The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.

Escape, also called Connor Yan Helps the Future of Humanity Escape, is the third volume of Attack on To'kustar. It is the third and last volume of Attack on Via, the first chapter of the series.


[The camera shows the fields outside of Ateria, on the opposite side as Wall Via. A dirt path goes through the field, leading far off into the distance, to the other cities within Wall Via, and eventually, Wall Sera. The camera cuts and shows a group of three soldiers, two men and one woman, riding towards the back entrance to the town on horses. The camera cuts to ground level and shows the soldiers more closely. Leading the group at the front is Connor Yan, while Nathan Loretta and Kathryn Wesley follow just behind him. The three make it to the top of the hill, immediately beginning their descent on the other side, with the gate just in front of them.]

[Nathan]: So is it true, sir? Have the To'kustars really returned?

[Connor]: I won't believe it until I see it, but... This city's chief seemed extremely scared when he sent the message, and he should know that a false alarm doesn't come without punishment...

[The soldiers remain silent.]

[Kathryn]: This is also the most likely town for the To'kustars to appear in, because it's the farthest away.

[Connor]: True. All things considered, it's actually very likely that the To'kustars have indeed returned...

[The soldiers arrive at the gate. The camera cuts inside and shows two police officers looking through an opening in the gate to see the soldiers outside.]

[Officer #1]: It's the military; why are they here?

[Officer #2]: I don't know, but we better open the gate.

[The camera shows the second officer pulling a level, which activates a pulley within the wall that starts to rotate the cables holding the gate upwards, raising the gate so that the soldiers can get inside. After the gate has been opened, the camera shows Connor, Nathan, and Kathryn standing off of their horses, across from the two police officers.]

[Connor]: I'm sorry, I don't believe I've formally introduced myself. My name is Connor Yan, I am the squad leader of Regional Squad Corps SV12.

[Kathryn]: I am Kathryn Wesley...

[Nathan]: ...and I am Nathan Loretta.

[Connor]: We came as quickly as we could after we were informed that your city's police chief sent a message reporting that To'kustars had been spotted outside the city.

[Officer #1]: We've seen red lightning, warning flares from the south end of the city, and even heard the roars of what could be a To'kustar, but we ourselves haven't actually seen it.

[Officer #2]: We also weren't informed that Chief Carter had sent a message.

[Connor]: Well he did...

[The sounds of horses running can be heard, getting louder as the horses seemingly get closer. Connor turns to his right to look into the city and sure enough sees Lawrence and Samuel riding towards them on horses.]

[Officer #1]: There he is; that's the chief!

[Lawrence, shouting]: Sorry I'm late. You got here quicker than I expected you would.

[The horses slow down as they stop just a couple feet from the soldiers and the officers.]

[Kathryn]: We heard you had a To'kustar problem?

[Lawrence]: There were two To'kustars just outside the south end of the city, but I suppose you want the full story.

[Connor]: That would help, yes...

[At the Schmidt family house, where the figure is still holding a sword up to Hadria's neck as she lays on her back. The entire Schmidt family along with Arik, Michael, Teru, and Noelle is standing a bit behind Hadria, in a rough circle.]

[Teru]: Oh look, a member of the Knights...

[Michael, in disbelief]: Really, how can you tell?

[Teru]: She's hiding her identity... That's what the hood is for.

[Lars, protective]: Sven, do you recognize this girl?

[Sven]: I remember her from somewhere, but...

[Noelle]: It's the police chief's daughter... The only question is how she got into trouble with the Knights...

[Figure]: So what is it, Hadria? Come with me or see these innocents die?

[Sven, stepping forward]: You're not taking her!

[Lars, outraged]: Sven, don't approach her!

[Sven]: Let me handle this, dad!

[Lars, outraged]: Sven for once in your life can you just listen to your father? Our lives are in danger!

[Sven]: I can't just sit back and watch someone surrender to the Knights!

[Figure, jokingly]: Maybe you should surrender, too.

[Sven]: Never.

[Figure]: Right. Listen, I'd love to stay and chat all day, but I've got plans... Are you surrendering or not, Hadria?

