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The story starts off on Primus. Eunice is viewing the DNA of several species for Azmuth. While going to get some water, Eunice is attacked by Techadons. Eunice tries to escape the Techadons but she can't! She is tak

300px-Unitrix in Simian Says

en up to a ship and strapped to a torture table.

She starts to cry. "Who are you and what do you wan't with me!?" Eunice aks. "I am Inspector Number 13. You will be dismantled and studied. All Galvan technology must be exposed." Inspector Number 13 says.

Eunice sends a distress signal to Ben. "Help me Ben! I've been kidnapped! He is going to kill me!" Eunice says crying. Ben recieves the message. "I'm coming Eunice! Jetray!" Jetray flys at super sonic speed to Inspector Number 13's ship.

When he arrives Jetray transforms into Ghostfreak and phases threw the ships wall. "Ect


onurite Detected." the computer says. "I forgot about that stupid computer!" Ghostfreak shouts. 'Benjamin Kirby Tennyson is on my vessel?! All Techadon's activate!" Inspector Number 13 shouts. "That can't be good!" Ghostfreak says.

Suddenly Ghostfreak is surrounded by many Techadons. Ghostfreak transforms "Spidermonkey! Ultimate Spidermonkey!" "Evolved Arachnichimp Detected." the computer says. "Evolved?!" Inspector Number 13 says confused.

Ultimate Spidermonkey spits webs onto the machines making the Techadons. Ultimate Spidermonkey stabs the remaining Techadons in there chest with his sharp spider legs. "I need to finish this quick!" Inspector Number 13 is about to stab Eunice in her chest when all of the sudden Ultimate Spidermo


nkey slams through the wall.

He see's what Inspector Number 13 was about to do to Eunice. Ultimate Spidermonkey grabs Inspector Number 13 and slams him into a wall. He then picks the Inspector back up and roars in his face.

"I should kill you where you stand for what you where going to do to her!" Ultimate Spidermonkey shouts. "But I have a fate for you worse than death." Ultimate Spidermonkey then wrap Inspector Number 13 up in webs and then unstraps Eunice from the table a gives her a hug. Eunice kisses Ultimate Spidermonkey. "You kissed me as an alien?" Ultimate Spidermonkey says confused. "You are still my hero. No matter what alien you are." Eunice says.

Ultimate Spidermonkey transforms back into Ben. "Where are you taking me?!" Inspector Number 13 asks. "You will see." Ben says. "Here you go Azmuth." Ben drags Inspector Number 13 off the ship.

"Me and Eunice are going to get something to eat." Ben says. "Good you both deserve it. Now as for you how dare you attempt to steal my Unitrix and Ultimatrix! You fool! You can't even find a decent job in a universe this big!" Azmuth continues talking. "Noooooooooooo!!!!! Send me to the Null Void! I can't take it!" Inspector Number 13 says. The End.



  • Inspector Number 13
  • Techadons

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