This is the eighth episode of OmniSins. In this episode, Ben goes an adventure all alone with a crazy salesman, a rock monster, a plant who is also a vegetarian and a cute little adorable alien that can transform into a bigger version of itself to make it look ugly. I'm sure that he'll be very lonely without Rook. We're also sort of back from inactivity unlike Ben 10 itself. So to celebrate, we'll point out all the flaws in Ben 10's not so latest episode.





[Sin 1]: *aliens are screaming and chanting* This is 


slightly creepy when you rewatch this scene over and over again.

[Sin 2]: Also what a good way to reuse background aliens.

[Sin 3]: The Yellow alien spits yellow stuff while screaming.

[Sin 4]: *A glider goes after Shocksquatch* Wow. Everyone's excited to see Ben fight a glider? Any excuse to get out of work I suppose.

[Sin 5]: *three aliens chanting* One of those aliens is the same species as the yellow one except blue. I mean I know there's a such thing as multiple colored aliens in the same species but yellow and blue when the majority is yellow? Watch how we're never going to see a blue one ever again.

[Sin 6]: Also this is the first appearance of Rads Dudesman. As a background character...

[Sin 7]: *Shocksquatch jumps onto a stand and jumps off as its destroyed* What a waste of fine wooden stands.

[Sin 8]: Also the aliens in the background aren't moving a single bit during this scene.

[Sin 9]: *Shocksquatch body slams near Sunder who is pushed over* Correction: The aliens are excited to see Ben fight a rouge rockstar.

[Sin 10]: *Shocksquatch comes after Sunder who reels up his axe* What the heck do you need a cord attached to a axe for?

[Sin 11]: *Shocksquatch gets hit with the glider while charging for Sunder* Good guy attempts to attack the main bad guy but is interrupted by something cliche.

[Sin 12]: *Shocksquatch is thrown to aliens* Those background aliens are still not moving!

[Sin 13]: *Blarney walks behind crowd* That Hat.

[Sin 14]: *Sunder body slams onto his glider and then reels his axe* Where did he just come from?

[Sin 15]: Sunder: Just hand me your New Omnitrix, Ben Tennyson, and this could all be over.

Since when did Sunder go from hunting machines to gargling marbles?

[Sin 16]: Shocksquatch: Oh sure. Since you asked so nicely.

Shocksquatch doesn't stop smiling during this scene.

[Sin 17]: *Sunder throws his axe around* What are you doing? He said he'd hand it over.

[Sin 18]: And that looks unsafe.

[Sin 19]: *Sunder yanks his cord causing the axe to change directions* This seems very unreliable.

[Sin 20]: *Shocksquatch runs on all fours* This is actually a great use of showing how much of an animal this alien is considering his gorilla side which was adapted Sasquatch apparently but this isn't done often and looks a little weird. Especially when you're on all fours in front of a massive group of people.

[Sin 21]: *Alien boy runs after boy* There is no way this boy didn't notice this fight taking place. Where are his parents? Are they watching the fight right now? This is an act of bad parenting right here.

[Sin 22]: *Shocksquatch rolls up on the boy, dodge rolls, places him down and wraps the axe around his arm* When did Shocksquatch become Cannonbolt?

[Sin 23]: If he could have just wrapped the axe around in the first place, why didn't he do that sooner?

[Sin 24]: *Alien Boy runs away* Shocksquatch: Oh Geez. Don't mention it.

He's a little kid, Ben. What do you want from him, a medal?

[Sin 25]: Also there's no ball when Shocksquatch lets go of the boy.

[Sin 26]: *Alien is Max's Shirt walks by with thumbs up* Is this a reference or something?

[Sin 27]: *Blarney and Alien look in the same direction* Wait. Are you they noticing the shirt guy? I feel like this is a fourth wall break even though... its not. Technically this isn't a sin but Ben 10 is making my brain hurt with this little trick here so that should make up for it.

