General Information
Species Princimote
Home World Skele G'jull
Body Ghost-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Soul manipulation
First Appearance N/A

Essenspirit is a Princimote from the planet Skele G'jull in no series.

Anyone can use it. Whoever turns into it becomes genderless.


Essenspirit is a green ghost alien made of several shapes. Its arms and tornado leg are made of haze, and it has four oval fingers on each hand. It has no mouth, and is surrounded by lots of green haze.


Essenspirit has the main power of manipulating souls. With that power, it can perform many tricks, such as life absorption, soul reading, and dream manipulation. It can greatly change souls, or give souls to inanimate objects, animating them. Essenspirit can control the emotions of anybody. It can swap souls, or steal them, either killing the person it belonged too, or turning them mindless and gray.

By weakening or strengthening souls, Essenspirit can weaken or strengthen the soul's owner. It can make them more or less lively, can make them smarter or dumber, etc. Essenspirit also has soul splitting. With this, it can split a soul into however many pieces it wants, then each piece will grow into a copy of the original. The copies can range from the exact same as the original, or the total opposite. Essenspirit has the opposite of this power, soul combining. With this, it can recombine split souls, or combine two or more souls into one, making the result have most of the qualities of both. If the souls have opposite traits, then whichever soul has more of it's trait will appear in the combination. Essenspirit has many more powers similar to soul splitting and combining.

Essenspirit has a major power of death manipulation, sensing, inducement, etc. It also has a minor power of green fire manipulation. It can combine its soul and fire manipulation to create fire that shows the inside of people's souls. Since Essenspirit itself is a soul, it can become intangible. It also has a sonic scream. It can enter souls, and by doing this, has a choice of entering the soul owner's dreams. If Essenspirit wants to manipulate the dreams, it has to manipulate the soul of the owner.


Since Essenspirit is a soul, if there is too much emotion around it, it will begin to die. Also, water will weaken it.



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