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                          THIS ARTICLE IS MADE BY EVFNYE!

Evfnye Misx LXX is the wielder of Ketu's 9th Omnitrix in Evfnye 10. He is also the protagonist.


Evfnye looks much like the real life user Evfnye.misx70. He wears big sunglasses. The Omnitrix Symbol is on the left wrist. Since Evfnye doesn't like to change his clothes, he keeps a very simple style, with one-color gray upper clothing. He also wears a hat, since he once intended to move to Greenland and then to Russian islands.


Evfnye is very reserved and doesn't like to speak about his problems. He also doesn't like changing his clothes.

He likes being different from others.

Sometimes Evfnye has strange dreams and imagination.

Evfnye had no friends and is almost continously very lonely and depressed.[1] This also has a positive side, making Evfnye very rational and cold-blooded. In Season 2, he started to socialize more with the outside.

Powers and Abilities

Evfnye is very smart for his age, and has a good memory. He is also adaptable like all humans.

He is good at using basic tools and weapons.[2]


Evfnye wields the 9th Omnitrix, a powerful DNA alterer device. It has exactly the same function as all the other Omnitrixes ever displayed in all the Ben-10 related series.


Evfnye does not always have control of his transformations.[3] The most notable example is Capebolt.

Evfnye was irascible and could get angry in seconds in Season 1. In Season 2, he is more calm and emotionally stable.

Evfnye uses a complex language, so few people can understand him at once.[4]


In mid-2019, Evfnye Misx found Ketu's version of the 9th Omnitrix. He felt like he has great responsibilities as soon as he found it, but was very emotional and irascible.

In the middle of Season 1, Evfnye traveled in the future and met his future version.

At the end of Season 1, Evfnye defeated teh Spirit Leader, using a powerful transformation named Capebolt. He then searched for Ketu, in order for him to fix the 9th Omnitrix and remove Capebolt.

Starting with Season 2, Evfnye gained three extra aliens, at the cost of two former.

In the middle fo Season 2, Evfnye defeated an alien hunter named SupresLime. He also got two new aliens, but lost two, like last time. Since a pandemic started to spread, Evfnye planned to escape to Greenland, but miscalculated and started living in a frozen island next to Russia.

Later, Ketu found Evfnye and brought him to galactic training, where he met kids of deceased Plumbers, Nicky Greenwich and Jerry Walker. They defeated Synapse together, and later started to live in Ketu's Space Station, since Earth was quarantined.

At the end of Season 2, Evfnye attempted to defeat Neuroticus, but failed and was brought on Encephalonus IV, until he was rescued by his only friends and his future self.

In Season 3, Evfnye traveled across the galaxy to discover various planets.



  • USA/Canada border - Evfnye lived here and battled insignificant evil in nearby towns.
  • Russian Northen Islands - Evfnye escaped from the coronavirus and started a new life here.
  • Galactic Training Space Station - Evfnye studied here for half an ortex.
  • Ketu's Space Station - Ketu sent Evfnye into s apce station, so he can continue self-isolation.


Evfnye Misx is a corruption of the real user's name.


  • Evfnye stated he has 5 Pb of memory.[5]
  • Evfnye thinks he has a good sense of humor.[6]
  • Evfnye's future version calles himself Evfnye 10,000.


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Evfnye exists in an universe, according to which Azmuth's counterpart is named Ketu. Also, Vilgax is not seeking for an Omnitrix.