[Sin 28]: *Alien walks away from Blarney* Well now there's this creepy smiling alien in the background.

[Sin 29]: *Blarney turns to the pink alien* Oh come on! Now there's a pink one? What is this? The Power Rangers?

[Sin 30]: Pink Alien: Not interested!

Female Alien gets a deep man voice cliche.

[Sin 31]: This also seems offensive to big people.

[Sin 32]: Blarney: What has distracted you poor suckers?

Um... I wouldn't be saying that in front of potential customers, Blarney.

[Sin 33]: *Blarney sees the fight* *zoom in on Blarney's face* Blarney: Jackpot.

You really don't think you can turn Ben 10 into a marketing profit right? Well, Cartoon Network managed to but with the Omniverse Toyline... meh. not so much.

[Sin 34]: *Shocksquatch pulls Sunder towards him but he swings on top of Shocksquatch's back* Would you just get punched in the face already?

[Sin 35]: *Sunder ties him up* How did you manage this so fast? Is Sunder now a reverse Houdini?

[Sin 36]: *Sunder jumps up and lands on his glider* How is Sunder able to jump so high? He never did this before.

[Sin 37]: *Sunder floats in mid-air while Shocksquatch is dangling*

What exactly is the point of leaving him dangling in the middle of a fight? Don't you need the Omnitrix? Do you expect him to give up just because he's all tied up?

[Sin 38]: Sunder: Last chance for you to keep your head.

So he uses an axe because he cuts heads off? Well what does that have to do with collecting rare technologies? And shouldn't you be cutting off his hand or ,in this case, waist? I mean I know what happened last time but he can just use a normal alien axe.

[Sin 39]: Shocksquatch: Oh ho. That was like a joke. Only smaller.

Oh ho. And that was like a cool thing to say. Only not.

[Sin 40]: *Shocksquatch electrocutes Sunder* Non-realistic bones shown when being electrocuted.

[Sin 41]: Shocksquatch is also making monkey noises when electrocuting. He's based off Sasquatch not an Orangutan.

[Sin 42]: *Sunder's glider malfunctions and sends him flying* Glider breaks due to an overload in electricity.

[Sin 43]: Sunder, flying away: This isn't oovvveeeer!

Yeah but the next time we see you, you'll be beaten within less than a minute.

[Sin 44]: *Shocksquatch lands and falls over while transforming back* Is the falling down really necessary?

[Sin 45]: Ben, shouting: Looks to me like it iiissss!

Shouldn't you be going after him or something? I'm pretty sure Undertown is a submerged location and he's only going to hit the roof and maybe fall back down. It's not like he's flying into space or something.

[Sin 46]: *Blarney shows Miracle Ilikser* Does everything he owns have a star on it?

[Sin 47]: *Ben 10 Omniverse Theme Plays* 

[Sin 48]: Created by Man of Action

[Sin 49]: "Have I Got A Deal For You"

What's up with Omniverse and their long titles now a days?

[Sin 50]: The background aliens don't move for a third time now.

[Sin 51]: Ben: Yeah... Thanks but no thanks.

We can only see Ben's head up to the neck in this shot.

[Sin 52]: Art Director: Derrick J. Wyatt

[Sin 53]: *Blarney talks to the crowd* Even when he's interacting with them, they're still. Not. Moving.

[Sin 54]: *Ben stares at Blarney* Dude, why are you still here? If you're not interested, leave. That's like actually listening to a door-to-door salesman.

[Sin 55]: Alien: Get a job you bum!

So that's why its called Undertown.

[Sin 56]: Blarney: Somebody? Anyboody.

His accent.

[Sin 57]: Plug, stepping in: I-I'll do it.

Isn't he one of Charmcaster's rock monsters? Are they a species now?

[Sin 58]: Plug: No, Boss... Erm I mean... No, Professor.

Bad Commercial Acting is Bad.

[Sin 59]: Plug: They call me Plug. Solid Plug.

I know he's an alien but what type of a name is that?

