This is the seventh episode of OmniSins. In this episode, Ben and Rook encounter a hot gymnastic alien girl. Quite too literally. Will the dynastic duo stop the Kraaho from using this orb-thingy for evil? Will Ben get a better girlfriend? Will someone stop using the fan sites as a Wikipedia and will the writers stop making this episode so coincidental? The answer to all of those is actually no.

With Not-so-Special Guest: Visual Editor (sin count bell rings). Now how the heck do I center the titles?





[Sin 1]: Bellwood's News Channel looks like a Nickelodeon Rip-off.


[Sin 2]: Did that temperature thingy just explode?

[Sin 3]: *view zooms out from TV to show TV store* Sorry for not paying attention to the news but DJW's version of the Muppets is on the TV next to the news ones.

[Sin 4]: Also its the news.

[Sin 5]: So this news guy is talking about a high speed chase but there's a picture of an animated highway being displayed.

[Sin 6]: And why is the picture labeled "POLICE" if its about a high speed chase? Why can't it be labeled "High Speed Chase" or "CHASE". If this TV had no sound, people would think this news guy is implying that something happened to the police on a highway or that our new police force are highways.

[Sin 7]: There's a lot of things wrong with this window. First off that remote control on the left side cost $ Joes.

[Sin 8]: And right behind the remote control is a CPU Cabinet with a sign on it that is cut off. I'm implying that the sign says "Visual". How the fudge can a CPU Cabinet be visual.

[Sin 9]: DJW knew about Visual Editor before we did.

[Sin 10]: And why is there a CPU Cabinet in Joe's TV?

[Sin 11]: And Joe's TV.

[Sin 12]: And all these TVs look the same... No wonder there's a sale.

[Sin 13]: *Police car drives past TV* High Speed Chase on a TV transitions to actual High Speed Chase cliche.

[Sin 14]: Ben 10 Omniverse CGI... again.

[Sin 15]: Four Police Cars... That's the most police force Bellwood ever used.

[Sin 16]: Why are all the citizens not moving? Guess its Lazy Ben 10 Omniverse CGI.

[Sin 17]: More than four police cars? You're blowing my mind, DJW.

[Sin 18]: *Police Officer leans forward* *Ester jumps from roof to roof* There is no way that this guy can see her from there.

[Sin 19]: Wait so Ester is roof-jumping and they're using Police CARS? Why not some lazy CGI Police Helicopters.

[Sin 20]: *shows Ester* Be on the look out for pink Eskimos.

[Sin 21]: *shows H flag* Looks like Ester found He-Man's house.

[Sin 22]: *Police Officer hits the breaks* This guy is looking straight out of his window and he doesn't see the car pile in front of him?

[Sin 23]: Police cause their own problems cliche.

[Sin 24]: This guy looks more confused than worried about this tipped over truck that's on fire.

[Sin 25]: Oh wait. It's not the police's fault this time. It's just a conveniently tipped over truck that's on fire.

[Sin 26]: It's also not their fault for the block because the truck TOTALLY blocks all opening around it (draws arrows at openings)

[Sin 27]: Where did all these cars come from?

[Sin 28]: Ben is already out of the Proto-Truck before it fully stops.

[Sin 29]: Police Officer: Ben Tennyson?

No its Captain Underpants.

[Sin 30]: Also this voice actor.

[Sin 31]: *Ester backflips away* Well now you're just showing off in a spazzing out type of way.

[Sin 32]: Ben: I see him.

It's a girl.

[Sin 33]: Ben:-Thanks Chief.

Thanks for what exactly? Blocking the roads? Letting the robber escape?

[Sin 34]: Police Officer: I'm not the chief.

Well it may be obvious to you and well everyone else that isn't Ben but that doesn't mean you can't get away with it.

[Sin 35]: *Ben runs forwards* Hey look its that guy in the yellow shirt and orange hair from that bad CGI scene involving police cars. He's a fast walker for not moving... and he still isn't.

[Sin 36]: Where did this truck come from?

[Sin 37]: Why is there a hotel inbetween two buildings? (shows hotel behind truck) Hotels should get their own block.

