This is the first episode of OmniSins. And yes, it's about The More Things Change, the first episode of Omniverse, which is the fourth installment of the Ben 10 franchise and has been controversial to both fans and normal humans alike. So let's just skip this and go to:






[Sin 1]: *Shows 11 year old Four Arms fighting Malware* Oh cool, a four armed dude fighting a Galvanic Mechamorph. Destroy All Aliens, anyone?

[Sin 2]: *Four Arms hits Malware with a tree* Omnitrix on the left shoulder goes to the right one.

[Sin 3]: *Four Arms times out back to Ben* Omnitrix is green, despite having timed out.

[Sin 4]: Also, no-pupils Ben.

[Sin 5]: *Theme song plays*

[Sin 6]: Created by Man of Action.

[Sin 7]: Art Director: Derrick J Wyatt

[Sin 8]: Villain-is-bragging-but-obviously-going-to-be-defeated-right-after cliche.

[Sin 9]: *Omnitrix glows green* What?! I thought the Omnitrix had to recharge for at least five minutes. And this time, it took...not even half a minute?

[Sin 10]: *Ben transforms into Feedback* Oh yeah, Feedback! Wait, who?

[Sin 11]: Fire from the start of the episode is now missing.

[Sin 12]: *Moves to five years later* Hold on, where's Ben's jacket? I mean, he wore it in EVERY FREAKING EPISODE OF ALIEN FORCE AND ULTIMATE ALIEN! So yeah, that's definitely a sin.

[Sin 13]: *Zombozo breaks through the window of a building* Zombozo receives no damage from the glass.

[Sin 14]: Gwen: Really Zombozo? What kind of psycho steals from a brain bank? Narrator: Oh Gweny, I wonder what a zombie-looking psycho clown would do with a brain... Plus, why would Bellwood need a brain bank?

[Sin 15]: *Ben transforms into Lodestar* Lodestar: Not what I was going for, but I can work with this! Narrator: Theorically superior Omnitrix still makes stupid mistransformations.

[Sin 16]: *Zombozo kicks Kevin, while in metal form* So, an overweight clown can kick metal and not feel pain? Goodbye, logic.

[Sin 17]: *Kevin and Ben try to hug, but eventually shake hands* Ah, bromance....

[Sin 18]: *Ben drives by Mr. Smoothy* Normally this wouldn't be a sin. But it's the last time you'll ever see that sweet ride...

[Sin 19]: Toilet-being-the-entrance-to-secret-base cliche.

[Sin 20]: *Max appears* Everyone, calm down, and look for Grandpa Max's eyes! There have to be somewhere!

[Sin 21]: *Khyber appears* Awesome villain has his pet do all the job for him.

[Sin 22]: *Ben scrolls through the Omnitrix's touch screen and selects the Spidermonkey icon* You can clearly see Ben selecting Spidermonkey and not Humungousaur.

[Sin 23]: *Ben transforms into Spidermonkey* Looks like someone got hairstyle advice from Wolverine...

[Sin 24]: *Khyber whistles for Crabdozer to stop* WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! You had him! You could finish him right there and be your greatest trophy! Stupid writers...

[Sin 25]: Khyber: The stories are true...Ben Tennyson is a worthy prey. Narrator: Yeah, I guess he is really worthy when your pet defeated him in less than a minute.

[Sin 26]: *Pakmar appears* Yay! Omi from Xiaolin Showdown! Oh wait...

[Sin 27]: *Mr. Baumann is arranging Tiffin cans* Wait, we are supposed to believe that this is the same Mr. Baumann from The Purge? This...this is just wrong...

[Sin 28]: Table with sandwiches vanishes between scene shots.

[Sin 29]: Mr. Baumann: Every time you are in my shop, you ruin it! Narrator: Say what? ._.

[Sin 30]: *Ben transforms into Cannonbolt* Great alien choice, Ben. Transforming into a member of an alien race thought to have become extinct...

[Sin 31]: Cannonbolt's back shell disappears between shots.

[Sin 32]: *Liam tries to resist eating bird seed* Well, that was awkward...

[Sin 33]: *Rook reflects Bubble Helmet's blast with a spoon* Sidekick is more awesome than the protagonist.

[Sin 34]: Oh Liam, you fell for the old bird seed trap...

[Sin 35]: *Rook jumps and runs towards Bubble Helmet* Friend-appears-and-saves-the-day cliche. Baumann, respect.

[Sin 36]: Rook: I'm your new partner. Narrator, in Darth Vader voice: NUUUUUU!

[Sin 37]: *Rook and Ben chat* Um, guys aren't you forgetting something? Like...A FREAKING BOMB THAT WILL BLOW THE WHOLE STORE UP?!