[Sin 60]: Blarney: Now. Are you ready to have your world forever transformed? *stares at him*

Nothing like a good stare to get employee backslash rock servants to do what they're supposed to do.

[Sin 61]: Blarney: Just speak a few drops of my miracle elicer on your scalp-

Rock Aliens HAVE scalp?

[Sin 62]: Blarney: -Rub Vigorously.

Hokestar uses the word Vigorously.

[Sin 63]: Blarney: And in a mere matter of moments. *scalp grows*

Moments? Don't you mean seconds?

[Sin 64]: *"hair" grows out" You can already tell that's not hair.

[Sin 65]: *flowers grow on "hair"* Do flowers scientifically grow like this?

[Sin 66]: And why are the yellow flowers practically bowtie pasta?

[Sin 67]: Plug: I was bald merely moments ago.

Bald people. Also falsely using moments again.

[Sin 68]: Plug: And now forsooth I am not.

What the fudge does forsooth mean?

[Sin 69]: *There are three aliens left* *paper blows with the wind* And there were no signs of the aliens leaving? Did Hokestar and Plug not notice the aliens going away until there were three.

[Sin 70]: Also "Tumbleweed-like Tumbleweed passes by" cliche

[Sin 71]: Blarney: Only two tatons a bottle.

Tatons? You guys are making alien currencies that you're loosing track of them. What happened to Taydenite?

[Sin 72]: Also his face.

[Sin 73]: Alien: Heeey. That's not bad.

Are you kidding me? It turns your head into a garden. I mean sure you can grow your own crops and vegetables but what if you have to itch?

[Sin 74]: Pink Alien: I'll take one.

I thought you were not interested. Plus you already have hair. Unless its a wig... Wigs are not cool.

[Sin 75]: Blarney: As you can see my boy, business is booming.

Three people is booming. You can see how well our economy is.

[Sin 76]: Ben: Doesn't prove a thing.

What exactly is he trying to prove again?

[Sin 77]: Blarney: Allow me to try and change your tiny mind.

You really need to stop calling your potential customers stupid in front of them.

[Sin 78]: Blarney: Well its my time to waste.

And Ben's. Not to mention the viewers'.

[Sin 79]: *Ben turns around and gets a close up* Something tells me this episode is going to be evilly filled with close up shots.

[Sin 80]: *Shelves contain toys* Is this the lost merchandise to some weird anime involving rabbits?

[Sin 81]: Ben: Seems like its just a bunch of old second-rate-

Since when did Ben become a critic of merchandising?

[Sin 82]: *Ben finds Sumo Slammer Toy* Angelic Chorus. Nothing against Heaven but in an animated, science fiction series?

[Sin 83]: Ben: I've never seen one just like it before.

I have. They all look similar however I don't want to be like one of those people that think your favorite merchandise is just the same stuff over and over again but Sumo Slammers actually IS the same stuff over and over again.

[Sin 84]: Blarney: -From the consistions of Bodaca.

They make Sumo Slammer Figures on Alien Planets? It could be the name of a facility or work area on Earth or even a space station or something. Or even a reference to Bandai but this is just like buying one of those cheap, non-official and badly made toys for a series.

[Sin 85]: Ben: Why so generous?

Why so serious?

[Sin 86]: Ben: I guess you and your stuff may look weird... but it seems harmless enough.

Harmless? Don't you think you should be taking a sample back to the Plumber Base, get it analysed and then make sure its harmless. You don't know if there's any side effects or even biological damaging substances in there. Maybe its peanut juice.

[Sin 87]: *Plug walks out* Weren't you back at that other place?

[Sin 88]: Blarney: ...He'll come around...

Creepy Blarney is Creepy.

[Sin 89]: *At the Plumber Base* Meanwhile at the Plumber's Game Room...

[Sin 90]: Rook: How did it go with Sunder?

Wait. You knew about Sunder but didn't help out. I thought you wanted to be his partner.

