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Everyone's Story
General Information
Original broadcast November 15, 2019
Season 2
Episode number 7
Overall episode number 27
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5, TranswiththePlans & ZZ
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Everyone's Story is the twenty-seventh episode of E-10: Horizons.


While Ethan and Maria chase down Fistrick's gang, everybody tries to enjoy their personal lives. Meanwhile, a surprising enemy returns with an accomplice.


Let's Watch the Sunset - Episode 27

[The setting took place on the sidewalks of Downtown Merridale. Many millennials were walking down the street. We cut to Terence walking down the street with Alice, May, Cassie, Alexia and Jarrett. Terence was drinking a smoothie while the girls were talking.]

May: And then, Terence and I went to this outlet mall… What was it called again?

Terence: Twelve Oaks Mall.

May: Right, but while we were there, he just started giving me gifts out of the blue! Simple things like buying me my favorite chocolates, getting us massages at a spa, and even taking me that clothing store we always walk through but never end up buying anything in! And I actually bought something there!

Alice: What?! No way!

Terence: Hey, what can I say? I’m a sensitive guy. I know what all my ladies like. Especially when I’ve been given a bonus at my new job.

Alice: That explains a lot.

May: Well, even so, you are soooooo sweet to do that for me!

Terence: Eh, it’s no big deal. I’d do anything for you, babe.

Alexia, Cassie: Awww.

[Alice rolled her eyes.]

Alexia: You two are so cute together.

Cassie: It’s so nice that we all have boyfriends. Except… you...

Alexia: Cassie!

Alice: It’s fine.

Cassie: Actually, why don’t you have one?

Alice: I’m kind of waiting for someone to get back to me. [Eyes turn to the side, blushing]

Alexia: Oh, is it Ethan?! I bet she’s waiting for Ethan!

Cassie: You two hang out so much together!

May: You would make an amazing couple!

[We zoom into Terence’s horrified and detailed face. The background turned blue and slowly began to spin intensely.]

Terence (Thoughts): Oh my god! If those two hook up, I’ll lose all the money I poured with Hannibal! I can’t let that happen!

May: Alright, guys! Let’s go grab some food!

[The song shifted as everything appeared in slow motion for a moment.]

STOP! (Ep 27, Foreshadow)

[Terence suddenly heard a loud engine coming from nearby. As the sidewalk sign turned green, Terence pulled May back. Everything resumed normal.]

Terence: Get back!

Down the Block - Ep 27

[To their surprise, a few orange motorcycles flew from right down the corner of the street, then turned down the street. One of the cyclists was laughing.]

Fistrick: You can’t catch me this time, E-Bro!

[Eventually, Maria and Ethan turned by on their motorcycles, and were chasing after Fistrick and his goons.]

Cassie: Wait, is that…

Alexia: Ethan?

May: What’s he doing on a motorcycle?!

Alice: Oh, dear.

[Alice turned to Terence, and Terence turned back as they both had concerned looks. Terence’s phone suddenly began to vibrate. The number was revealed to be Ethan, asking for a FaceTime and answered.]

Ethan: Guys, I need you down here, stat.

Alice: Why, what’s going on?

Terence: I’m kinda on a date, dude.

Maria (Background): And we’re trying to not get shot by at Fistrick and his goons.

[Ethan was nearly shot with a laser beam, and Ethan turned to dodge the attack as he screamed.]

Alice: Why can’t you just get Nikki and Hannibal to help you out?

Ethan: I can’t get a hold of them!

Terence: Oh yeah, Nikki has a rule about shutting their phones off while they’re on a date.

Ethan: Look, please hurry, I can’t hold them off for much longer! GLEE Out!

[Ethan ended the call. May turned to Terence and tapped his shoulder.]

May: What’s going on?

Alice: Um, we forgot we had an important thing to do for glee practice.

Cassie, May: Aw, what?!

Alexia: Can’t you two just ditch?

Terence: What do you think I did? [Puts his hands on her shoulder.] Look, I’ll make it up to you babe, okay?

May: …Okay. [Soft smile]

[Terence and Alice ran off and we cut back to Ethan and Maria chasing after Fistrick’s goons. Fistrick tried turning down the street and the others followed him.]

Maria: Surrender, Fistrick! We have full tanks of gas to go all night, but I’m pretty sure you don’t.

[Fistrick took notice to them, then checked his fuel to see it went down to a quarter of a tank. Fistrick turned to Corvo.]

Fistrick: Corvo! Blast her wheels off!

[Corvo smirked and pressed the Auto Pilot button. Corvo turned around as he cocked his ray-gun. Corvo blasted Maria’s front wheel, and it exploded. Maria went flying off her motorcycle as she screamed from the top of her lungs.]

Ethan: MARIA!

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
Down the Block - Ep 27 Part 2

[In slow motion, Maria went flying off her motorcycle. Ethan reacted with a shocked look on his face and he turned toward the Omnitrix. Ethan turned the dial and had XLR8 selected. Ethan tapped the emergency break then jumped off before it stopped, and slammed down.]

[MINI-XLR8 TRANSFORMATION: Ethan floated back in the air as he was curled into a ball. Ethan then kicked his legs out as they turned black while his wheels stuck out from his feet. Ethan spun around, changing the rest of his body into XLR8. XLR8 dropped to the ground while he had his arm raised up in the air. The background faded behind him.]

[XLR8 ran toward Maria and he managed to catch her in time.]

XLR8: Hang on!

[XLR8 moved Maria to his back as they ran towards Fistrick. Meanwhile, one of his thugs turned and noticed them approaching.]

Thugg: Oh no you-

[XLR8 appeared beside him mid-sentence and Maria shot him off the motorcycle with a small energy blast. The thug landed onto the ground with smoke coming from his chest. The confused thug sat up and pats himself. He realized he was still alive, then raised his arms with a cheer. We cut back to Fistrick’s point of view as the thug’s motorcycle exploded. Fistrick pressed a few buttons onto his control panel.]

Fistrick: You’re not getting in the way of my pay this time, bro. Daddy’s got some hot cash coming in.

[Fistrick tapped a switch, and the back of his motorcycle sprayed a thick pink squirmish goo onto the road. A surprised XLR8 ran straight into the goop. As XLR8 tried to slide through the goop, he suddenly became stuck in it, causing Maria to fly off XLR8 and slam her leg and arm into the sludge. Maria and XLR8 both struggled to break free.]

Corvo: Haha! Nice one, bro.

Fistrick: Indeed, bro. Now let’s get out of- [Zoomed into his surprised face.] HUH!?

[Alice and Terence appeared from 20 feet away in their G.L.E.E. uniforms. Terence raised out his hand and created a bright white light, which blinded Fistrick’s group. They tried slamming on their breaks to make a stop. Fistrick grabbed one of his tancyon cannons, and fired a large red energy blast. It sent Alice and Terence backwards. As the smoke cloud faded, it created a large hole in the ground, and Fistrick, Corvo and Hoodlum used it as a ramp and went flying above them. Terence and Alice looked up as they did.]