[Sin 38]: Crashhopper is already in the air yet when Ben transforms into him, he's on the ground.

[Sin 39]: *Crashhopper hops from police car to police car* And he's only been arrested once?

[Sin 40]: *Crashhopper jumps over the truck on fire* I'm sure that pink Eskimo girl is more important than the truck on fire here. I'm pretty sure it won't explode or has anyone in the driver's area... which is on fire.

[Sin 41]: This guy's police badge is a yellow downwards arrow.

[Sin 42]: Glad to see this guy isn't freaking out that Rook's an alien. Because Ben transforms into aliens all the time, right? Nothing to worry about right? Just don't get a different reaction when you find out that aliens leave under your house.

[Sin 43]: Police Officer: He stole some type of fusion thing.

When does this regular police officer who can't see a pile of cars and a fire truck in front of him when chasing a criminal that he let escape care about the contents of the missing item. Just kind of coincidental that he happens to know when Rook arrives.

[Sin 44]: Rook: I am a plumber, officer. I am always careful.

The plumbers are supposed to be a secret yet by-the-book Rook decides to tell this police officer that he's a plumber. I mean I'm sure he won't understand because he's probably one of those second-rated people that you meet and not one of those people that can piece it together but still. You don't do that stuff, Rook.

[Sin 45]: *Ester dodges the attacks* Um... Was she expecting a giant crash hopper to attack her? She wasn't even looking.

[Sin 46]: *Ester swings* Fantastic Four Reboot Confirmed

[Sin 47]: So Ester is swinging away and Crashhopper is clearly not doing anything to stop her at the moment but she decides to come back and pull some tricks on Crashhopper to escape. Is she a Kraaho or Loki's daughter-in-law?

[Sin 48]: Crashhopper clearly sees that she's "at the end of her rope" or at the end of a steel beam or whatever he means. So why should he charge at her again? She's either going to fall off with you and slingshot back without you or pull the rug under you, let you fall and escape while she's still on the beam.

[Sin 49]: Good guy gets a glimpse of the bad guy while the bad guy gets away cliche.

[Sin 50]: I'd say she's starring into my soul but it feels more like awkward flirting.

[Sin 51]: Crashhopper: WheeeEeee!

Who knew Crashhopper enjoys falling from high distances?

[Sin 52]: *Ester slingshots back* Guess she chose Curtain Number 1

[Sin 53]: *Crashhopper falls; screaming* Quite the cliffhanger when you can obviously see the pool under him.

[Sin 54]: And why doesn't he just transform into Jetray or Stinkfly?

[Sin 55]: *Ben 10 Omniverse Theme plays*

[Sin 56]: This woman feels the water splashes before hearing them.

[Sin 57]: Created by Man of Action

[Sin 58]: Woman: Ah! Shoo!

Because saying "Shoo!" works in every single movie/video game/comic/TV Show/etc

[Sin 59]: Ester: You may have the power, Ben Tennyson, but I've got the reach.

I don't really like that Halo game... Oh wait. That's a saying.

[Sin 60]: *Orb falls out of container* Well that was stupidly convenient.

[Sin 61]: *Crashhopper looks at the orb falling down* Crashhopper's face.

[Sin 62]: Rook: Do NOT touch it!

And I'm assuming you'll use the Proto-Tool to contain it or something, right? ...No? Okay then.

[Sin 63]: *Orb starts to burn through the ground*

Now would be a god time to turn into NRG, right? ...No? Okay then.

[Sin 64]: Ester: It's been an honor, Ben-

Now that I get a nice long look at Ester, I can't help but notice that... her eyebrows are grey tree branches. What else did you think I was going say?

[Sin 65]: *Rook and Crashhopper stare at her in timidly* You're not going after her? Oh well. I'm sure she'll go to somewhere close.

[Sin 66]: *Ester jumps off* That purple woman isn't at her pool anymore.

[Sin 67]: *Rooks scans device and points in direction* What a coincidence that Rook brought his Fusion-Device Detector with him.

