This is the second episode of OmniSins, which is about So Long And Thanks For All The Smoothies, a ridiculous excuse for retconning everything in the Ben 10 universe.






[Sin 1]: *Episode starts with a spaceship launching three missiles on Earth and Ben transforming into Crashhopper* Alien spaceship sends only three missiles specifically on Bellwood for no apparent reason and Ben is conveniently in the EXACT location where they will hit.

[Sin 2]: *Crashhopper rams his head into a missile. He lands on a building and grabs his head in pain* I guess a grasshopper's exoskeleton is durable enough to survive that

[Sin 3]: Also, a grasshopper that can jump, but has no wings.

[Sin 4]: *Rook blows up a rock with his Proto-Tool before it hits a woman and her baby* WHY ARE YOU MORE AWESOME THAN BEN?!

[Sin 5]: *Missiles shoot purple beams back to the spaceship* Um, what was the purpose of this?

[Sin 6]: *Theme song plays*

[Sin 7]: Made by Man of Action.

[Sin 8]: Art Director: Derrick J. Wyatt.

[Sin 9]: *Solid Plugg defeats some Plumbers with relative ease* Are you freaking kidding me? A common thug can defeat dozens of experienced Plumbers just like that?

[Sin 10]: *Max throws an alien octopus on Solid Plugg's face* But an alien octopus in the face can do the trick. Riiight...

[Sin 11]: Um, where is Rook putting that bubble wrap? There are no pockets on the back of his armor..

[Sin 12]: Ben: C'mon Omnitrix. Give me Rath. Give me Rath! Narrator: Haven't you learned yet? When you shout out the alien's name before transforming, you'll never get him.

[Sin 13]: Grey Matter: Grey Matter? Man, I have got to get a manual for this new thing. Narrator: You can unlock the MASTER CONTROL with your Galvan form and you ask for a MANUAL?!

[Sin 14]: Rook thinks the Vreedle Brothers are the worst villains in the galaxy..No comment.

[Sin 15]: Grey Matter: Ah, Tractor Beam. Narrator: You just made a Star Trek reference! That is unforgivable.

[Sin 16]: *Argit appears* Narrator, sarcastically: Oh, Hello Argit. Did you cut your hair?

[Sin 17]: Argit: Ben Tennyson! Buddy! Did you cut your hair? Narrator: It's pretty obvious Ben did the exact opposite thing, Argit..

[Sin 18]: Rook: The Anihilaarg? Vreedle Brothers: The Anihilaarg? Ben: The What-aarg? Narrator: I gotta agree with Ben on this one.

[Sin 19]: So, the Contemelia were the biggest jerks in the multiverse? Geez.

[Sin 20]: Ben: Who comes up with these names? Narrator: I will agree with Ben once again. This has to stop.

[Sin 21]: Ben: Okay, we split up. And we tace care of this em- Everyone Else: ANIHILAARG! Narrator: Okay, this is going too far.

[Sin 22]: *Rook kicks some Incursean butt* Rook. Why. Are. You. More. Awesome. Than. Ben?!

[Sin 23]: *looks above sin* Oh, no the retcon has already begun!

[Sin 24]: *Incursean is revealed to be wearing boxers with Emperor Milleous on them* No comment on that either..

[Sin 25]: *Ben transforms into NRG* NRG: NRG? Ha ha. NRG is G-O-O-D! Narrator: Oh yeah? Well Omniverse is B-A-D!

[Sin 26]: NRG: Where is the Ani-...Anihi... Argit and Milleous: ANIHILAARG! Narrator: This is getting boring..

[Sin 27]: Ben: We have to catch the Vreedles before they set off the..em..arg Rook, Argit, Milleous: ANIHILAARG! Narrator: WILL YOU FREAKING STOP ALREADY?!

[Sin 28]: *The Vreedle's ship stops right before it hits Mr. Smoothy* Narrator: Take a good look, kids. It's the last time you'll see this Mr. Smoothy..

[Sin 29]: *Rhomboid reveals the Anihilaarg* Narrator: Seriously? That's the Anihilaarg? A small black box? Okay..

[Sin 30]: What the heck is wrong with Argit's face?

[Sin 31]: *Argit jumps from person to person* I didn't know he had super speed either..

[Sin 32]: Ben: Alright Omnitrix. I don't want Goop, I don't want Stinkfly. Narrator: Why not? They can both melt the device before it does anything bad.

[Sin 33]: *Ben transforms into Alien X* That chin is plain awful..

[Sin 34]: *The Anihilaarg starts destroying the universe* In a world where aliens exist, a watch that enables you to turn into millions of them, with technology we couldn't dream even in our wildest dreams, I still don't get how a small black box can destroy the universe..

[Sin 35]: *Alien X reverts* Narrator: Where the heck did that hoodie come from?

[Sin 36]: This new Mr. Smoothy sucks.

[Sin 37]: Ben: I made an exact copy of everything. Narrator: If only that were true..

[Sin 38]: I kinda feel sorry for Ben. He saved the entire universe for real this time and he didn't get credit. Oh, who am I kidding, he still messed things up.

[Sin 39]: Ben: Doesn't taste the same.. Narrator: See Omniverse writers? Even Ben himself doesn't like the new changes!

[Sin 40]: *End credits play*


Total Sin Count: 40


                                  (For the rest of eternity)

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