Corvo, Hoodlum: WOO-HOO!

Fistrick: YEA-AHHH!!!

[Alice and Terence stood up.]

Alice: Ergh…

[They turned to notice one of Fistrick’s thugs running after them.]

Thugg: WAIT UP, BRO!!!

[Alice shot an electroweb from behind and it threw the thug trapped in the ground. The song ended. ]

Thugg: Ugh… bro…

Your Mission, Mr. Wellington - Episode 27

[The scene shifted to later inside Lieutenant Steel’s office, as he slammed his hand into the table.]

Lieutenant Steel: You mean to tell me THEY GOT AWAY WITH THE WEAPONS?!

[We zoomed out as Lieutenant Steel went walking around the room, while Hannibal, Nikki, Ethan, Maria, Terence and Alice stood aligned in their uniforms.]

Maria: Well, somebody didn’t have their Frappuccino this morning.

[Lieutenant Steel glared at her with a vein popping out from the side of his forehead, and Maria went quiet with a sweatdrop to the side of her face.]

Lieutenant Steel: What happened…?

Ethan: Fistrick upgraded his vehicle and trapped XLR8 in some gummy sort of thing.

Lieutenant Steel: Why didn’t you use Ghoulseye to phase out of there?

Ethan: I… wasn’t thinking about that…

Maria: We also weren’t able to make contact with everybody. Some people had their phones off, and others were too busy to make it to the mission on time.

Nikki: Well, excuse me for wanting to have a date night.

Hannibal: Yeah, and we didn’t know there was going to be a mission tonight. Somebody didn’t alert us.

Lieutenant Steel: Even so, I expect you all to be here when I come in contact with you. Or at least when Ethan and Maria need backup. So until you six start taking your missions seriously, I will be cutting your pay in half.

Terence, Alice, Nikki: AW, WHAT?!

Ethan: C’mon!

Hannibal: For real?!

Maria: [Charges to Steel.] Wait, why do I have to be affected by this?

Lieutenant Steel: Because you’re Ethan’s bodyguard, and if he’s not doing his job right, then that means you’re not doing yours.

[Maria groaned, walks back with her arms folded.]

Lieutenant Steel: Until you can prove to me that you can take your missions seriously. This is the result you will be getting. G.L.E.E, out.

[We cut to Ethan, Terence, Alice, Hannibal, Nikki and Maria leaving Lieutenant Steel’s office as they walk down the new floor.]

Maria: I can’t believe I have to be affected by this. Me! I mean we’re the ones doing our jobs, right?

Ethan: Yeah.

Maria: So we shouldn’t have to pay the penalty for this! [Groans.]

[Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki turned around.]

Alice: We’re sorry this happened.

Maria: It’s not you two I’m mad at.

Hannibal: Hey, I’m not the one who wanted to turn my phone off!

Nikki: Well when you’re on your phone, you don’t pay attention to anything I have to say! If you listened more, we wouldn’t be in this situation!

[Maria walked toward Nikki and whispered to her.]

Maria: That doesn’t matter. You have powers now, Nikki, and like Ethan, you’re going to be called on for missions, whether you like it or not.

Nikki: Who said I had to? Ethan’s the superhero here; I didn’t choose to have these powers!

Maria: Well you have them, and as long as you have powers, you have to work around the clock just like the rest of us. It’s your responsibility to embrace these powers, and do something good with them. [Walks past Nikki; Groans], I’m getting a drink.

[They stopped and looked at Ethan. Ethan looked awkwardly embarrassed.]

Ethan: And technically I have to go with her… since she’s my bodyguard, excuse me!

[Ethan ran up to catch up with Maria. Nikki sighed. The song shifted.]

Fool on the Planet (Ep 27, E-10 Cut)

[The scene shifted to an apartment complex near Horizons. We cut to a figure ringing the doorbell outside someone’s doorstep. The door opened, and it revealed to be May. We cut to reveal Terence was the one who rang the doorbell. Terence raised out a bouquet of flowers and smiled with his teeth. May smiled back at Terence. We cut to inside May’s room where she and Terence were laying by her bed set while Terence began to vape.]

Terence: I’m sorry about tonight, honey.

May: It’s okay, Terence.

Terence: No, I shouldn’t have walked out on you like that. I agreed to hang out with you and your friends, and I even brought one of my friends over, then I just bailed on ya like that. I feel like a crappy boyfriend.

May: Aw, no you’re not. You just forgot you had G.L.E.E practice, it happens. Besides, you weren’t the only one who had to bail tonight anyway, so don’t make a big deal about this.

Terence: Yeah, you’re right… Agh, I could really use a blunt right now.

May: [Laughs] Not in my apartment, you’re not.

Terence: Yeah, okay okay. But tell ya what though, why don’t I make this up to you and we can hang out again tomorrow night?

May: Sure thing.

Terence: Thanks, babe.

[May laid her head on Terence’s shoulder, Terence took notice to this and blushed.]

May: No problem.

[Terence smiled and looked up at the ceiling fan. The light blinded the screen and we shifted to the next day, with the sun glaring out and we zoom down to where Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki and Maria were sitting in their usual outdoor table.]

Hannibal: Okay, so check it out. The guys and I have found a way to make our lives much more easier.

Ethan: And what would this thing be?

Hannibal: You know those swiss army knives? What if there was one for construction tools?

Terence: A toolbox?

Hannibal: Well, a toolbox is a good start, but it’s possible you might, say, lose something. This, however, will be a toolbox all in one. And it will even have a GPS tracker in it so you can’t even lose the whole thing!

Nikki: That sounds great!

Terence: You’re doing this because you lost half your art tools in Mr. Kilmore’s class, aren’t you?

Hannibal: Uh heheh… [Scratches back of the head.]

Nikki: So how’s the project going?

Hannibal: Well, you see, we’re having trouble with the tool selection. The device is either too wide, too heavy, or there aren’t all the necessary tools inside. We haven’t struck that perfect balance yet.

Maria: Plus, if I can criticize here, I’ll say that unless this thing can fit in the palm of your hand, which would make the tools inside much smaller than they need to be, the device will be an inconvenience due to the tools being attached to a larger block of a body.

Hannibal: Yeah, you make a good point… Does the SACT have anything that could-

Maria: Just ask the scientists and tell them I sent you.

Hannibal: Wow, really?! Thank you so much! I’m going to grab some more supplies. [Begins to leave] Thank you!

Nikki: Good luck, Hanny!

Hannibal: [Turns around] You too, girl.

[As Hannibal walked away from the table, Maria chuckled to herself.]

Maria: Did he really just say, “You too?”

Nikki: Hey! Shut up!

[Alice arrived to the table and saw everybody sitting around.]

Alice: Hey, guys!

Ethan, Maria: Hey, Alice!

Nikki: What up, girl.

[Alice turned over to notice May was sitting with them.]

Alice: Ah! May! [Bows] I’m so sorry for barging out on you yesterday!

May: Hey, don’t worry about it! I understand, you and Terence have been pretty busy lately. There’s just not enough time anymore, ya know?