[Hadria]: I won't surrender.

[Everyone behind Hadria takes a step back except for Sven as Hadria quickly swings one of her swords as the figure, knocking the sword away from her neck. Hadria jumps back and stands across from the figure.]

[Hadria]: So are you going to continue being a coward and run away?

[Figure]: How am I a coward?

[Hadria]: You're hiding your face like one.

[Figure]: It's not really a big deal.

[The figure holds both her swords in one while she uses the other to pull back her hood, revealing medium-length, dark red hair underneath.]

[Hadria, surprised]: Tuesday?

[The camera cuts and shows Tuesday straight in the face before cutting to a side shot of her standing across from Hadria.]

[Hadria, surprised]: You're... with the Knights?

[Theme Song]

[The camera remains focused on Hadria and Tuesday standing across from each other.]

[Tuesday]: Where do I know you from?

[Hadria]: I've met your sister before. She talked about you a lot.

[Tuesday, distracted]: Don't think you can get out of this by distracting me...

[Hadria]: I genuinely want to know what happened to you... Wendy never said anything about you joining the Knights; she always said you had been interested in joining the police.

[Tuesday]: You wouldn't understand if I explained it, now...

[Hadria]: And what do you know about the To'kustars? You seemed pretty knowledgeable in taking one down.

[Tuesday]: I'm done here. I've already said too much.

[Sven, angry]: You haven't said anything. If you know something about the To'kustars, then say it!

[Tuesday, annoyed]: Who do you think you are; you're just some kid!

[Sven, arrogant]: Oh yeah!? Well, one day, I'm actually going to join the police, unlike you! And then you know what I'm going to do after that!? I'm going to leave the city and explore the world.

[Tuesday doesn't respond.]

[Tuesday]: Well, good luck with that.

[She takes a couple steps away and then activates the rockets on the device on her back. She exits the house and then flies off to the right. Hadria runs out of the house and activates her rocket as Sven takes a couple steps forward. Hadria prepares to jump after her, but she remembers that there were men armed with either swords or a bow and arrow on the houses in the area, so she stops and deactivates the rocket.]

[Sven, angry]: You're letting her get away?

[Hadria]: You should be thankful you got away with your lives...

[She walks back into the house and turns to the others standing inside.]

[Noelle, in shock]: I knew you've been training with your dad, but... This was definitely unexpected...

[Hadria, smiling]: It's been a while, Noelle.

[She looks at the swords in her hands.]

[Hadria]: It's a wonder that they worked... This is the first time these have ever been used outside of a testing scenario... But it's also unfortunate that the Knights have seemed to acquire the same technology... I'll get my dad to come here and file and incident report... If the Knights are involved he'll want to do it himself...

[Sven, disappointed]: Wait, you're trying to become a police officer, too?

[Hadria, cold]: I'm not trying; I am going to become a police officer. You can try all you want.

[Sven, annoyed]: What's that supposed to mean?

[Hadria, laughing]: You take everything too seriously... What was your name again... Scott?

[Sven, still annoyed]: It's Sven...

[Hadria, acting embarrassed]: Right, sorry... Anyways, I'm going to go find my father...

[She walks out of the house and then runs off to the left as Noelle can be seen smirking at Sven.

[The camera cuts to Lawrence and Samuel talking to Connor, Kathryn, and Nathan as all five of them ride through the town on their horses.]

[Connor]: So, to recap; flash of red lightning, you assume the first To'kustar appeared... Then there was a second flash and another one appeared. According to your daughter, the two To'kustars were fighting each other, and then you two went on top of the wall, you fought one of the To'kustars, but then someone else appeared with the same devices you had and started fighting the same To'kustar, taking it down. Then the figure flew off and your daughter flew after her. Is this all correct?

[Lawrence]: You forgot the part about the other To'kustar disappearing in a cloud of steam, but yes, it's correct.

[Connor, sincere]: Chief Carter, I still need to see for myself, but your account at least makes sense. It could still be a very elaborate hoax of course.

[Lawrence]: I hope you'll see to it that's it not a hoax.

[Connor stands thinking for a moment.]