[Sin 68]: *Rook and Crashhopper jump off the building and land at the entrance of a tunnel* You're kidding me. There's no way that a big tunnel could be at the bottom of a building in the middle of Bellwood's downtown. Even if it were, would no one notice this? Some kids or some bypassing citizens or some police officers which are IN the area wouldn't walk in there and end up in Undertown?

[Sin 69]: Rook: Are you going to stay like that?

Even Rook doesn't enjoy Ben staying in the SAME ALIEN FORM for the REST OF THE EPISODE!

[Sin 70]: Ben: Just until the Omnitrix times out.

Guess we should just make the Omnitrix time out for no apparent reason. *Omnitrix times out after two lines of dialogue* See?

[Sin 71]: Rook: -this Ben Tennyson a little more.

Rook's face.

[Sin 72]: Ben: Oh... She must have meant Ditto. According to the fan sites that's my cutest alien.

Okay. Whose editing the Ditto page like an article on Wikipedia?

[Sin 73]: Fan sites? I guess the Writers DO read Ben 10 Fan Fiction.

[Sin 74]: Ben: Ha. Like you know everything about girls.

You'd be surprised, Ben.

[Sin 75]: *Device beeps* *Ben and Rook slid towards the tunnel opening* Are you serious? Is that huge tunnel opening not that obvious? Ben and Rook must have been like "Oh look. The detector is beeping. I guess she's inside this tunnel that we totally didn't notice. For a second I thought she was under this rock or something."

[Sin 76]: *Ben jumps from the pipe* Oh look its Undertown. Not that surprising to me nor Ben. But is there a forcefield around that tunnel so nobody notices it? How does nobody AT ALL wonder into a dark tunnel, see a light, go towards it and end up in Undertown? It's just wide open (shows tunnel opening)

[Sin 77]: *Ben and Rook land* How did they survive that fall? Or at the least not fall over when hitting the ground. That jump is like someone jumping off a three-floor house.

[Sin 78]: I guess the citizens of Undertown are used to people dropping from the sky.

[Sin 79]: *Ben sees a space generator* I bet its that.

Good guy sees a suspecious looking object and automagically assumes its the bad guy's cliche

[Sin 80]: Rook: An old termo-electric generator. Space junk.

Termo as in those cups you put your hot chocolate in? Hey, if this thing makes electric hot chocolate cups, I don't know think its space junk.

[Sin 81]: Alien Vendor: Not junk. A bargain. *something I can't understand .-.* This is the most alien voice I've ever heard in Ben 10.

[Sin 82]: *Ben slides a coin on a counter and grabs a water bottle* This is how detailed water bottles get in Omniverse. How do you know its not a bottle of sweat?

[Sin 83]: *Ben drinks the water and pours the rest of him* *Ben starts steaming* Um... Is that natural?

[Sin 84]: Ben wore his water-proof favorite outfit. What a coincidence.

[Sin 85]: Ben: It's even hotter down here than it is up there.

How is Ben hotter than Rook? Rook has the fur, right? ...That sounded better in my head.

[Sin 86]: *Ben sees Ester running on a pipe in the distance* How can Ben see Ester when he's looking at the vendor sign.

[Sin 87]: Good guy sees Bad guy passing by while they're passing by cliche

[Sin 88]: I can't tell if this beat is bad music or the noise the pipe makes when you run on it.

[Sin 89]: *Ben and Rook chase down Ester* Why is there wooden planking on the pipe?

[Sin 90]: How convenient that there's a dead end sign.

[Sin 91]: Also a dead end sign. Seriously? We're the people that placed the sign like "Sorry but we're in the middle of construction of this pipe that probably does nothing to power/support Undertown except as a walkway for some weird people. Actually the piping is fine, we just used the rest of the wooden planking that you like to run on for these signs."

[Sin 92]: Ester, fascinated: You turned Human.


[Sin 92]

[Sin 93]: Rook: Hang over the Fusion-Engine please.

Well at least he said please. It's not like she's a robber or anything.

[Sin 94]: Ester: What if I told you I couldn't.

