These are the theme songs for Evan Billion.

Season 1

(8 second music)

You know I'll be victorious
Against those who are notorious
Nothing stands in my way, I'll rule the day
I've got everything down

And if you shall oppose me
You better listen closely
It won't last for very long, I'll prove you wrong
I'll take you to the town

I've got friends who support me
I stand in the path of good, you see!
I am a Wonder of the World

I stand tall against darkness
Too bad we can't settle this with marches!
Let's not get our sanity curled

My name is
Doooing the best I can
Maaaking sure I am who I am
Knowing I have something to do

My name is
Puuushing evil away
Fiiighting throughout the day
Fulfilling my destiny, I have to

My name is
My name is
My name is

Season 2

  • Bum-bum-bum, bum-bum-bum (Kevin holds up the Billiontrix)
  • Bum-bum-bum, bum-bum-bum (The Billiontrix jumps onto Evan's wrist)
  • Bum-bum-bum, bum-bum-bum (Evan turns into Combinationer and flies up)
  • Bum-bum-bum, duduh-duh (Drobot appears)
  • It's cold outside, I'm feeling fine (Darkclaw slowly floats by, Clockboy jumps into a portal)
  • Beating villains on my mind (Splinterock is shown blasting splinters on one side, with Lost and Found separating to avoid them)
  • With the Billiontrix, I will suceed (Glider floats by with Stunner trying to blast him, Manymachine is using Flat as a hanglider)
  • The Book of Maneuvers, Techniques, and Moves (MLE is controlling Edibility to let her eat him, NME is trying to stop MLE, NMA is trying to stop Edibility)
  • Will assist us with what we choose (Clawnormous, Rocket, and Carton are racing; Useless, Lightmeraction, and Rhymer are on Clawnormous, Esrever and Hammer are on Rocket, and Greedusa and Way Long are in Carton)
  • Nothing in my way, I will get there (Metal Kevin with mace hands is in front of Pillows and Green Thumb, Pillow is using his sheets to hold Kevin's hands in place)
  • If we don't get through, we don't even deserve a chair (Dynamice is riding EZ2C, with Jackbammer trying to catch up with them)
  • With a billion aliens, 40 to get (Hip, Hammer, SA, and ABC are chasing Sharpoint)
  • This is a time I will not forget (Crablaster, Sound Sample, and Absorbo are playing Ring-Around-the-Rosey)
  • Cause I will, will (the rest of the aliens are riding a train with Copy-Copy driving)
  • Cause I will, will (the screen shows all the villains)
  • Cause I will find him
  • Cause I will, will
  • Cause I will, will
  • Cause I will find him
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