[Connor]: The next logical step in our investigation would be to talk to your daughter. Do you know where she might be?

[Lawrence, pointing]: When I last saw her, she flew off in that direction.

[He is pointing in the general direction of the Schmidt house.]

[Connor]: So we'll probably find her over that way, then?

[Lawrence]: Yes.

[The five turn right down a side street and rush forwards on their horses. They get to another intersection and turn left, continuing forward until they see someone standing in the middle of the street. They come to a halt as Sven can be seen standing in their path. Sven turns around and widens his eyes at the sight of the military members.]

[Sven, speechless]: Mil—mili--

[Noelle, from inside the house]: What is it, Sven?

[She exits the house and sees the five military and police members on horses.]

[Noelle]: Military?

[Noelle sees the chief among the group.]

[Noelle, surprised]: And Chief Carter!?

[Lawrence]: Noelle, have you seen my daughter?

[Noelle]: She was just here actually.

[Lawrence]: Was there someone else here with her?

[Noelle]: Yes, a member of the Forever Knights named Tuesday.

[Connor]: The Forever Knights are active in this town?

[Lawrence]: They're in the town, but I wouldn't really call them active. No one had heard of them for weeks until today when they seemed to predict the arrival of a To'kustar.

[Connor, confused]: Wait, that wasn't in your original account of what happened?

[Lawrence]: I didn't think it was important.

[Connor, angry]: It's the Knights? Always take their actions very seriously.

[Lawrence]: Yes, I'm sorry. Anyway, where's my daughter now?

[Sven]: She went to go find you.

[Lawrence]: Of course... Well, I guess it wouldn't help to have both of us moving around, so I'll stay here.

[Noelle]: That's good; Hadria said that you would want to file an incident report on her trouble with the Knights.

[Lawrence, somewhat annoyed]: Right, she would say that...

[Nathan]: So where would your daughter go looking for you?

[Lawrence]: She last saw me at the south wall, and she had no reason to believe that I'd leave to go somewhere else.

[Connor]: Lawrence, I'm assuming you want us to find your daughter and bring her back here.

[Lawrence]: If you would...

[Connor]: Of course...

[Connor, Kathryn, and Nathan ride off on their horses as Lawrence and Samuel remain at the Schmidt house.]

[The camera shows Lily standing inside the wall with Wayne and the other police officers.]

[Lily, worried]: The chief should have returned by now; I wonder if something happened.

[Wayne]: Don't be silly, stupid brat. He's obviously mourning his dead daughter.

[Lily]: Dead? Where did that come from?

[Wayne]: You're telling me you didn't notice that Hadria wasn't with him when he came back from the top of the wall? The To'kustar obviously killed her. Wow, you really are stupid.

[Lily]: You know, sometimes, I really think you're drunk.

[Wayne]: You've got a problem with that, bitch?

[Wayne jumps at Lily, who backs up as the other men react.]

[Lily]: What is wrong with you?

[Wayne]: Nothing's wrong with me; something's obviously wrong with you, weakling!

[Suddenly, the door to inside the city slams open. Hadria walks into the room and closes the door behind her.]

[Lily, relieved]: See, I told you she wasn't dead!

[Hadria, confused]: Dead? Who said I was dead?

[Wayne, angry]: I only said it was a possibility... I didn't actually think she was dead.

[Lily, arrogant]: Oh, right...

[Wayne]: Can it, bitch.

[Hadria, pointing her sword]: Listen, Holcomb. One more snide comment like that, and when my father gets here, you won't--

[Wayne]: Oh boo hoo! Why don't you just go crying to your father.

[As he says this, Hadria runs forward, jumps, and kicks Wayne in the face, knocking him onto the ground. He falls on his back, screaming and shouting in pain.]

[Wayne]: Stupid bitch!

[Hadria]: Hopefully you learn from this...

[The door to the room opens once again, as the three members of the military walk into the room.]

[Wayne, euphoric]: The military, even better!

[Connor ignores Wayne as he turns and sees Hadria.]

[Connor]: You must be Hadria.

[Hadria]: I am, did my father send you?

