Note: Dwayne McDuffie has confirmed that Mor-Otesi is a myth

Etoile is one of the Crystalsapien guardians like Sugilite. His name means star. It is unknown what Etoile protects.


Before the Events in UO1

He was created by Cerebrocrustaceans using Sugilite's DNA. One of Cerebrocrustacean who is called Axylus trained him on Planet Khoros, Sightra and Xenon. Etoile grew up and protected an Unknown planet. A month later, another Crystalsapien called Nautical took his job and Etoile went to earth to train Plumber kids. Eight months later, he was shocked and went into a trauma after his adopted father, Axylus had died.

Events in UO1

Etoile recovered and he met Tempeter who is mistakes for Axylus. Later, he joined Ben's team. During these events, he met with Hexcuba and Chromedome whom he defeats. Finally, he appeared in the final fight with Bayuoio and Ben.

Events in UO2

Etoile did little appearances only appeared in:


As a normal Crystalsapien, he can shoot purple or irisdescent rays from his rocks or from his hand. He can control energy aka mana. See Chromastone for more details.

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