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Excaloya Parasite.jpg
General Information
Species Drows Etisarap
Home World Krowleets
Body Sword
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Indestructibility
Parasitic Possession
Life Energy Drainage
Willpower Drainage
Armor Generation
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
First Appearance TBA

Excaloya is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Drows Etisarap from the planet Krowleets. He is part of the Parasite Playlist.


Excaloya without a host is a medieval sword with a grey blade, a brown rain-guard which is slightly curved with green bandages, a grip with green bandages and a black piece of fabric with purple at a tip in the shape of a hand with claws and a mouth on the palm.

The Omnitrix is located in the centre of the rain-guard.

When possessing a host, the parasite itself is positioned on the shoulder of the host. The host is covered in silver armor with dark grey, black and golden accents. The host obtains a cracked helmet, a green mouthguard, dark green scarf and a cape with holes. One of the host's eyes becomes small and green while the other enlarges and also becomes green.

The Omnitrix symbol doesn't appear in any place on the host's body.

Powers & Abilities

The parasite himself is indestructible and extremely durable, not even a To'kustar can bend the blade.

By sticking himself into the host's shoulder and placing his hand on the back of host's head he possess it.

While possessing a host he slowly drains the host of its life energy and willpower.

His blade is strong enough to pierce the strongest materials.


Due to being a parasite he needs a host to work, making it a danger to any lifeform nearby.

He will drain slowly his host's life force and willpower, causing the host to risk their own life protecting the parasite.

Despite being indestructible and extremely durable, he still feels pain especially extremely high temperatures, causing species like Pyronites, Prypiatosian-Bs or any heat based species to not be hosts.


  • The alien is based on Honedge from Pokemon.
  • Is the second alien in the Parasite Playlist, the first being Cordyceps Fungus.