Evolution is the tenth episode of John 10.


John: Good memories, this is where I found this awesome Coolnitrix.

Aeron: Sure you do!

John: Huh? Stop freaking me out!

Aeron: John, there's an evil Pyronite on Pyros.

John: Alright! Another adventure! (slaps the Coolnitrix)

Techno: TECHNO!! HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!! (flies away)

Aeron: Oh great.. (follows Techno)

Techno: Woot woot!

Aeron: John, be careful!

Techno: What? (gets hit in the head) Ow, ok..


(john and aeron reach in pyros)

techno:let's get this party started

(john sees a pyronite and talk to him)

pyronite:you must be john right

techno:how did you know

pyronite:cause your popular in the other planets cause your known as a "hero"

techno:woah by the way wheres the evil pyronite (pyronites points at a lava lake)

(techno went near the lava lake then a pyronite came out)

pyronite 2:die!!!!!!!!!!!!

aeron:no(punches the pyronite)you must be the evil pyronite

evil pyronite:yes i am

techno:(slaps the coolnitrix)

basket guy:ragh!!!!!!!!!!(slashes the evil pyronite but the pyronite blocks it)

evil pyronite:hmph(keeps punching basket guy)

basket guy:AERON!!!!!!(aeron blast a wind to the evil pyronite)

basket guy:his so strong can you help me deafeat him

aeron:no but i better go back

basket guy:wait no

aeron:fine ok(slaps the coolnitrix)

basket guy:augh!!!!

supreme basket guy:SUPREME BASKET GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!now ready for round 2

Supreme basket guy

supreme basket guy's debut

evil pyronite:yeah

supreme basket guy:ragh!!!

(after the battle supreme ball guy won)

aeron:you better go home

(john jumps back to earth)


Major Events



  • John
  • Aeron


  • Evil Pyronite

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