestrial
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Movie Madness

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John Dimaggio

Extraterrestrial is a Xenomorph from the home-planet W35B85. This alien is a fictive creature in Ben 10: Alien Alliance, just as his species and his planet. But he becomes real when BK-Corps were testing a new technology on the movie premier of Extraterrestrial VS the Hunter. He debuted in Movie Madness and 'donated' a sample of his DNA to the Ultimatrix.


The Extraterrestrial has a giant coccoon-like head with a big mouth but without eyes. He has ringed arms with strangely shaped shoulder blades, which make it more difficult to attack him from behind. He has also very strong legs and a tail ending in a devilish arrow point. His quite colorful but is mostly grey. Other colors are blue and grey-purple.

He is a predator and is only interested in his own survival and the survival of his species.


He was originally just a movie monster but was brought to live by an experiment of BK-Corps.

Powers and abilities[]

He can see on a similar way as a vulpimancer and has a powerful acid breath, which he can use to burn through several kinds of material but also useful to extinguish fire. He is also very strong, as strong as Diamondhead, well experienced in combat and has a power tail which top contains a deadly posion.


He's afraid of fire, proving his confrontation with Alan. His lack of fear for opponents bigger than himself ended him defeated by Ben and at last, he isn't smart, just sapient enough to be registrated by the Ultimatrix.

Ultimatrix sample[]

  • Xenomorph


Ben 10: Alien Alliance[]

Season 2[]


  • Krosskothen gave permission to use this self-coloured picture of his original idea.
  • Krosskothen has the permission to use the picture.


  • Both the name as the picture are based on the real-time movie monster: Alien. The name of the species is even equal: Xenomorph.