[Sin 91]: Ben: Quick. He had to catch a flight.

CSI: Undertown.

[Sin 92]: Ben: Can you look up a Blarney T. Hokestar on the Extranet?

The Extranet.

[Sin 93]: Rook: An intergalactic flim-flam man.

Rook uses the term: Flim-Flam.

[Sin 94]: Rook: Why do you ask?

Rook's thinking face.

[Sin 95]: Ben: I just ran into him.

Ben uses a Plumber Badge to contact Rook through the Plumber's... computer, I guess. Even though he could use The Omnitrix to communicate with other Plumber Badges but I suppose it doesn't work on any other Plumber communication systems.

[Sin 96]: *Ben plays with the action figure* Geez, Ben. At least wait till you get to Bellwood so people can actually notice you doing this.

[Sin 97]: Pax: Ben Tennyson... I've been looking for you.

Even with a dark shadow, Pax isn't that threatening.

[Sin 98]: Ben: Yeah?

Pax's Shadow isn't over Ben right now.

[Sin 99]: Also the Sumo Slammer Action Figure mysteriously disappeared back to Bandai- I mean Bodaca.

[Sin 100]: *Pax steps from the shadows* Oh yeah... So much of a shocking reveal.

[Sin 101]: Pax: You're the guy that can turn into different aliens, right man?

Oh geez. We get a vegetarian stereotype alien. Worst of all, he's a Florauna which puts off a bad influence on Wildvine in OV.

[Sin 102]: Pax: Then you of all people should care that Hokestar is holding a poor harmless alien hostage.

What a coincidence that Pax shows up when Hokestar does.

[Sin 103]: Ben: Did you say Milking?

It's just one of those days where Ben is interested in the dumbest and weirdest things.

[Sin 104]: Pax: Dude... You can't just give up.

 Coming back later isn't considered giving up.

[Sin 105]: Ben: You'd better be right.

Seriously? You're taking advice from this guy that you hardly know and breaking and entering the establishment of another guy who hardly know.

[Sin 106]: *Spidermonkey reaches his arm through hole* And of course you chose to become Spidermonkey to break in rather than Big Chill or Ghostfreak or Goop or Grey Matter or Upgrade or just a whole list of aliens. What if the lever was too far down? How did you even know if there was a lever there or not? And why is there an open hole in the door anyways?

[Sin 107]: *Spidermonkey pulls lever* That could have been a light switch or something.

[Sin 108]: *Pax approaches door but Spidermonkey lands in the door entrance* Did he just come from the inside? Did he really fit through that hole?

[Sin 109]: Spidermonkey: So try not to touch anything. *Pax nods while smiling*

 That face just tells you that he's going to touch something.

[Sin 110]: *view of Blarney's room* Why does he have a Tusken Raider outfit?

[Sin 111]: *view of Blarney's room* Even a jar of eyeballs? I can understand if you had that and even a skull in a bowl thing if you were an evil scientist but not a creepy sales dude.

[Sin 112]: Spidermonkey: More like a side show.

Side Show? Does he plan on advertising his living space for profit?

[Sin 113]: Spidermonkey: So, where's this poor, captive creature you're talking about. *his tail accidentally activates a machine*

Good guy coincidentally finds the bad guy's hideout cliche.

[Sin 114]: Ben: Aw... It's adorable.


[Sin 115]: Ben: What's with the energy globe?

 Pax: This... (activates milking machine)

  Did you really just activate the milking machine? So that way it milks the endangered species? Dude, I thought you were fighting for it not milking it. I mean I know you want to demonstrate the evil of Hokestar but you actually don't have to demonstrate the milking machine.

[Sin 116]: Pax: FREE THE SCREGIT! *Scregit dances around*

Why is the Scregit dancing around now?!

[Sin 117]: Why is Ben smiling because Pax screaming?

[Sin 118]: Blarney: FREEZE! You miserable miscreants!

 What's a miscreant?

