Evil Ben

Evil Ben

Evil Ben is the current nickname for the evil alternate version of Ben in Ben 10: Multi Trixes. Nobody in his reality calls him Evil Ben, only Ben and Co. do.


He now has red eyes and wears a black suit with a large red Omnitrix symbol on his chest. The symbol stops at his neck and hips.


This version of Ben never did destroy the Omnitrix to stop Vilgax. The alternate Vilgax did give Not-Yet-Evil Ben the Omnitrix to deactivate the SDM. The fight continued, but without the Ultimate forms, Ben didn't win. Vilgax brainwashed him to be his evil minion. He then left with Now-Evil Ben, leaving Gwen, Kevin, and Max in the ship as it plunged into the ocean. (You can guess what happened after that.) Eventually, though, Evil Ben rose up and overpowered Vilgax, eventually killing him. Evil Ben then built the Omnitrix into the black and red suit he wears now, and that changed his eyes red. He then eventually took over all the planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, and moved on to more...


In addition to the powers of the Omnitrix, Evil Ben has tapped into his Anodite abilities again, but not as strong. He uses them when the Omnitrix won't work.


Evil Ben unlocked Master Control, giving him access to every alien from the real series, BTMT, and all other fan fiction series (although only two fan-fiction ones are used).



  • You would think Evil Ben had the All-Power-Trix, but Azmuth was already made into a minion of Evil Ben before he made either of the Multi Trixes, or even the Ultimatrix.
  • Although Evil Ben just has the regular recalibrated Omnitrix, he is more powerful than Ben. The Anodite abilites and Master Control all contribute, even without Ultimate forms.
  • Evil Ben was mistaken for Albedo by Ben at first.'
  • A few people think that Evil Ben is future Ben, but Evil Ben is only alternate current Ben.

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