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Exabyte is a villain in the series Simien 10. His minions are the Viruses. He appeared in Endgame and Humanization as one of Microtech's minions.


  • Shooting lasers from his eye
  • Controlling machines
  • Stretching his arms
  • Entering computers
  • Switching between two forms: Galvanic Pyromorph and Galvanic Kinnecellemorph
  • Pyrokinesis (as Galvanic Pyromorph)
  • Flight (as Galvanic Pyromorph)
  • Super speed (as Galvanic Kinnecellemorph)

    Exabyte's Galvanic Pyromorph form


  • Electricity
  • Water (as Galvanic Pyromorph)

Species and Planet

Species: 1/2 Galvanic Mechomorph, 1/4 Pyronite, 1/4 Kinnecelleran

Planet: Galvan B


He looks like Ultimate Alien's Upgrade

His two forms are Heatgrade and XLRgrade