Well sure you can. Just give it to him and leave. Albedo did it.

[Sin 95]: Ben: It's not a manner of could. Two of us, One of you.

This conversation is creating a weird image in my head when I close my eyes. Sort of look like this ^

[Sin 96]: Also that's some way of trying to get it after she escaped you twice already

[Sin 97]: *Rook aims at the pipelines* Proto-Tool now knows where to shoot at in order to trap villains? What a coincidence!

[Sin 98]: *Ben turns into Eatle* Eatle's back! ...I guess. But is this seriously the right time to turn into him?

[Sin 99]: *Ester and Rook fight* What an interesting fight. Except no one is really hitting anyone so it looks more like a ballerina class.

[Sin 100]: *Eatle touches down* Where the fudge did you come from?!

[Sin 101]: *Pipe creaks* And only Ester notices this?

[Sin 102]: *Everyone lands on a wooden tent* You destroyed someone's Lincoln Log tent. Now you shall face the coincidences... I mean consequences.

[Sin 103]: Where did that wheel come from?

[Sin 104]: So Ester knew the pipe was going down but instead of clinging onto something and slingshoting back up like before, she lets the good guys sit on her. Worst. Robber. Ever.

[Sin 105]: *Kraahos march in with guns* Alright let's wait for them to arrive instead of getting the heck out of there with the Fusion-Engine.

[Sin 106]: How did Sebik even see her from there anyways? I guess its just a big coincidence that they all came out right when they lan- Okay these coincidences are getting annoying.

[Sin 107]: Sebik: OFF! *Eatle gets off*

I guess Eatle's species are known as Kraaho's Best Friend

[Sin 108]: Man, his eyebrows are even bigger than hers.

[Sin 109]: Eatle: Not without a fight. *Ben times out*

Perfect Timing.

[Sin 110]: Wait. Is Ester taller than Ben? So much for that relationship.

[Sin 111]: Ben: Is everyone around here made of rubber?

Ester: Only the Winners.

What the fudge is that supposed to mean? So everything I win something, I become rubber? Reed Richards must be the winnerest man of winning winners in the world... of winning.

[Sin 112]: Ben: *repetitively attempts to transform but fails* I've got nothing.

Well that's disappointing.

[Sin 113]: Ester: Let's do this again sometime. This or anything else I guess?

Ben: Huh?

How did this guy get a girlfriend in the first place?

[Sin 114]: Sebik: Ester, stop talking to that cold cut.

I don't get it...

[Sin 115]: Other Kraaho Guy: Another two minutes and I'm an ice sculpture.

Dude just go inside already.

[Sin 116]: Sebik: Finish him off.

You won. You got the Fusion-Engine. You got the hot elastic girl (literally). Yet blood-thirsty Sebik needs to see this guy finished off. Not that guy (points arrow to Rook). This guy (points arrow to Ben)

[Sin 117]: Ben: I'd totally let you guys off but Rook never gives up.

Did Ben just admit that he lets people off instead of actually stopping them?

[Sin 118]: Sebik: The Kraaho way is what I say it is.

If you took the "it is" part off, that would've rhymed.

[Sin 119]: *Kraaho form formation* Well at least the Kraaho are organized about their executions.

[Sin 120]: *Kraaho continue marching* Are you finishing him off with a dance move?

[Sin 121]: Rook: They seem to want to off us with some sort of ritualized offing.

Ritualized Offings.

[Sin 122]: Ben: Thank you Tribal Culture Channel.

The fact that a Tribal Culture Channel exists

[Sin 123]: *Ben transforms into Gravattack* How long does it take to grow into Gravattack?

[Sin 124]: *Ben times out* Well that's disappointing... again.

[Sin 125]: *Water splashes on some Kraaho* What a coinciden- Oh gosh dang it.

[Sin 126]: Water is the bad guys' weaknesses cliche.

[Sin 127]: *All the Kraaho are steaming* But its just water...

[Sin 128]: *Random Kraaho Dude gets his tongue stuck* How does this happen when water spills on you? Unless he happened to get really cold from the splashes and lick this pipe for no reason, this shouldn't be happening.

