Everything Goes Wrong is the 4th episode of Will 10 .

Will 10
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date Feb. 14th 2011
Written by User: Tronfan
Directed by User: Tronfan
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The Truth Hurts
Mind Tricks


Will Is driving his car untill Some Ectonurites attack him. Will beats the Ectonurites with Mechnorg . Then Azmuth Appears, and Gives a Megamatrix Core, which azmuth tells him Psyiphix is after it. Psyiphix then Appears and Swipes the Megamatrix core and Will attacks him as Lodestar dissapears. Azmuth then locates him and tells will to go retreive it on Orisha . The scene changes to the Back of a Throne and Psyiphix is seen Handing the core to the Guy on the throne. Then the Veiw turns to see, Will on the throne? Then Will comes into the throne Room, and Notices His Brother, Trialphos on the throne. The two brothers then Have a Battle Royal, and the Megamatrix core rolls torward Will and Will installs it into the megamatrix, which then he gets the mega aliens. Will then Goes Mega Cannonbolt and defeats Trialphos. Will then takes the core to Azmuth who tells him he can keep it.

Aliens Used


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