[Maria, Nikki and Ethan looked at each other in concern.]

Alice: Well, it’s time we change that! You’re done with classes for the day, aren't you?

May: Yeah?

Alice: Then let’s do something fun! I got two whole hours for my lunch break!

Nikki: Hey! Count me in too!

May: Oh, I think there’s this restaurant Cassie and Alexia said they were going to, it’s called the RH Cafe. It’s only 30 minutes from here, but it’s extremely good!

Nikki: Let’s go, then!

Alice: Yeah!

Terence: You three drive safely! And make sure you take good care of my girl, okay!

Nikki: Oh, don’t worry about it!

Alice: We’ll be fine! See ya, guys!

Ethan: Later…

Maria: [Turns to Terence] Speaking of which, how’s the situation going on your end?

Terence: It’s fine, although now I’m not going to be able to spend as much time with her because of our “GLEE Club.”

Maria: Look, we’re not happy about this situation either. But we’re trying our best to make sure we can work around your personal life, Terence. Sometimes you have to put your duties over your personal needs.

Terence: What’s the big deal anyway? I don’t see you guys getting up on Ethan’s ass every time he messes around, or has to work on some stupid project at last minute. It’s like you’re babying him or something!

Ethan: Because I know how to work around my schedule.

Terence: And I don’t?

Ethan: No, but I also have no life, so there’s that.

Terence: Yeah, whatever, I’ll see you guys later.

[Terence grabbed his bag and left for class as we pan out with Ethan and Maria with concerned looks on their faces. Meanwhile, In a large room with concrete for walls, there is a huge mess in the living space where mechanical parts and garbage were scattered everywhere. The lighting was dim. Hoodlum was laying on the couch while Corvo was on the computer.]

Corvo: The next shipment will arrive at 5 o'clock sharp.

[Fistrick, wearing boxing gloves, he was continuously punching a sack, then he punched far off to the side of the room.]

Fistrick: Alright! Now that’s one way to spend our Friday night.

[Fistrick walked over to the monitor and made a devious smirk]

Fistrick: Let’s go make sure our buyers are happy with what they want… bro.

I'm Sure They Still Love You

[The setting shifted to the later that day outside campus, where Ethan and Maria were walking down a sidewalk and making their way towards the parking lot which was down a few buildings.]

Maria: Ah, what a day.

Ethan: What a day? You were sitting on your phone the whole time while I was stuck trying to make a clay figure out of Heatblast.

Maria: Yeah, well, sitting down and doing nothing requires a lot of energy.

Ethan: You’ve got to be kidding me… Well, I gotta get started on my next project as soon as I get home.

Maria: But you don’t have any homework?

Ethan: Not that! I’m trying to create a pilot for one of my original projects, so that hopefully once I’m out of college I can pitch it to a network and see what they think.

Maria: Huh, that’s pretty smart of you to be thinking that far ahead.

Ethan: Thanks! Gotta keep myself busy in some way.

Maria: Why is that? You have no missions, no school work to do, you could literally be using this as time to do whatever you want.

Ethan: Well I’ve practically seen everything, and it’s not like I got anything better to do. Anyway, uh, are you doing anything?

Maria: Eh, I don’t know. Since you’re staying home tonight, I might as well sit around and binge a series on Netflix.

Ethan: Ah.

[Ethan stopped walking and turned to Maria.]

Ethan: Actually, now that I think about it, all we ever do is sit on our butts and work on whatever we’re doing, even on missions it’s like that.

Maria: What are you saying?

Ethan: I’m saying, why don’t we change that? Let’s go out tonight, you and me.

Maria: What?

Ethan: C’mon, you’re my bodyguard and we hardly ever talk to each other. It doesn’t always have to be about business. It’d be great to do something and get out tonight, ya'know?

Maria: Well, I guess it’d be a nice change of pace. Wai-it, if you’re planning on making me pay for everything-

Ethan: Nah, what’ll be the point when I still have access to the SACT Credit Card.

[Maria tried to hold her laughter until she eventually burst with tears.]

Maria: [Wipes tears] Alright, we’ll go out tonight. But let me change first, I don’t wanna go out in my work clothes.

Ethan: Sure thing.

[Ethan and Maria continued walking as we panned up to the sky.]

Ethan: Anywhere particular you’d like to go?

Maria: I may have some ideas.

[The song ended. The scene shifted to inside a garage where Hannibal, Drew, Hugh, and Bryce were working on the toolbox.]

GoaDL Cinematic - E-10 Variant

Hannibal: Screwdriver!

Hugh: Screwdriver! [Hands it to him]

Hannibal: Um, Lead Refueler!

Bryce: Lead Refueler! [Hands it to him]

Hannibal: Mr. Smoothie? [Turns around] Mr. Smoothie…

[We cut to Drew laying back as he was drinking Hannibal’s smoothie.]

Hannibal: Hey!

Drew: What?! [Looks at drink] Oh, sorry, man.

Hannibal: [Sigh] C’mon Drew, we can’t keep slouching around! Remember we’re getting graded on this, and if we do well, we can submit this to the Horizon Science EXPO in three months! Think of how much recognition we could get!

Drew: Yeah, I hear ya, don’t worry! We got this!

Bryce: Yeah, it’s nothing we can’t handle.

Hugh: By the way, uh, I’m almost done setting up this micro-taser thing. Where’d you get the parts to this?

Hannibal: I’d rather not say...

[Hugh tried to screw it but it short circuited and almost electrocuted him, then caught on fire. Bryce rushed over with a couple equipment and a fire extinguisher.]

Hannibal: Ah, man.

Nikki: Hey, Hanny. [Walks in]

Hannibal: Hey, Nikki!

[Hannibal walked over to Nikki and pecked her on the lips.]

Nikki: How’s your toolbox going?

Hannibal: It’s uh…Going pretty well actually!

Bryce: [Shouting from the back] NO, IT’S NOT!

[A vein popped to the side of Hannibal’s head.]

Nikki: Anything I can do to help?

[A bunch of the objects went flying out of the device in the background.]

Hugh: Uh, Hannibal, we’re going to need some more supplies. Your nanoship transformer-thing is acting up again.

Hannibal: Dang it, if only we had some kind of generator to stabilize the active cooling system so we could allow our other objects to be attached right to it.

[Nikki looked to the side.]

Hannibal: I’ll go get some supplies.

Nikki: No, Hanny, let me do that for you.

Hannibal: You sure?

Nikki: Yes, baby. You’re busy trying to set up that Toolbox while trying to prevent Hugh from starting anymore fires.

Hugh: HEY!

Nikki: At least let me help ya out a bit.

Hannibal: Alright. Drew, you mind going with her?

Drew: What, why?

Hannibal: Because we’re going to need more parts from the hardware store that’ll work with my friend’s tech. Besides, I’m sick of looking at your lazyass playing on your phone. Go get some air!

Drew: What?! Agh, fine… [Stands up] Let’s go.

[The scene shifted to Alice, Cassie, Alexia and May leaving RH Cafe while in the middle of their conversation. Meanwhile, Terence was hanging out from the side with his foot against the wall, and his arms crossed.]