[Connor]: He wants to come with us back to the house you were just at.

[Hadria]: Oh, so he found where I was?

[Connor]: He did, now if you would please come with us.

[Hadria]: Okay, let's go Lily.

[Connor looks past Hadria to Lily, who is standing behind her.]

[Connor]: A friend?

[Hadria, defiant]: Don't tell me she's not allowed to come with us.

[Connor]: No, there's no problem at all, but we only have three horses, so you two will have to walk.

[Hadria, confused]: Why can't we just use the Wings?

[Connor, authoritative]: You two are walking.

[Hadria, defiant]: Did my father--

[Connor]: I guess you'll just have to stay here...

[Hadria, reluctant]: Fine, I'll walk...

[The camera cuts back to the Schmidt house. Lawrence turns to the people in the house and notices Arik.]

[Lawrence]: Hey, you're Ben's son, aren't you?

[Arik looks up and turns to Lawrence.]

[Arik]: How do you know my dad?

[Lawrence]: I was one of the men who was planning on going with him beyond the walls, but when the government wouldn't give us funding, I dropped out. He was a great man, very enthusiastic about his findings, and very hopeful for the future.

[Arik, somewhat depressed]: Thanks, I guess...

[Everyone is silent for a moment until Sven steps forward.]

[Sven]: Chief, you've been outside the walls before, right?

[Viola, angry]: Sven!

[Lawrence]: I've been outside the city, but never beyond Wall Via.

[Sven]: Tell me, how beautiful is it?

[Lawrence]: Around here, it's average. There's a town in the north, hidden in the mountains just inside Wall Sera that's absolutely gorgeous. Why do you ask?

[Sven]: Well, until the To'kustars appeared, I wanted to leave the city. I'd even thought about joining the police or the military.

[Lawrence]: If you're willing to put in the work, then go for it.

[Sven]: Really?

[Lawrence]: You don't need my permission, kid. Anyone can enlist in the military once they turn the age of 17.

[Sven, disappointed]: 17?

[Lawrence]: I don't make the rules, kid, I just follow them.

[Sven]: ...but Hadria's not 17! She's--

[Lawrence]: First of all, she's not an official member of the police; she's still in school, and frankly she shouldn't be doing any of the dangerous stuff I allow her to do. At the same time, she's displayed tremendous talent, but I'm still worried.

[There is the sound of horses arriving at the house as Hadria runs into the house and hugs her dad from behind. She lets him go as he turns around and sees Connor entering the house, with Nathan, Kathryn, and Lily just behind him.]

[Lawrence]: You came back, too?

[Connor]: Kathryn and I are heading back to the wall to survey the area where you claimed the spot the To'kustars.

[Nathan]: Meanwhile, I'm going to stay here and monitor you guys, just in case the Forever Knights return.

[Lawrence]: Understood.

[As he finishes saying this, there is a simultaneous boom of thunder and a red flash, seeming to come from the direction of the south wall.]

[Connor]: Was that--?

[Hadria]: Just like the other ones.

[Connor runs out of the house, following by Hadria, Lawrence, and Sven. Nathan and Kathryn stand in the doorway with the others remaining in the house.]

[Sven]: I can't see from here!

[Sven runs forward away from the house and ahead of the military personnel.]

[Connor]: Hey, be careful!

[He runs after Sven and the others chase after him, leaving Sven's family and friends in the house. Sven turns the corner and then turns to face the wall again as he arrives at the next intersection. He stares in awe at the wall as the others catch up with him. Connor slowly turns his head to the wall, as do the others. The camera cuts to a shot of the front of the wall as it pans up and shows the giant To'kustar, sticking out a clear 40 feet over the top of the wall.]

[Sven, shocked]: To'kustar...

The first To'kustar to ever appear came to be known as the Alpha To'kustar. Likewise, the last one ever seen was the Omega To'kustar.

Ateria is named after Aterius, a warrior who commanded the southern most squadron of Via's forces in the fight against the To'kustars.

[Hadria runs forward as if planning to fly away with her Wings.]

[Connor]: Wait, don't go alone!

[Hadria]: Dad, aren't you coming with me?

