This is the tenth episode of OmniSins. If you thought we were gone, you were greatly mista-actually you would be right. After taking a hiatus longer than OV's, we are back for good (okay maybe not, but that's besides the point). While I found Malefactor 'enjoyable' (le gasp), there is no doubt it is full of sins, ready to come out.





[Sin 1]: Ben: Rook, Plumber. Ben, heroic dude.

Me Tarzan, you Jane.

[Sin 2]: Also 'Ben is not a Plumber, but a superhero' cliche.

[Sin 3]: *giant wooden bell shows up* Huh, nice. Bellwood got its name from a wooden bell? That's hilarious...not!

[Sin 4]: Ben: I'm pretty sure it's a huge typo or something, but I can't seem to find my name on here. I mean it's kinda of weird, since I'm the guest of honor and all.

OV Ben's personality.

[Sin 5]: *Dunk Ben 10 sign shows up*

No, just no.

[Sin 6]: Ben: I've saved the world like a billion times!

Dat arrogance tho.

[Sin 7]: *Rook dunks Ben*

[Sin 7]: The Smoothie Vendor shown behind Rook was also shown in the start of the ep, behind a stand of a game called 'Hoopla!' Either DJW is too lazy to design another person, or this guy is omnipresent.

[Sin 8]: *Omniverse theme song plays*

[Sin 9]: Created by Man of Action

[Sin 10]: Brainstorm: Oh sure, now it gives me what I want!

I rewinded this part three times to get a good idea of what he's actually saying. Yeah, who thought this was a good idea?

[Sin 11]: Also, this is all you'll get from Brainstorm for almost 40 episodes. Him, doing nothing. Yay...

[Sin 12]: Art Director: Derrick J. Wyatt.

[Sin 13]: *Brainstorm gets dunked*

And now, watch as OV uses Brainstorm for comic relief!

[Sin 14]: *Ben transforms into Stinkfly*

Even though Ben was wet in the previous shot, Stinkfly is completely dry.

[Sin 15]: *Ben transforms into Wildmutt off-screen*

Wildmutt is also completely dry.

[Sin 16]: *Ben transforms into Spidermonkey*

Oh, so now they make the aliens wet. Third time's the charm, right?

[Sin 17]: *Ben transforms into Humungousaur*

Ben didn't touch the Omnitrix at all, yet he still transformed. Tsk, tsk, lazy OV...

[Sin 18]: Also, Humungousaur is dry. +5 sins for not learning from your mistakes, OV.

[Sin 23]: Random Kid: I bet you're not even the real Humungousaur! You're probably some loser in some cheap costume!


[Sin 24]: Random Kid: Lame, I'm outta here! kill...

[Sin 25]: Ben: Rook, where've you been? I'm getting killed here!

Ben's voice.

[Sin 26]: *Rook throws a ball at Buglizard, who stares at them* Rook: I think I got its attention!

Captain Obvious Rook strikes again!

[Sin 27]: Rook: I'm just going to assume from now on that everything you ever say is just some weird expression.

Yet you still make the same mistakes in later eps.

[Sin 28]: *Buglizard goes to ground level and pushes the bell with her tail*

Buglizard is a jerk to giant wooden bells.

[Sin 29]: Festival Lady: The bell! *passes out*

Yo, that's overreaction at its finest.

[Sin 30]: Ben: Oh come on! I have to save that kid?

I agree with Ben on this one. And I don't like agreeing with OV Ben.

[Sin 31]: Ben: I'd be so fitting if you gave me Humungousaur!

  • sigh* I'm not even going to say it...

[Sin 32]: *Random Kid trips over*

'Guy falls down during impending doom' cliche.

[Sin 33]: Also, this kid went to the Prometheus school of running away from things.

[Sin 34]: *Heatblast stops the bell*

Okay, there's no way that bell isn't even smoking. It's made out of freaking WOOD!

[Sin 35]: *Crabdozer kicks the bell*

Crabdozer is a jerk to giant wooden bells.

[Sin 36]: Heatblast: Can't really fight fire with fire in this case!

Puns. Bad puns.

[Sin 37]: *Khyber spots Rook, grabs him and tosses him aside*

Since when does Khyber have Spider-Sense?

[Sin 38]: Also, we have Khyber vs Rook and Ben vs Pet once again...

[Sin 39]: *Heatblast reverts back to Ben who immediatley transforms into Armodrillo*

What?! ._.

[Sin 40]: Also, Ben transforms into Armodrillo just so Khyber's Pet can transform into Slamworm, since OV staff is too lazy to make more predators.

[Sin 41]: *Armodrillo speaks gibberish to Rook*

Okay don't get me wrong, I heard some of the stuff Armodrillo said. But that voice...

[Sin 42]: Festival Lady: Save the bell!