May: Oh, hey, Terence!

Cassie: What are you doing here?

Terence: May and I had a make up date, remember?

May: Oh, right! I’m so sorry, do you mind if I hang with my friends just a little bit longer!

[Terence sighed. The song ended.]

Hau'oli City Night - E-10 Cut

[The scene shifted to a neatly dressed Ethan and Maria sitting in a booth inside a restaurant.]

Ethan: And then, my mom was driving like a maniac in the dark and my step-dad and brother said at the same time, "Mom are you trying to kill us?" Then I said"...Or are you trying to run over squirrels." And funny enough a squirrel actually jumps out and my mom was like “Oh shit!” and nearly drives to the curve of the road trying to pass every squirrel that jumped out. I died straight for 10 minutes.

Maria: Okay, that’s funny. Now let me tell you something better. One time, I was 6 and my cousins were playing with me at my house until eventually they had to leave. Me, being an intellectual, didn't want them to leave so I might have overreacted by dramatically falling to the floor and saying "wAIT, I'm dYING! yoU CaN'T leAVE! You hAve to stay for my funeral!" To this day, we make fun of me...

Ethan: What?! [Laughs] Why didn’t you want them to leave?

Maria: Because, my parents were so boring that they were the only entertainment I had. Plus, they had this cool little Gameboy at the time and my parents never bought me games until I was at least 8.

Ethan: Looks like somebody was secretly a gamer at the time. Or maybe I converted you?

Maria: Shut up! It’s not like you’ve never wanted to secretly try out things when you’re bored.

Ethan: Oh you’d be surprised with the things I do when I’m bored.

Maria: Oh, yeah? Like what?

Ethan: Um… Never mind.

[Maria laughed. The song ended.]

Maria: You know, I haven’t been out in a long time without relying on a drink to talk to someone.

Ethan: Dude, I’m surprised I’m not acting super anxious or nervous or anything! Usually I just sit on the side with my phone waiting for this conversation to be over with so I could move on to the next thing. Guess I’m just more relaxed when I’m around ya?

Maria: Well, you are talking to the most coolest girl you’ll ever meet.

Ethan: Wow, now I know how the others feel when I call myself the Magnificent E-10.

Maria: Hey, don’t feel ashamed in that, embrace it! You are who you are, don’t let anybody make you feel otherwise.

Ethan: Coming from the girl who hangs out with SACT agents and college kids all day? Yeah, sure.

Maria: Hey, I have friends outside of work! They’re just not here… right now…

Just Between Us - Episode 27

Ethan: Ri-ight. Forgive me for bringing this up, but I’m surprised you don’t have a boyfriend. Usually when I hang around someone, they’re already like two years into their relationship.

Maria: Yeah, well I just haven’t found the right one yet. What about you? Aren’t you and that Alice girl a thing?

Ethan: We’re on hold, I think. I told her I want to wait it out a bit before putting myself in a committed relationship.

Maria: I understand.

Ethan: It’s just, I don’t wanna screw things up, ya'know? I’ve always been the guy who falls for someone but it’s never been the same back for me. I just don’t know if I have what it takes.

Maria: Well, take it from me, you have a better shot with somebody than I do. I spent my high school life fooling around with other guys and by the time I made it to college I never took any of my relationships seriously until I was out of there. I tried looking through dating apps and looked around at work but I never found anybody who quite understood me. Maybe I’m just too old for somebody now.

Ethan: I thought you were still in your 20’s?

Maria: I am. It’s just usually somebody by now should’ve already met their perfect match. Or maybe I’m just being stupid I don’t know… [Sigh] God I could use a drink right now.

[Ethan noticed Maria was looking down, depressed. Which made Ethan grab onto her hand. Maria looked up with a surprised reaction.]

Ethan: Hey, you’ll find the right person. You’re gorgeous, you’re sweet, and honestly, you’re one of the funnest people I’ve ever hung out with. The fact that you haven’t found your perfect match is insane to me. I never thought anyone like you would be single to be honest. I’m sure there’s somebody out there who’s looking for someone exactly like you, because I know I sure am.

[Maria smiled. The scene shifted to May and Terence holding hands as they walked past the restaurant. Alexia, Cassie and Alice were behind them as they made conversation.]

Alexia: And then I said-

Horror's Eye

[Alexia’s conversation faded in the background as Alice looked over to the side and saw Ethan and Maria laughing as they held hands. Alice’s pupils shook for a second and she froze with shock.]

Cassie: A-ha, right? [Turns to Alice] What do you think, Alice?

[Alice paid no attention.]

Cassie: Alice?

Alice: [Snaps out of it] Yeah, what?

Alexia: Are you okay?

Alice: Oh, yeah. It’s nothing. [Smiles]

[The scene shifted to Nikki and Drew walking down the sidewalk as they were making their way to the hardware store.]

Nikki Talks - Ep 27

Nikki: I can’t believe how much work Hannibal is putting into this project.

Drew: I know, right? I haven’t seen him this motivated in years!

Nikki: You weren’t there at the EXPO last year, were you?

Drew: Nah, I was in Paladdin City.

Nikki: Ah.

Drew: But seriously! The fact that Hannibal’s put so much into this project astounds me. This device is going to save so many artists’ time on switching utensils.

Nikki: Wait, I thought it was just going to carry hardware junk?

Drew: It will, but Hannibal wanted to make it where it can carry both art supplies and utilities. Something that can benefit both audiences to help make it easier on everybody’s day to day lives.

Nikki: That’s incredible. But won’t that take a while?

Drew: Yep. But knowing Hannibal, we can probably get it done in a couple of days once we figure out how to make that transforming gizmo of his work.

Nikki: Wow.

Drew: Yep. Once Hannibal sets his mind on something, he doesn’t stop thinking about it until it’s complete.

[Nikki glanced over and saw a group of orange bikers drive down the street. They were screaming and chanting as they past the stoplight. Nikki gasped and turned to Drew.]

Not This Time! (Episode 27)

Nikki: Hey! I just remembered I had an emergency errand to run!

Drew: What?!

Nikki: Something for G.L.E.E. Wish Hannibal good luck for me!

[Nikki waved and ran down the street.]

Drew: [Waves] Yeah, sure… I’ll do that.

[We cut to Nikki running down the street as she tapped the button on her watch. Nikki ran past a car, and in an orange light, she was surrounded by her orange bio-suit as a pair of wings sprouted out from her back as she flew into the air. We cut to what revealed to be Fistrick, Corvo, and Hoodlum driving down the street, carrying bags.]

Fistrick: We got what we needed, bros. Now let’s show our bounty bro who Earth’s real top dogs are!

Corvo, Hoodlum: WOOO, Yeah!

[Fistrick looked through his rear-view window, seeing Nikki flying toward them.]

Fistrick: Hey it’s bug-bra!

[Nikki flew to the side of Fistrick.]

Fistrick: Hey bug-bra! If you wanted to go for a ride, you could just ask?

Nikki: Sorry, this insect’s already taken!