[Sin 119]: And shouldn't Hokestar recognize Ben? Pointing a gun at him doesn't exactly gain you a super hero sponsor nor does it help your future arguments against Pax.

[Sin 120]: *Blarney trips over bottle and pulls trigger accidentally* Why are still holding the gun even though you're aware that you tripped on a bottle. It's not going to fire if you let it go and you can always grab it when you get back up. The gun also switches from falling while in his grasp to in falling while in firing and aiming position.

[Sin 121]: *flash* *commercial break* *flash* Commercial Break Transition Error

[Sin 122]: *Gun drops on the floor* *Blarney is short distance away from gun* Oh so now its not in his grasp but when he was falling over he felt that he shoot fire anyways.

[Sin 123]: Also Blarney is quite a distance away from the gun when it drops even though it was right in his grasp before the shot was fired.

[Sin 124]: The pieces of green stuff all over the place obviously indicate that Pax was blown up or the blaster gun shoots boogers instead of lasers.

[Sin 125]: *Ben checks himself* You're alive and not injured so you should obviously know that you're intact.

[Sin 126]: *Ben sees destroyed Pax* Pax seems a lot taller now that his upper half is blown off.

[Sin 127]: Blarney: He just ran right in front of me.

 Um... No he didn't. You approached him after he remained still like you asked and you "killed" him.

[Sin 128]: *pieces of Pax slime back together* Well that's just disturbing. And I thought this was a kids show.

[Sin 129]: *Pax reforms* Last time I checked, when you regenerate your body, your clothes don't regenerate with it.

[Sin 130]: *Pax picks up glasses* And those are still intact?

[Sin 131]: Why is Pax even wearing two eyed glasses when he obviously has one eye.

[Sin 132]: Pax: Whoa-o-oa. That was a rush.

'80s Hippie Music.

[Sin 133]: *Hokestar fiddles with gun* Clumsy Animations.

[Sin 134]: *Hokestar throws gun outside* Right. That seems like the best place to put a weapon that can blow someone's upper half off; right out in the okay in the sketchy part of Undertown.

[Sin 135]: *Hokestar looks around* Why is he sweating if he doesn't know who Pax is.

[Sin 136]: Pax: I'm Pax. Alien Rights Activist.

Ben: Wait. What?

 My thoughts exactly Ben.

[Sin 137]: *Hokestar talks about Cows*

 If the scregit needs to be milked to releave itself then that would probably explain why its race is endangered. Explosive Milking Hairs.

[Sin 138]: Pax: What kind of fools do you take us for?

Hokestar: What are my options?

Hokestar calls his potential customers stupid for a third time.

[Sin 139]: Ben: More like a pet more than a hostage.

Yeah but you really don't know alien culture with pets and milking so why don't you just call up Rook and stop taking other people's advice when you hardly know them.

[Sin 140]: *Scregit smiles* Looks like someone has to go.

[Sin 141]: Pax: What's the difference?

I for one don't play fetch with my hostages... if I had any.

[Sin 142]: Hokestar: I treat it if it were my own kid.

You keep your kid in an energy orb, milk it through its hairs and use its milk for growing gardens in people's scalps? So far there's been two examples of bad parenting in this episode.

[Sin 143]: Ben: Okay fine! Ignore this! (pulls orb out)

Breaking and entering and now vandalizing and stealing. Harangue might have a point.

[Sin 144]: *Hokestar and Pax body slam Ben* I guess no one thought of explaining to Ben why he shouldn't take the Scregit. Also this is a great way to damage the Scregit.

[Sin 145]: *Plug climbs into the trailer; bags first* Dude! You're ruining the groceries!

[Sin 146]: *Plug throws bags of groceries on the ground* What a waste of fine alien groceries.

[Sin 147]: *Ben transforms into AmpFibian* Now here we have the rare and precious species known as the Blue Jellyfish. These aliens are so rare due to the fact that they were exposed to two dangerous radioactive substances: DJW and SquishyVoiceitis.