[Lawrence, in shock]: It's... It's... too big, Hadria. We'd never be able to--

[Connor]: And that's where you and I differ, Chief Carter. I don't exactly live by these words, but what can be done, must be done.

[He takes off his poncho, revealing that he is wearing a set of Wings, identical to the ones that Hadria and Lawrence used.]

[Hadria]: Wings?

[Connor]: That's what you call them? You didn't actually think that you were the only ones with Skywings, did you?

[Hadria]: Uh, no sir, I just didn't think you would have them underneath your poncho.

[Kathryn, taking off her poncho]: We all have them, we just didn't want to advertise that we were wearing them.

[Connor looks up at the To'kustar and then back at Hadria.]

[Connor]: Listen, you're free to help, but I'd suggest letting the pros do all the work.

[Hadria]: But you've never fought one before; I have!

[Connor]: We're still far more experienced with these.

[Hadria doesn't respond. She seems angry as Connor, Kathryn, and Nathan jump and activate their Skywings, flying towards the wall. The camera shows them gliding along, gaining altitude as people start gathering in the park, watching them.]

[Voice #1]: The military's already here! That was fast!

[Voice #2]: Look at the equipment they're using! It's so cool!

[The camera shows the three gliding along, when all of the sudden then slow down as two figures also using Skywings approach them. One of them holds out his sword and he swings past Nathan, who blocks it with his sword that he draws at the last moment.]

[Nathan]: We're under attack!?

[The figure doubles back around as Nathan this time counters with a sword slash. The figure hits his other sword, but Nathan blocks that one two as the two remained locked, sword to sword, pushing against each other with the propulsion systems. The other figure rushes at Connor, but Kathryn hits him from the side, knocking him lower in the air. The figure rushes up as Kathryn heads downwards, and the two collide in midair.

[Kathryn]: Connor, head for the wall, we've got these guys!

[Connor]: You sure?

[Kathryn, confident]: We'll be fine.

[Connor nods his head and then flies backwards for a bit before turning around and accelerating towards the wall. He flies upwards and then slows down, landing on top of the wall to look at the giant To'kustar standing in front of him.]

[Connor]: I understand there's a very slim chance you'll understand me, but if you do, just know that you're a freak of nature. A hideous beast cursed with being created for the sole purpose of slaughtering and then being slaughtered.

[Before Connor can jump off the wall to fight the To'kustar, he turns to his side and quickly draws one of the swords at his side to block an attack from another fully cloaked figure. Connor quickly draws his other sword to retaliate against the cloaked figure, striking the masculine looking figure on the arm. The figure backs away and then steps towards Connor, causing him to slightly back away. The figure stops and then turns to the To'kustar and jumps towards it, flying up to it with his own Skywings. Connor watches as the figure faces the To'kustar.]

[Figure, not a recognizable voice]: Beast from beyond! Open the pathway to your brethren!

[The To'kustar does not react to the order, probably because it doesn't understand it. Moments later, the figure rushes the To'kustar and then suddenly turns upwards and flies over the To'kustar. It turns around and starts to follow him towards Wall Via. Connor jumps off the follow in pursuit.]

[Connor]: Is the To'kustar listening, or is this guy just making it look like it can understand him? Regardless I can't let them reach the wall.

[He zooms forward and eventually catches up to the To'kustar, striking it square in the back. The To'kustar ignores the blow and continues to chase after the figure, who is already halfway to Wall Via. Connor flies over the To'kustar to try and distract it, but the alien does not respond. Connor approaches the figure, who blocks a sword slash with one of his own. He starts to fly upwards and then slashes at Connor as he approaches. Connor avoids the first slash, but the next slash hits his Skywings as he tries to avoid. He falters off to the side as the figure continues ahead.]

[Connor]: This is my last shot, then...

[He takes a deep breath before bursting forward with furious speed. He flies upwards and then dives down onto the figure, who brakes at the last moment. Connor plummets below the figure, who then bursts forward and downwards towards him. He pushes Connor towards the ground and gains height himself. He soars upwards, continuing to guide the To'kustar to the wall. He returns to a steady speed and then slows down as he lands on the wall. Instead of slowing down, the running To'kustar slams straight into the wall and then backs away. Cracks can be seen in the wall, and small pieces of it fall to the ground.]