[Nikki shot an orange blast of electricity and Fistrick created an energy dome. The dome redirected the electricity and shot right back at her. Nikki flew back to dodge the attack.]

Fistrick: Don’t mean to cockblock ya, but we’ve got a meeting to attend to. You know how it is! Corvo, if you would be a bro?

[Corvo grabbed a tachyon cannon and fired red energy blasts at Nikki. Nikki dodged.]

Nikki: No, you don’t!

[Nikki fired more electrical blasts and Corvo turned to dodge.]

Corvo: What should we do, boss!

Fistrick: Cut her off by the alleyway!

[Fistrick, Corvo and Hoodlum turned down the alleyway and Nikki followed. Nikki turned from every corner until Nikki saw a brick wall in front of her. Nikki flew up in time to dodge the attack. Nikki, in the skies, searched around for where they could’ve went and saw the bikers headed for a docking bay right by a warehouse. We cut to Ethan and Maria leaving the restaurant laughing.]

Maria: And then, Lieutenant Steel turned so red, he shot the chili peppers out of his nose and dumped his head in the punch bowl. [Laughing]

Ethan: No way! I’m going to make sure he never hears the end of that.

[Nikki flew down toward Ethan and Maria.]

Nikki: Guys! [Lands by them.] I found out where Fistrick and his goons are hiding. They’re hiding down Southwest Avenue by the docking bay up North Andre Street.

Ethan: Call up the team.

[The camera closes in on Ethan’s face.]

Ethan: Let’s go get this son of a bitch…

Soul Searching (Ep 27)

[We cut to Alice inside her bedroom, with the lights off and the ceiling fan on. Alice was laying in her bed, staring at a picture of Ethan on her phone.]

Alice: Why were those two holding hands? I thought he said he was saving myself for me? No, Maria is just Ethan’s bodyguard. That doesn’t mean they’re an item. But they looked like they were having a pretty good time… Are they…?

[Alice’s phone rang to her surprise, the caller ID was a FaceTime from Ethan. Alice answered.]

Alice: Hello?

Ethan: Guys, we need you down here ASAP.

Maria: Nikki caught a glimpse of where Harley Davidson was hiding.

Hannibal: Who?

Ethan: Fistrick and his wanna-be chads.

Hannibal: Oh.

Maria: We’ll meet you guys at the SACT headquarters in 30.

Alice: What if we don’t wanna go?

Maria: What?

Hannibal: Yeah, I’m trying to finish up my toolbox.

Terence: And I’m about to leave for my date, dude.

Ethan: Guys, it’s important we go and stop this guy as a team.

Terence: Can’t you three take care of him yourselves?

Maria: No, because Lieutenant Steel cut our pay the last time we weren’t together.

Ethan: And because we can’t let those weapons be sold out to the black market... Look, I know you guys are busy focusing on your own stuff, but we can’t risk him hurting people if we aren’t all there to stop together.

Alice: He’s right. We need to be there no matter how much we don’t want to…

Hannibal: Fine, I’ll see you guys in a bit.

[Everybody hung up from the call. Meanwhile, Alice curled herself up into a ball and sighed. We cut to a neatly dressed Terence making a phone call to May.]

Terence: Hey, uh, May. I’m sorry, I can’t make it tonight.

May: What, but you promised you’d…

Terence: I know, I know, but something happened. My glee club needs me.

May: Terence, this is the third time you’ve blown me off.

Terence: It’s serious! And hey, I showed up waiting for you at R.H. when we could have already gone out tonight.

May: You were the one who said it was okay to hang out with them for a bit.

Terence: Fair enough. Look, I’ll make this up to you as soon as I can.

May: Yeah, and when is that going to be?

[There was a moment of silence.]

Terence: I’ll call you tomorrow.

[Terence hung up and sighed.]

Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaires

[A bright white blinded the screen, as we cut to Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki and Maria standing aligned inside a dark green moving elevator with light green circular lights surrounding the room. Suddenly, different colored suits started to surround their entire bodies. Ethan’s was green, Alice’s was red, Maria’s was indigo, Hannibal’s was cyan, Nikki’s was purple, and Terence’s was orange. The suit surrounded Ethan’s torso. Alice looked at her arms as the suit formed around them. Terence raised his foot up as the suit finished forming onto him. Then, solid metallic armor began forming around the suits. Chest armor grew out Nikki. Shoulder plates appeared on Hannibal’s shoulder, and forearm plates formed after that. Hannibal flexed his arm. Metallic armor formed onto Alice’s shoe and she tapped her foot a couple times. Maria pushed her hair back as gloves surrounded her hand. Maria made a fist. We zoom out from Ethan as the armor finished forming, to zoom further out to reveal everyone was completely armored. Ethan raised his arms up and struck a pose. The elevator moved further upward as we zoomed into the group from above them.]

[A bright white blinded the scene as a group of six bikers parked outside Fistrick’s warehouse. They turned their headlights off, then took off their masks, revealing to be Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki and Maria. The song shifted.]

Ride Into Action Ep 27 Extended Battle

Ethan: Stay sharp, everyone.

Terence: Can’t believe I had to miss my date for this, again.

Maria: Would you relax? We’ll have this sorted out in time so you can go back to making smoochy faces with your girlfriend.

Terence: If she’s even still my girlfriend.

Ethan: Focus, guys. We’ve got an entrance to make! [Taps the Omnitrix.]

[Meanwhile, Hoodlum and Corvo were putting everything in place for their meeting. They were moving them around with electrical barriers and set it down carefully.]

Hoodlum: Okay, everything appears to be in order.

Fistrick: Nice job. Now our bounty bros should be here in any second. So in the meantime, let’s get a good workout going.

[A hole exploded in the wall as Ghoulseye floated forward while Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki, and Maria had their weapons ready.]

Ghoulseye: I couldn’t agree more!

Fistrick: E-bro! I was hoping to see you here! Too bad you can’t stay long, I got a meeting with a bunch of my space bros who should be here any minute now.

Ghoulseye: Sorry, but I have to stop the party before it starts!

Fistrick: Alright…

[Fistrick flipped backwards while Hoodlum and Corvo began to fire energy beams. Alice and Hannibal created shields to block the group. Fistrick landed in an orange steampunked version of the Mechadroid suit as it closed around him.]

Fistrick: ...But don’t say I didn’t warn you, bro.

[Fistrick’s mechadroid grew launchers out of its arms and fired laser beams at the group. Alice jumped out and created an energy shield to block the blasts. Corvo and Hoodlium grabbed their weapons, both being gatling guns, and ran to the side past Alice’s shield on both sides to fire multiple lasers at the group.]

Hannibal: Let me out.

[Alice nodded and gave Hannibal an opening. Hannibal jumped out and increased the size of his forearms and bashed the ground. Hannibal’s attack created a tremor and it threw Hoodlum backwards. Corvo grabbed another gun and shot a continuous laser from the right side. Alice gave Nikki an opening and Nikki charged at fast speed toward Corvo and dropped his weapon, then came back and punched him in the face, sending him back. Hoodlum tried to get up but a large foot stomped on his chest, preventing him from getting up. We panned up and it was revealed to be Hannibal’s.]

