Evan is UH's character in Adventure Nanite 10. He is the son of Ship, who has inserted a chip in his neck that has an unknown function, but it is confirmed to be related to the inside of Ship's body. Ship commonly needs Evan's help for things, as Evan is more powerful than him.


Evan can reshape himself, as he can turn to some sort of mechanical solid at will. Evan's internal nanotechnology allows for Evan's primary ability to merge with and 'possess' any technology within reach by spreading over it, enhancing it far beyond its original design. The size of the device is inconsequential. While merged with a device, Evan controls it as he would his own body.

Evan can fire a laser beam from his eye. Evan can form simple constructs from plasma, such as spikes and also partially possess a machine to enhance his lasers. Evan can phase through metal and technology. Evan can survive in a vacuum. Evan can reform after being blasted and was shown to be able to gently float in air similar to a parachute.

Evan also has complete technokinesis, can turn into any machine, and can create machines by looking at piles of scraps and blinking.

Evan, with enough effort and energy, can become intangible and fly, but can combine these powers "techno boost flames" (actually a speed-increasing plasma beam). It is confirmed he can make large plasma blasts on the ground, which either create holes, damage, or both.

By thinking deeply, Evan can lower or raise the power of the technology in the area, because he sucks the function out of objects. Evan can also survive in a variety of environments, including extreme heat, intense cold and deep oceans.

Evan has a strong body structure that can stretch to great lengths, allowing Evan to latch onto large objects and reel them in with relative ease. Evan's horns can also stretch, allowing him to capture and hold objects fairly larger than himself.

Evan possesses two charm-filled horns that can heat up and melt almost all forms of matter. The items melted are converted into power than can help Evan create powerful yellow lasers of magic that can be expelled with great accuracy. He can also make them heal people.

Evan is able to take a surprising amount of punishment for a creature of its size. It is confirmed that Evan is capable of absorbing powerful technology, demonstrating to have a very strong energy system.


Evan is weak to electricity. If his power was drained, Evan would have no power and the drainer would have a lot.

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