[Sin 129]: Ben: Wait. I can't just run away-

Well then stop standing there and do something.

[Sin 130]: Ben: So problem solved?

Except its stolen. If they really needed help, they could've asked. And since its brought to your attention you can call the plumbers and get some help and... you're not going to do any of this, are you?

[Sin 131]: *Kinecelerans playing in the street* Aren't supposed to be a secret? Why are you in the middle of the street, in day light, while some citizens are literally right where Ben, Rook and Ester are? They're playing Hockey... okay seems legit.

[Sin 132]: Rook: Problem solved dude. She saved us dude. Loosen yourself dude.

Actually its: (shows clip: Ben: Loosen up)

[Sin 133]: Ester: Come on player *wink*

I don't know why but I'm bothered by this.

[Sin 134]: Kineceleran: Car! *everyone jumps out of the way*

Did that car just drive by without really noticing them? I mean the car beeped so that means they saw them but seriously? Is the existence of aliens really peaceful now? I mean there's usually just a big explosion and some bad guys causing trouble which are usually aliens so now some aliens in the middle of a street playing hockey are peaceful? Every Human in the area has lost their minds.

[Sin 135]: *Kinecelerans play hockey fast* For some Kinecelerans, they should be much faster.

[Sin 136]: Kineceleran: Car! *everyone moves out of the way; girl drags Ben's body*

That's the same car!

[Sin 137]: And how did they not notice this for the second time? This time they have a body. Of a super hero. I'm loosing faith in Bellwood's citizenship.

[Sin 138]: Every single car in this shot except the truck and the passing by car are the same. The colours are different but they're all the same model.

[Sin 139]: *Kineceleran Girl pulls Ben out* How is this little girl able to pull Ben so easily?

[Sin 140]: Kineceleran Girl: We can go easy, if you want.

Owned by a Kinedergartner.

[Sin 141]: XLR8: It's on like Computron.

Did he just say Computron? Like that computer droid robot thing from Hero Time? What the fudge does Computron have to do with anything related to THIS?

[Sin 142]: Writers fail at parodying "It's on like Donkey Kong"

[Sin 143]: *XLR8 speeds off* XLR8 is THIS fast. *smoke cloud is formed* Yet the others don't do this to?

[Sin 144]: *Rook watches from the shadows* Creepy Rook is Creepy.

[Sin 145]: *Water Hazard shoots water in the air* I'm sure nobody will notice this right after that big sonic cloud thing.

[Sin 116]: Also Ben uses Water Hazard to cool off but not to defeat the Kraaho? Their weakness is cool water right? Was that information not good enough... AT ALL?

[Sin 117]: *Rainbow is formed* I'm not sure if that's exactly how you make a rainb- Oh forget it. It's emotional.

[Sin 117]: These are some weird looking Kinecelerans.

[Sin 118]: Ester: No... No...

You're about to hit in the face by water. I would sound a bit more concerned rather than... um.. wanting it in a weird type of way.

[Sin 119]: *Rook continues starring and then walks away* Rook needs a girlfriend... Oh wait.

[Sin 120]: *Kineceleran sing Ester kissing Ben song* What ever happened to K-I-S-S-I-N-G? Kids these days.

[Sin 121]: *Ben puts towel on Ester* Where did he get that from?

[Sin 122]: *Ben and Ester have a moment* Yes... Yes... *Ester laughs and runs off* SO CLOSE!

[Sin 123]: Rook, approching Ben: She likes you, Bendude.

Is Rook... jealous?

[Sin 124]: Rook: Be the hero, Ben. Before I am forced to poop this party.

Pooping Parties.

[Sin 124]: *shows Kraaho building something* Meanwhile at Rosewell...

[Sin 125]: *crane places orb container into position* Well that container totally doesn't look familiar (shows Sub Energy Core)

[Sin 126]: Sebik: Enough with the "How cold is it" jokes.

No sin here.

[Sin 127]: Kraaho: Laser reached Magma.

Sebik: Here we go-

This volcano launch thing feels more like an average day at a cubical business than at a villainous lair.