[Sin 38]: *Ben transforms into Bloxx* Wow! A LEGO alien! Wait, why is this a sin? *Bloxx breaks his arms trying to penetrate the forecefield* Bloxx: I did not see that coming! Narrator: Oh, yeah, that's why.

[Sin 39]: Hold on a sec...after all the chat Ben and Rook had, the trio trying to escape and Bloxx containing them in a cage, the timer has moved only 3 FREAKING BARS?!

[Sin 40]: Ben: And call me Ben, dude. Rook: Okay, Ben Dude.

[Sin 41]: *Theme song plays once again*

[Sin 42]: Ben: There's a whole city of aliens down here! Narrator: You don't say.

[Sin 43]: *Rook approaches NRG* Rook: What happened? NRG: Omnitrix...still learning the controls. Narrator: Or you are just too lazy to look at the Omnitrix before transforming.

[Sin 44]: NRG's Omnitrix symbol colors are inversed.

[Sin 45]: *Small six armed alien falls to the ground and makes a doll squeezing sound* Narrator: Hey, that rhymed!

[Sin 46]: *Khyber notices NRG's spit* Character-leaves-behind-trait-that-villain-finds cliche.

[Sin 47]: *Rook shows his Plumber badge to a vendor* Narrator: The old ones looked better.

[Sin 48]: *Alien spits slime from...I guess it's his trunk* Okay, I did not have to see that.

[Sin 49]: Ben, to Buglizard: Do I know you? Narrator: Yes, I'm your father (trollface)

[Sin 50]: Water Hazard: Oh, Water Hazard. Why can I ever get Humungousaur? Narrator: Ever heard of runnings gags?

[Sin 51]: *Water Hazard gets up* Colors on the Omnitrix symbol have been inversed...again.

[Sin 52]: Khyber: Two against one. Well, it seems that odds have become a little unsporting. Narrator: Dude, your pet OWNED THEM. And I still wonder why you think Ben Tennyson is 'worthy', when he got his butt kicked two times in a row.

[Sin 53]: *Terraspin sucks the gas from the bar* Terraspin: Well, you might be a cop. I'm a superhero. Narrator: A hero who makes others suffocate to death? Good one, Ben. Good one.

[Sin 54]: Psyphon: It seems you have...unterestimated me! Ben: Yeah, who wouldn't? Narrator: Ahem, Ultimate Alien Season 1 Episode 12. Reflected Glory. Any memories coming back, Ben?

[Sin 55]: *Psyphon kicks Armodrillo's butt* See? He owns you once again!

[Sin 56]: *Buglizard gets pushed back by an electric blast* Narrator: Hm...we had NRG, Water Hazard, Terraspin and Armodrillo so far. So...AmpFibian? *Shocksquatch appears* Narrator: NUUUUU

[Sin 57]: Psyphon: I must have that armor! Narrator: And I must have my 44 minutes of my life back!

[Sin 58]: Rook: Not so green that I let a tunnel collapse on me. I believe that was my first wisecrack! Narrator: *claps* Bravo, bravo! Woo hoo!

[Sin 59]: *Buglizard falls from the pipe, being black from the electric blast* Narrator: Hey, you stole that from Pokemon! Not cool, man. Not cool at all.

[Sin 60]: Max: So, how's your new partner? Ben: He fights okay...kind of a donut hole though. Narrator: He fights okay? Only OKAY?! Dude, he was more awesome than you in every conceivable way! And he has pupils.

[Sin 61]: *End credits play*

Total Sin Count: 61

Sentence: ...

                                                        BONUS ROUND!

                                                     AWFUL SOUND EFFECTS

[Sin 62]: *Malware shoots a laser blast from his eye*

[Sin 63]: *Gwen shoots a mana blast*

[Sin 64]: *Gwen shoots another mana blast*

[Sin 65]: *Ben transforms into Lodestar*

[Sin 66]: *Ben transforms into Spidermonkey*

[Sin 67]: *Ben reverts back from Spidermonkey*

[Sin 68]: *Ben transforms into Cannonbolt*

[Sin 69]: *Ben reverts back from Cannonbolt*

[Sin 70]: *Ben transforms into Bloxx*

[Sin 71]: *Ben reverts back from Bloxx*

[Sin 72]: *Ben transforms into NRG*

[Sin 73]: *Ben reverts back from NRG*

[Sin 74]: *Ben transforms into Water Hazard*

[Sin 75]: *Ben reverts back from Water Hazard*

[Sin 76]: *Ben transforms into Terraspin*

[Sin 77]: *Ben reverts back from Terraspin*

[Sin 78]: *Ben transforms into Armodrillo*

[Sin 79]: *Ben reverts back from Armodrillo*

[Sin 80]: *Ben transforms into Shocksquatch*

[Sin 81]: *Ben reverts back from Shocksquatch*


Total Sin Count: 81


                               (in da face!)


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