Evil Ben

Evil Ben

Evil Ben's Omnitrix, nicknamed the Omni-Suit, is an upgraded version of the recalibrated Omnitrix that Evil Ben wore. It has all the functions of the recalibrated Omnitrix, but it's red and built into Evil Ben's suit, hence its nickname.


Evil Ben explained that when he started to take over the galaxy, he built his Omnitrix into his suit and changed it to be red, making his eyes also red. It is unknown how he did it, but one rumor is that he forced it to recalibrate (the way Kevin hacked it) while his suit was tied to it, and it fused it with his suit.


As said above, it works the same as the recalibrated Omnitrix, except since it's on Evil Ben's chest all the time now, he just slaps his chest. Since it has Master Control now, he just thinks the alien, and slaps his chest to transform.


It can turn into all Codon Stream aliens except Ultimates, since it's not made from the Ultimatrix. The aliens all wear the Omni-Suit the same way Evil Ben does, and it transforms the same way too. This was seen when Evil Ben turned into Waybig in Dawn of... Evil Ben! Part 1.


  • It was destroyed when it was struck by lightning in Part 2.
  • Evil Ben's eyes changing red was part of a glitch from the hacking. Normally all it can do is change its color, not anything else.
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