[Sin 148]: Plug: My turn.

His accent.

[Sin 149]: Hokestar: You have no idea what you're doing, my boy!

 Well then stop blabbering and tell him already.

[Sin 150]: AmpFibian, flying towards Bellwood: Yeah I'm on my way, Rook.

 You're calling him now?

[Sin 151]: Also where are you coming from? Last time I checked, Undertown was Underground.

[Sin 152]: *Sergit starts to grow and break the energy orb* How is he not noticing this?

[Sin 153]: *Sergit falls to Earth* Yeah you'd better not go and attempt to catch it, Ben.

[Sin 154]: *AmpFibian lands and transforms back into Ben* At least land right where the Scregit crashed.

[Sin 155]: *Scregit is now big and ugly* Extreme Alien Makeover: Ugly Edition. Tip: Make it bigger and spit acid out but keep everything else the same.

[Sin 156]: *Scregit grows arms* Now THAT'S distrubing.

[Sin 157]: Ben: You don't say.

Whatever YOU say, Nick Cage 10.

[Sin 158]: *Pax comes out of nowhere* Where did you just come from?

[Sin 159]: Ben: Surprise! Earth's atmosphere has Nitrogen in it too, pal.

I thought Ben was bad at Chemistry.

[Sin 160]: *People run away from Scregit* Have you people ever heard of left and right?

[Sin 161]: Ben's angry face.

[Sin 162]: Ben, while walks over car: Yeah... Sure.

Ben walks over a car for no reason what-so-ever.

[Sin 163]: *Brown car runs into another car* *view shows driver* Wait a second... Kevin?!

[Sin 164]: *Brown car backs into green car* Why is the green car driving in the same direction as the big, drooling alien monster? Why was the brown chair driving the same direction too?

[Sin 165]: *Ben transforms into Swampfire* I miss the old transformation sequences...

[Sin 166]: DJW puts another Omnitrix symbol on another alien's waist when it clearly has a good spot on its chest.

[Sin 167]: *Pax is running with Swampfire* Pax's teleportation system seems intact.

[Sin 168]: *Scregit climbs Gasgo! Gas station* Why are you climbing a gas station for? The streets aren't blocked or anything.

[Sin 169]: Also Gasgo!

[Sin 170]: *Gas station explodes* *shot is shown three times in different angles* Okay so I like this scene very much its like the only time we see a cool explosion in Ben 10: Omniverse but why do you have to show it at different camera angles? And why do it here but not for other explosions like when Dr. Animo blows up that experimental rocket or when Vilgax's ship blows up or when that Highbreed Ship blows up or when your brain exploded when Heroes United came out?

[Sin 171]: *Scregit walks away* And it survived that? Why are they endangered then?

[Sin 172]: Ben: Come on, Fasttrack! *slaps down Omnitrix and transforms into Wildmutt* Now that's just DJW trolling us.

[Sin 173]: Also Wildmutt's transformation is literally Ben being wrapped around by orange fur and a collar.

[Sin 174]: And why does Wildmutt have a collar? He's not a dog.

[Sin 175]: Pax: Why are you a Vulpinmancer?

 Because he can, man. Why are you an vegetarian plant? Isn't that cannibalism?

[Sin 176]: Pax: I don't know, man.

 Wait... You can actually understand what he's saying? Do you sneak on board a ship to Vulcan and have the Vulpinmancer bite your arms off as you attempt to sneak them on board?

[Sin 177]: *Wildmutt jumps over a group of people* Why are you guys standing around here? Go home or something.

[Sin 178]: *Hokestar drives off on a motorcycle*

 Well its about time.

[Sin 179]: *Helicopter chases after Scriget* So they have a news helicopter but no police officers?

[Sin 180]: Pax: Aw man... It smashed right through those tracks.


#Sin 180

[Sin 181]: *train approaches* Are you kidding me? That train just passed by. Why would they put two trains on the same track if they're going in the same direction?

