The Exilists, also known as the The Organisation were a race of banished alien species from their planet. They serve as the main antagonists in Season 1 of Genesis: Chronocle.


The Exilists came from an unknown planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. They were banished for their experiments involving illegal DNA mixing and gathering, as well as the abduction of other aliens. They built a base on Earth and imprisoned aliens that crashed on Earth during the years and used copies of their DNA for their experiments. They used Mechamanders as their pawns and used them to wreck havoc on Inferno Tides and in such, observe Nick Stone as he tries to stop them. They planned to take the Ne-O and use the DNA inside it for their experiments, but after succeeding in capturing Nick, he manages to rescue all the aliens and get out in time before the explosion kills off every remaining Exilist.


Because of their disguise abilities, Exilists can change their physical appearance at will, but in their true forms, they resemble muscular humanoid creatures with orange skin and short legs. They have two bull-like horns sticking out of their heads and yellow eyes.

In their Earth camouflage, they resemble humans with black suits and sunglasses.

Powers and Abilities

They are extremely intelligent, being able to perform complex DNA experiments and operate advanced levels of technology.

Their physical strength exceeds that of many creatures, and by expanding their arms they can take it to even higher levels.

They can change their physical appearance at will.

One of the Exilists, whose DNA was merged with that of a Splixson was able to clone itself multiple times.

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