Are you serious?!

[Sin 43]: *Armodrillo transforms into Big Chill*

This is one of the rare cases you'll see Ben switching from alien to alien by slapping the Omnitrix symbol. Enjoy!

[Sin 44]: Big Chill: Never thought I'd see one of you guys again!

It might as well cut to a flashback right now. *does as I said* *sigh*

[Sin 45]: *Young Ben and Gwen argue*

This thing has definitely become a cliche by now.

[Sin 46]: *Close up of Grandpa Max*

Poor Max, always loses his eyes...

[Sin 47]: Gwen: What's the big surprise? Max: If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise!

'If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise' cliche.

[Sin 48]: *Max shows Plumbers' Badge to scanner*

Um, that looks just like the present ones. Shouldn't they be like...the UAF ones?

[Sin 49]: *Plumber carries paperwork*

Every single one of those pages are blank +10 sins for great OV detail.

[Sin 59]: *Ben and Gwen put on special visors*

Hm...I guess the rumor that Cyclops would be in OV came true...

[Sin 60]: *Ben and Gwen stick out their tongues on each other*

  • sigh*

[Sin 61]: *Ben eyes have red circles*

This episode is filled with so many cliches...

[Sin 62]: Max: Close. They're called Necrofriggians and-

Plot demands that Ben learns about Big Chill in AF.

[Sin 63]: Malware, grabbing the weapons: Mine! *laughs evilly*


[Sin 64]: Malware: Ben Tennyson, the bane of my very existence. I should've known you would be here!

Wait, so he didn't see him when he busted in? They were standing opposite to each other...

[Sin 65]: XLR8 does not use his visor when running. OV attention's to detail is once again spectacular!

[Sin 66]: *XLR8 reverts back to Ben*

Prototype Omnitrix makes the same sound as the current Omnitrix.

[Sin 67]: Malware: I am superior!

Didn't I tell you not to use that word? +5 sins for that (sue me)

[Sin 72]: *Camera zooms out to reveal the whole room*

So. where are the rest of the Plumbers? Did they go on vacation when Malware was blasted to pieces or something?

[Sin 73]: Malware: Too slow, old man!

'Too slow, old man!' cliche.

[Sin 74]: *screen cuts to black for dramatic effect*

See, this is why these kinds of flashbacks suck. You know the hero won't die, let's just get this over with.

[Sin 75]: *Ben slaps the Omnitrix*

The Omnitrix doesn't show the silouette of Feedback.

[Sin 76]: Feedback: Now, how would you like a little Feedback!

That pun.

[Sin 77]: *Feedback plugs his antennae into a random plug on the wall*

What a coincidence!

[Sin 78]: *Malware blasts the ceiling, causing debris to fall on him*

Okay, how did that help exactly?

[Sin 79]: *Camera shows Hypnotick flying behind Big Chill*

There are no cars parked in the streets, not even traffic.

[Sin 80]: *Big Chill flies towards Billions' Tower*


[Sin 81]: Big Chill: Splat like a bug on a windshield!

That pun.

[Sin 82]: Ben: Being a hero isn't about fame. It's about putting people before yourself. It's about doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do. It's about making a difference.

Did OV Ben just...say something epic?! Does not compute! Does not compute!

[Sin 83]: *Ben reverts back to Big Chill and falls down*

There's no way Ben didn't break any bones.

[Sin 84]: Khyber: Ha ha ha...Smart boy.

Wait, did he just call Ben smart? *bursts into laughing*

[Sin 85]: Rook: Ben, it is my truck!

That sounded wrong in my head...

[Sin 86]: *Ben transforms into Heatblast*

When you would expect Ben to turn into Jetray, here comes OV and trolls us into oblivion...

[Sin 87]: *Malware confronts Ben*

The sign that's supposed to read 'Olde Bellwood Days' in the background is just plain gibberish.

[Sin 88]: Is Malware seriously running away?

[Sin 89]: *Humungousaur super jumps*

Humungousaur became even more OP.

[Sin 90]: Malware: Your choice hero. Me or the little ones down there?

'Villain puts hero on a dilemma' cliche.

[Sin 91]: *Humungousaur throws a small orange car at the gas truck*

Humungousaur is a jerk to small orange cars.

[Sin 92]: *Random kid apologizes and thanks Ben*

What a coincidence!

[Sin 93]: *Humungousaur puts the bell back in its place*

OV doesn't waste time to overuse Humungousaur.

[Sin 94]: *Rook dunks Ben as the camera zooms in to the Ben 10 logo*

Why OV, why?! Why do you refuse to let me witness Ben's utter humiliation?

[Sin 95]: *End credits play*

TOTAL SIN COUNT:         95


                     (you know you deserve it)

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