[Sin 182]: Background People don't move.

[Sin 183]: Ben: Ah Seriously? Are those keys in your pocket?

Pax has Pockets?

[Sin 184]: Ben: Alright, Omnitrix. I need something big to stop that train. You hear me?

Oh it hears. You just need to stop talking to it.

[Sin 185]: Jury Rigg is a high pitched, demonic pilot now.

[Sin 186]: Ben hits the Omnitrix to switch between forms. This isn't a sin but this is probably the last time you'll ever see him do this.

[Sin 187]: Grey Matter: Grey Matter? Seriously?

His Accent.

[Sin 188]: Nanomech: Aw... Come on, already! (hits Omnitrix)

It looks like you just gave yourself a face palm.

[Sin 189]: *Bloxx uses self to cover gap* I thought the plan was to stop the train not let it go.

"Ben: I need something big to stop that train."

[Sin 190]: Bloxx: Okay. Stay back and let me deal with King Fuzzy Face.

 King Fuzzy Face.

[Sin 191]: *Pax pulls Plug from eating his head* Since when did Plug become a Vegetarian rock?

[Sin 192]: Pax: He's an innocent, harmless creature.

 He's destroying Bellwood. I think that doesn't count as Harmless.

[Sin 193]: You're also talking about causing no harm while inflicting harm to Plug

[Sin 194]: All of the monitors are off in this scene.

[Sin 195]: PAIK: Norman Syang... Whatever the heck that is.

[Sin 196]: *Bloxx punches a hole in Norman's face* No sin here.

[Sin 196]: *Scriget barfs acid on Bloxx* Why are you not dissolving right now? The Answer: Plot convenience.

[Sin 197]: Bloxx: Sorry to have to do this to you big fella but- (is grabbed by Pax) Pax: NO!

 Teleporting Pax Guy strikes again.

[Sin 198]: *Scregit eats Pax's head* Since when did the Scregit become a Vegetarian... thing? Also you really don't want to know where that head's been.

[Sin 199]: *Pax regenerates* Quick Regeneration due to episode timing. Also regenerating clothes again.

[Sin 200]: Pax's fingers are practically on Bloxx's eyeball.

[Sin 201]: *Scregit spits out head* The acid isn't dissolving that head nor the clothes items on it.

[Sin 202]: Does this mean someone technically died in Omniverse?

[Sin 203]: *Pax climbs Bloxx* Since when did Pax gain wall crawling powers?

[Sin 204]: *Hokestar makes his way down* Why weren't you on ground level in the first place? Why were you in the apartment in the first place? How did you even get in an apartment?

[Sin 205]: Bloxx: Can't keep this up... much... longer.

At least your insides aren't burning due to acid literally being barfed all over it.

[Sin 206]: *Hokestar inserts vacuum inside Bloxx* I wonder how this feels for Ben...

[Sin 207]: And that isn't exactly air-tight like you didn't it to me.

[Sin 208]: Bloxx is also made of LEGOs-er... stuff that looks and acts like LEGOs not plastic. So how is he so elastic with this situation?

[Sin 209]: *Hokestar puts the Scregit back in its orb* Green acid puddles turned blue.

[Sin 210]: *Rook shoots Pax* Did Rook just shoot Pax?

[Sin 211]: There are two Rooks in this scene...

[Sin 212]: Rook: We will take possession of the creature now.

 About time!

[Sin 213]: Scregit Orb's Base resembles a Cyberman Chestplate Logo and its not even a Doctor Who reference.

[Sin 214]: *Hokestar shakes his hand* Hokestar seems smaller than usual.

[Sin 215]: *Plug drags six Plumbers* This seems hardly realistic.

[Sin 216]: *Plumbers dog pile him* Aren't some of the Plumbers' rib cages broken?

[Sin 217]: Plug: Razzel Frazzel-

Plug uses the term: Razzel Frazzel.

[Sin 218]: *Credits Play*




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