Hannibal: Where do you think you’re going, bro?

[Alice dropped the shield.]

Alice: Do it, Ethan!


[Ghoulseye floated in the air. In a green spinning background, Ghoulseye created a largely shaped bow out of his cloak and ectoplasm. He then summoned multiple giant arrows.]


[Ghoulseye launched the arrows and they went flying towards Fistrick’s mechadroid. It created an explosion as the area was covered in green smoke. As the cloud faded, it revealed Ghoulseye’s attack did minimal damage to Fistrick’s suit.]

Fistrick: Sweet attack, bro!


Fistrick: Because you’re dealing with artificial alien technology modified by yours truly. These Mechadroids like your SACT friends have been making, prevent me from taking damage like your one move. Now check out my finishing move!

[Another group of launchers grew out from the arms of Fistrick’s suit and fired multiple lasers locked onto the group. They fired in different directions aiming towards everyone in the area.]

Terence: Oh, no.

[Terence made a run for it. Nikki, surprised, made a run for it while Corvo crawled to safety. Hannibal decreased the size of his foot to normal and made a run for it. Hoodlum got up and ran as well. Alice and Maria ran for it as well. Ghoulseye looked up to see the rockets flying to him. Ghoulseye’s star on his stomach glew and he created a new weapon, being in the shape of a riot shield, covered with glyphs and ectoplasm.]

Ghoulseye: GHOUL’S SHIELD!!!

[Four explosions occurred. Terence and Hannibal were sent back into the wall. Terence was bleeding from his knee and elbow.]

Terence: Agh, I can’t get up…

[Nikki levitated herself, covered in orange electricity, then fell to the ground. Nikki looked up as she attempted to get up. We cut to Ghoulseye being sent back to the wall, then changed back into Ethan. Ethan glanced over to see Maria and Alice go flying into the other wall.]

Ethan: Maria! Alice!

[Fistrick, in his mechadroid, walked toward Ethan, who had a frightened look on his face.]

Fistrick: See, isn’t this suit awesome! Although, I’m ashamed of you bro. I thought you were going to give me more of a challenge this time. Ah, well. At least you gave me a good work out, so I won’t hurt you too badly!

[Before Fistrick could raise his arm to attack, an explosion occurred from the other side of the room. The cloud faded and it was revealed to be Kraab aiming his pincer at Fistrick, and a humanoid figure, covered in pink and black armor, with weapons sticking out from its back.]

Kraab: Fistrick! How kind to see you causing a commotion right before our weapon deal.

Fistrick: Oh, hey, alien bros. Yeah, sorry about that, but this transforming bro got in the way.

Ethan: Kraab?!

Kraab: Ethan?! Wait a minute, where are the weapons?!

Fistrick: They’re right…

[We zoom out to destroyed craters and weaponry, as well as black marks on the floor.]

Fistrick: Oh…

SixSix: ⇪↕▶ ↙↓◀◀↙➬ ▽↑↓◀⇽

Kraab: You destroyed our weapons, and you let your lackies use them for this interruption! Ugh, I would’ve done the same thing…

Fistrick: So, do I still get my pay?


[Kraab fired a laser and it hit directly at Fistrick’s Mechadroid. Ethan blocked for cover as Fistrick went flying outside, destroying the wall. Fistrick’s suit maintained heavy damage as it began to short circuit. Smoke clouded the area as Ethan attempted to get up, covered in scrapes, dust, and bruises. Ethan eventually stood up and took heavy breaths. Ethan turned over to Kraab and SixSix making their way toward him.]

Kraab: SixSix, if you would kindly deal with our buyer while I slice this nuisance into pieces. [Snips claws]

SixSix: ↹↓↔➬⤓ ↽▶◀ ⇉'↘ →↕↓↔→ ◀↕ △↓▲ ↑↓▽ ◀➬▽◀↓➫↙➬▽ ↦▲↦△◀.

[Nikki surprised, she got up and began to tap her watch. Hannibal sat up and saw Nikki from the side.]

Hannibal: Nikki, what are you doing?

[Nikki tapped her watch and an orange light blinded the screen.]

[FIREFLY TRANSFORMATION: A black and golden armored costume formed around Nikki’s hand. It spread to her back and eventually grew an orange pair of wings. Nikki raised her head up with a serious look on her face and a helmet and a pair of goggles formed around her head. A white light blinded the screen.]

Nikki (Firefly): If you’re going at somebody. It might as well be me!

Hannibal: Nikki?!

SixSix: ↩↑⤓ ⇉'↙↙ →↕ ↦◀ ◢↕▶.

[SixSix charged at Nikki.]

Kraab: No, you fool! Ah, screw it!

[Kraab made his way toward Ethan, and Ethan looked up to see the Omnitrix recharged. He popped up the core and slammed down.]

[FOUR ARMS OMNI-SPLICER TRANSFORMATION: A green light glowed from Ethan’s chest as he appeared in a silhouette. The green light faded as he grew a pair of four arms as his body became covered in yellow electricity. The background turned yellow and covered with circuits. Then we zoom into Ethan in a spinning background as he span around while he raised his right arm out. He grew gauntlets on his hand. Then as we spin out, his back grew larger. We zoom out, facing the front of Omni-Splicer Four Arms as he clashed his gauntlets together, creating a bright yellow light.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: It’s Action Time!

Four Fists No Waiting (Ep 27 Battle, Second Half)

[Kraab went charging toward Four Arms as he raised his pincer out to smack him. Four Arms charged his gauntlet and released an energy blast, sending Kraab backwards. Kraab slid backwards to prevent himself from falling. Kraab fired a laser beam and Four Arms sprung into the air to dodge the attack. Four Arms ran on all sixes toward Kraab while making a snort, then charged into Kraab and sent him flying. We cut to Nikki and SixSix fighting in the air. SixSix grabbed a pistol and fired pink energy beams. Nikki dodged the blasts and fired an electrical blast at SixSix. SixSix dodged and threw miniature sized maces as they exploded covering the area with smoke. Nikki coughed and SixSix dashed toward her then held her back against the wall.]

SixSix: ↹↓△▽◀⤓ ↘◢ ◀➬↔↼△↓↙▽ ↦△➬ →↕↓↔→ ◀↕ △↓▲ ↕←← ◢↕▶△ ➫↕▽◀▶↘➬⤓ ↦↔↼ ◀↑➬↔⤓ ⇉'↘ →↕↓↔→ ◀↕...

[Nikki supercharged herself and threw SixSix back with an electrical blast. We cut back to Four Arms and Kraab’s fight.]

Kraab: I’ve never seen a Tetramand look so hideous before. What did you do, uglify him? [Jumps back.]

[Four Arms grabbed Kraab’s pincer as their fists collided.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: No! I just gave him an upgrade!