[Sin 128]: *Magma shoots out from the ground* Come on. Really? This fusion-engine and laser shouldn't make magma shoot out from the ground. Where's the science here? I'm calling Mulder.

[Sin 129]: *Bellwood starts flooding with magma* Well they're out of the job.

[Sin 130]: *Lava spits out on the street and citizens run away* Um no. You don't do that. When lava pours from the ground and sky, you go in a building. Stop, drop and get the heck out of there!

[Sin 131]: *Lava pours out of building's windows* Oh come on! You can't be serious!

[Sin 132]: *Lava pours downwards* Where is this lava coming from? Last time I checked, Undertown was Underground.

[Sin 133]: Rook: This is their work isn't it?

No duh

[Sin 134]: *Magma slides down slowly* Magma wants to slow down just so Ben can go hero. How convi- Alright I'm done here.

[Sin 135]: *Ben transforms into Articguana* Just so happens to unlock Articguana when most needed... I think you already know what I was going to say.

[Sin 136]: Rook: Look! *magma is still flowing down* The magma is still flowing. What will happen when it flows into Undertown?

How about turning into Articguana again? Or Big Chill? Or raiding 10 ice-cream stores' freezing liquid containers and going out for a bang on the magma.

[Sin 137]: Kineceleran Girl: My parents!

Don't forget like EVERYONE ELSE.

[Sin 138]: Ben: Asking? I'm begging you.

No you're not actually. Also you should remember where it is. Just go down the tunnel, touch the landing, up the piping, down the damage, into the other opening and boom. You're in the Hot Spot.

[Sin 139]: *Kraaho charge their weapons* Can't you just rise the magma? Burn the surface's life and well the planet's yours. Of course its a kids show now so we're just holding these to make us look scary.

[Sin 140]: Sebik: My word is law.

And you are Aku! Oh hang on wrong show.

[Sin 141]: Rook: We will learn an Earth game known as Tag! *points Kraaho* You are it! *runs away* Woohoohoohoohoo!


[Sin 142]: Sebik: Your father would be ashamed of you.

Yet flooding a whole planet with magma is something someone else's father should be proud of.

[Sin 143]: Rook: Now who wants to learn the electric slide?

First the Ben 10 Omniverse Harlem Shake. Now the Ben 10 Omniverse Electric Slide? No thanks.

[Sin 144]: *Rook slices blaster* That thing is solid! No tech or anything. I guess they really WERE for scaring the auidence.

[Sin 145]: *Rook falls over* Is the music trying to make me cry here? Because its working.

[Sin 146]: *Sibek stops and turns to see NRG* Bad guy stops and sees Good guy just about done stopping the bad guys cliche.

[Sin 147]: *Kraaho breaks NRG Suit* So much for this suit being indestructible.

[Sin 148]: NRG wears suspenders under his suit.... Fancy Pants.

[Sin 149]: NRG has the Omnitrix on his suspender belt thing but its also on the suit.

[Sin 150]: *NRG eats energy core* DJW rips off Ben 10 vs the Negative 10 Part 2

[Sin 151]: *NRG destroys everything* NRG just became the coolest and seemingly most powerful alien in less than one episode.

[Sin 152]: *shows magma flowing stops* Well it looks like everyone died... THAT'S BAD!

[Sin 153]: Sebik: Well... You won... Happy?

He sounds more bored than defeated.

[Sin 154]: *Ester hugs Ben* Well now we're going to get some interesting additions to the fan sites.

[Sin 155]: Rook: Water...

Oh yeah. I completely forgot him.

[Sin 156]: *shows lemonade stand* This stand is STILL here?!

[Sin 157]: Ben: She's not my girlfriend. We're just friends. Hey wait a minute... You think I have a shot with her.

Of course you do. Just don't expect to be with Julie in a season or two.

[Sin 158]: Solidified Magma doesn't make a good surface for hockey.

[Sin 159]: And then all the people came back to life... No? Okay then.

[Sin 160]: *Ben 10 Omniverse Credits reel*




(At a Poop Party)

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