Kraab: Oh yeah? Well, I too have an upgrade! For example…

[Kraab’s other arm formed another pincer and aimed it at Four Arm’s face.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Uh oh…

[The sound of an energy blast was heard from inside, and Four Arms went flying outside, creating another hole.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: WOOO-AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! GAH!

[Four Arms went flying into Fistrick’s Mechadroid, then bounced off and fell to the ground. Nikki also flew back outside, but caught herself in time and flew safely to the ground.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: We can’t beat them like this.

Nikki (Firefly): Not separately, we can’t. So let’s do this together!

[Fistrick’s Mechadroid laying on the ground, raised his fist in the air.]

Fistrick: You said it, bro.

[Four Arms and Nikki looked at each other with a questionable look.]

Fistrick: What? I got beef with those guys too!

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Fine. Wait, Nikki, you can absorb energy right?

Nikki (Firefly): I think so? Why?!

[We cut to Kraab and Sixsix walking outside of the cloud of smoke.]

Sixsix: ⇪↕▶ ↽↓◀➫↑!

Kraab: Give yourselves up human and changeling! And while you’re at it, hand over the Omnitrix.

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: How’s about I use my four gauntlets to give you an overload instead?!

[Four Arms’ gauntlets were charged with electricity.]


[He clapped his hands together and created an electrifying shockwave. This blast hit Nikki and she absorbed all the energy, which made her covered with orange and yellow electricity. Nikki’s eyes and wings lit up as this gave Nikki an energy boost. Nikki went flying with super speed toward Kraab and SixSix, she unleashed a large electric blast. This electrocuted Kraab and SixSix as they screamed, then Fistrick charging toward the two, raised his fist and sent a supercharged missile at them. The missile made an impact and created an energy explosive and sent SixSix flying in the air with his jetpack destroyed. SixSix screamed as he disappeared into the night sky. Meanwhile, Kraab went flying back and struggled to get up.]

Kraab: Agh, next time… You’ll be the ones who’ll be defeated.

[Kraab grabbed a switch and pressed the button. Kraab’s ship floated in the sky and it shot a blue laser beam from below. The beam hit Kraab and it pulled him into the ship. The laser disappeared and Kraab’s ship hyperspaces off planet. Four Arms, Nikki and Fistrick looked up at the sky and Fistrick raised his arm in the air to chant.]

Fistrick: We did it!

[Four Arms sent an energy punch at Fistrick’s armor then his suit went flying into the ground. Fistrick groaned in pain. The song ended. The setting shifted to Fistrick, Hoodlum and Corvo being arrested by the SACT while other SACT Officers were sending Fistrick’s Mechadroid into a truck.]

Lieutenant Steel: You did good work today, team. You caught Fistrick and his gang, and you prevented a weapons deal from being sent out worldwide, and apparently galaxy-wide too. I offer you kids your pay back.

Maria: Thanks, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Steel: Just try not to screw up again. [Walks away, looks back] And keep up the good work.

[Lieutenant Steel went into his truck and the SACT vehicles left the scene.]

Hannibal: So, are we going to talk about what happened back there or…?

Ethan: Yep, more aliens after my Omnitrix.

Terence: Not that!

Heart to Hannibal (Episode 25)

Nikki (Firefly): [Sigh] Now’s as good as time as any.

Alice: Nikki, what’s going on?

[Nikki walked toward the front of the group and turned around.]

Nikki (Firefly): I have powers.

Alice: What?!

Nikki (Firefly): About six weeks ago, I discovered that… I could do this. [Her hands were sparkling with electricity.]

[Alice gasped and Hannibal only glared.]

Nikki (Firefly): I talked to Lieutenant Steel about it, and he said I was a metahuman. I’m still looking into how I got these powers, but chances are it could be genetic. Since then, Terence and Lieutenant Steel have been helping me figure out how to use them, which he found on his own. Then Ethan and Maria saw me on stage suit up, and… here we are.

[Hannibal crossed his arms and Alice looked away.]

Nikki (Firefly): Look, I was going to tell everyone, really. It’s just that I needed time to process this. I was also afraid with how you guys would’ve reacted so I asked them to keep this secret until I was ready to tell you. I swear, I had no intention of keeping this secret from any of you, but… judging by the looks on your faces, I’m guessing you’re disappointed in me.

Hannibal: [Deep breath] Nah, I’m not.

Nikki (Firefly), Ethan, Maria: Really?!

Terence: Okay, I’m confused here.

Hannibal: Nikki, you didn’t know what was happening to you, so of course I can understand you would be too scared to tell me, and I admit I can overreact sometimes. To be honest, I should’ve been the one who was paying attention, I mean you were going through something and I didn’t even know it. So for now on, I’m going to pay more attention to my girl then whatever’s on my phone or what I’m working on.

Nikki (Firefly): Thanks, Hanny... So you’re not mad at me?

Hannibal: Well, unlike the last time this happened, you were planning on telling me, so I can’t be too mad at you. But the next time something like this happens, please let me know sooner, okay? We’ll work through it together.

[Hannibal and Nikki grabbed each other’s hands and hugged each other.]

Alice: [Upset tone] So glad to see everything’s worked out for you guys…

Ethan: Alice?

Alice: Listen, if it’s okay with everyone, I’m going to head home.

[Alice walked toward her cycle.]

Nikki: Alice, wait, I wasn’t trying to-

Alice: I’m not mad at you, Nikki. I’m mad about something else.

[Alice revved up her engine, then drove away from the scene. The setting shifted to Ethan knocking on the door at Alice’s apartment. The song shifted.]

Itsuka no Tegami (E-10 Cut), Episode 27

Ethan: Alice, are you there? C’mon, Alice, we need to talk!

[Alice opened the door with an irritated look on her face.]

Alice: What?

Ethan: Look, I know I promised that we would tell each other everything. It’s just, for Nikki’s sake-

Alice: I’m not mad about that. I can respect why you didn’t tell me… It’s just, how could you…

Ethan: How could I…?

Alice: I saw you and Maria at the restaurant.

Ethan: Wait, what?!

Alice: Yes, I saw you two at the restaurant, dressed up, laughing and holding hands… You told me you were going to wait a little longer before starting our relationship, and now I know why...

Ethan: Alice, no, that's not it.

Alice: Then why were you out on a date with your bodyguard?!

Ethan: I wasn’t.

Alice: Then why were you two holding hands?

Ethan: I was trying to make her feel better, she was so upset, I-

Alice: Oh sure, because that’s a good excuse to hold someone’s hand.

Ethan: Alice! It's not like that!

[As Alice cried, she started hitting Ethan's chest.]

Alice: [Hit] You told me you weren’t going to do anything. [Hit] You said to give you some time. [Hit] Well, I gave you some time and now you’re out on a date with another girl!

Ethan: We were not on a date!

Alice: [Sobs more] And how am I supposed to believe that?! We have never lied to each other before. You always tell me the truth. And even when everybody doubted you, I always stuck up for you. And now I find out you're keeping secrets from me, going on dates! Why are you lying to me now?!

Ethan: I was trying to respect Nikki’s wishes! You know she didn’t want to tell anybody! And Alice, I would never do that to you. Besides Maria and I aren’t an item yet at all!

[Ethan looked down for a second, he thought to himself for a moment, then looked back up with a determined look.]

Ethan: Alice, I lo-

[Alice’s face was covered in a shadow as she carried a grim look on her face.]

Alice: Yet.

Ethan: What…

Alice: You two aren’t an item, yet.

Ethan: No no! Wait! That’s not what I-!

[Alice slammed the door on him. Ethan paused for a moment then sighed. Meanwhile, at the Horizon campus, a petal went flying into the fountain, revealing more have fallen in. We cut back to inside Hannibal’s garage where he just arrived and put his coat on the hanger. He saw Nikki holding Hannibal’s device as it finished sparking with electricity.]

Nikki: Hey, baby!

Hannibal: My toolbox! You finished it!

Nikki: Yep, I just had some help from Hugh, and gave it a little discharge, and now you’re all set to go!

Hannibal: Wait, does Hugh know?

Nikki: Yeah, but he won’t tell a soul. Besides, unlike Ethan, I get to choose who gets to know about my powers, and I choose you to be my number one bodyguard.

Hannibal: Thanks, Nikki.

[Hannibal and Nikki held onto each other and we zoomed out to a full body shot of them kissing each other on the lips. The song ended. We cut to somebody knocking on May’s door.]

May: Go away!

[The door knocked harder.]

May: I said, go awa-

E-10 - The Ortus (Short)

[May opened the door and she gasped as she saw a couple well dressed men at her doorstep.]

Waiter: You’re dinner, madam.

[The four well dressed men stepped inside, holding dishes covered in chloches. A confused May watched as they were setting up May’s table, and setting up candles, lighting them up one by one.]

May: Wait, what’s going-

Terence: I owe you a date, don’t I?

[Terence stepped inside, wearing a suit, with his hair pulled back.]

May: Do you really think this is going to make me forgive you?

Terence: No, which is why I brought these.

[Terence held a bouquet of flowers.]

May: Petunias, my favorite!

Terence: Listen, babe. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much for you lately. Which is why I requested the week off just to spend some time with you.

May: Aw, Terence!

[May hugged Terence.]

Waiter: Now allow us to escort you to your table.

[May laughed as she and Terence walked over to the kitchen. The song ended. We cut to Ethan’s house as he arrived inside. Maria was sitting on the couch on her tablet. She noticed Ethan come in and put her tablet down.]

Maria: How did it go?

Ethan: Not well. I think I screwed up...

Maria: I’m so sorry.

Then the Ortus - (E-10 Cut)

Ethan: It’s just… this is the first time I thought somebody liked me for me, and I really wanted this to happen. But once again I waited too long before making the right move, and now there’s no chance of that ever happening… [Sigh] I should’ve just told her how I felt, and I should’ve never dragged Alice on like that.

Maria: Well, let me tell ya something. Crushes can be rocky, and it can especially be rocky when you’re the one who screws up before a relationship can begin.

Ethan: I’ve been single my entire life and I’ve never been able to find the right person. Maybe I should just stop trying to find someone and just give up.

Maria: The right person will come along, don’t worry. Like you said, there’s somebody out there who’s looking for someone exactly like you, just give it a little more time.

Ethan: [Smiles] Thanks, it’s just I wish I didn’t screw up with the person I thought was the one…

[Ethan made a fist as he tried to hold himself back from crying. Maria went over and hugged Ethan.]

Maria: It’ll be okay…

[Ethan stopped holding back and cried on her shoulder. We pan out from Ethan’s house as everything faded to black.]

Life - Rude-a - ED 2
E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

Episode 28 preview

[We shifted through scenes of Alice turning away from Ethan. The next scene showed the group trying to charge into the tunnels of a ruin. The next scene showed Hannibal and Maria reading the glyphs. We zoom up to the glyphs to reveal three ancient beings. The next scene showed an Omni-Spliced Wildmutt charging towards Ken Kishu.]


Major Events

  • Hannibal begins working on the Toolbox.
  • Terence and Alice reveal to be lying to their friends about their work.
  • Ethan and Maria grow closer.
  • Alice assumes Ethan and Maria went on a date. Despite Ethan trying to clear things up, Alice ends their chance at having a relationship with him.
  • Nikki tells Hannibal and Alice about her Firefly persona. They each accept her reason for not telling them sooner.
  • Ethan becomes heartbroken.


  • Terence's relationship with May is shown after seven episodes.
  • Despite Terence making a joke about "Glee practice" it becomes a real thing by this episode.
  • Terence tries to balance his personal life with his school and work life.
  • Despite Ethan and Maria having a bodyguard friendship. The two begin to open up their emotions.
  • Ethan runs into Kraab again.
  • Ethan brings up that he promised Alice the two wouldn't do anything until they got together. Alice mistakes the two going on a date when Ethan try to resolve it by telling her the two didn't go on a date.
  • Ethan almost confesses his feelings to Alice before she slams the door.
  • Another petal falls into the fountain at Horizon. It reveals the most of the leaves have fallen from the tree.
  • Unlike Ethan, Nikki makes it her own business who gets to know her secret.



  • Fistrick
    • Corvo
    • Hoodlum
    • Thugg
  • Kraab
  • Sixsix (first appearance)

Aliens Used


  • Fool on the Planet is used as an insert song in this episode.
  • Hannibal's friend drinks a Mr. Smoothie.
  • XLR8's transformation sequence is a reference to the one used in "Speechless on the Seine"
  • Four Arms' Omni-Splicer transformation sequence is a reference to most of his Omni-Enhanced sequences in the Ben 10 reboot.
  • Itsuka no Tegami is remixed in this episode.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode.
    • Hau'oli City (Night Theme)
    • The Ortus
    • A Fight and Then The Ortus


  • Everyone's Story is based on the Japanese title for Pokemon Movie 21.
  • SixSix speaks WingDings 3.
  • This is Fistrick's first official episode, as he's only made cameos in previous episodes.
E-10: Horizons Episodes
Season 1
Day One | Origins | The Nature of Things | Inspire Me | Behind the Shelves | Assignment 16 | Hannibal: A Secret to Unveil | Hannibal: The Choice He Makes | Top of the Food Chain! | The Tenth Alien | He's Everything You Want | Livin' the Dream | Paintcraft | Awakening an Ocean's Fury | Omni-Hex | Picture Perfect | Alice in Wonderland | How to Save a Life | Spirited Away, Part 1 | Spirited Away, Part 2
Season 2
Back to Our Horizons | Okey, Dokey! Literature Club | Mission: Unstoppable | Nikki and the Starcatcher! | The Show Must Go On! | Battle of the Bands | Everyone's Story | An Ancient Revelation | Familiar | Rising from Horizons | Crispy Critter | Super-Villain Team Up! | If It's Meant to Be | Destination: St. Moritz | The Remedial Force | Omnious Thunder | Knight in Shining Armor | Time for Action | Omni-Spliced | Catch the Moment
E-10 Premiere Events
Spirited Away (Premiere) | Catch the Moment (Premiere)
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