[Figure]: Yes, my pet. Shatter this wall to pieces!

[The To'kustar prepares to slam into the wall again as Connor can be seen rushing up the side of the wall to attack the figure. He lands on the wall and then starts walking to the figure, who turns and faces Connor after a moment.]

[Connor]: You know, you're just as disgusting as one of them.

[Figure]: Are you sure it's safe to be standing up here?

[Connor]: You're one to talk.

[Figure]: Say, you're with the Regional Squad Corps, correct?

[Connor does not respond as the figure points a sword at him.]

[Figure]: Once the wall falls, you won't be welcome around these parts.

[The figure charges at Connor, but before he even gets close, Hadria flies in out of nowhere and collides with the figure, sending him toppling across the wall. He slides to a stop near the far edge of the wall. Connor steps back, surprised to see Hadria.]

[Connor]: What are you doing here?

[Hadria]: Of course I'm not just going to leave you alone to fight the To'kustar.

[Hadria turns to the To'kustar and prepares to jump to fight it, but as she does, the To'kustar slams into the wall again, knocking down Connor and Hadria. The latter slowly gets back up as the To'kustar backs away and prepares to slam into the wall again. Hadria watches the To'kustar for a moment before preparing to jump off the wall and attack it. Before she can, the figure rushes at her and slices her arm briefly before she turns and kicks the figure to the side. A drop of blood hits the ground and she winces in pain as Connor rushes in and kicks the figure back further.]

[Figure]: It's too late, my friends. The damage has been done.

[The figure jumps up and flies away from the wall. As the To'kustar prepares to slam into the wall for a third time, Connor helps Hadria up and then the two run off the wall and fly away in the opposite direction. The To'kustar slams into the wall, crashing straight through it, leaving a 110 feet tall hole in the wall, with 55 feet of wall remaining above that. As Connor and Hadria fly away from the wall back towards Ateria, they notice many average sized To'kustars waiting behind the now open wall.]

[Connor, shocked]: They've been there are all along... I can't believe it...

[He looks at Hadria.]

[Connor]: When you were flying out here did you happen to see Kathryn and Nathan?

[Hadria]: I did. They were heading back to my father.

[Connor nods his head and then sighs.]

[Connor]: You know what this means, right?

[Hadria]: No, what?

[Connor]: Your city will have to be evacuated immediately.

[Hadria]: Evacuated? Shouldn't we be put on lockdown?

[Connor]: Not with that big To'kustar running around. Ateria is probably the most dangerous place one could be right about now...

[They continue to fly back towards Ateria as the camera cuts to Connor's Squad, Lawrence, Samuel, Hadria, Lily, and the Schmidt family and their friends meeting inside the Schmidt house.]

[Michael]: More To'kustars? Behind Wall Via?

[Teru, angry]: So let me get this straight? You're suggesting that we leave the city even though To'kustars could easily attack us once outside!? What moron came up with that plan?

[Connor]: I'll be the first to admit that it doesn't sound like a very good plan, but would you rather be attacked on the run and have a chance to escape, or be attacked in your home and have nowhere to go?

[All of the civilians in the room think about having to leave the city. Sven stands up and faces Connor.]

[Sven]: Why can't we fight to defend ourselves?

[Nathan]: You can't fight the To'kustars yourself, kid. No one really knows how to fight them, even people with years of military training.

[Teru]: Does the military even know how to kill a To'kustar?

[Connor]: You strike its frill. A hard enough blow will render the To'kustar paralyzed and lead to its death.

[Sven]: So if you know how to kill To'kustars, then you can train us, right?

[Arik, worried]: Us? What do you mean, Sven? There's no us? You're the only one who wants to be trained.

[Connor]: Even if I thought training you was a good idea, you're all underage, so we'd be in a lot of trouble. The only one here who could legally train you is Lawrence, but if only one of who wants to be trained...

[Michael]: That's not true. I'd also like to receive training!

[Arik, surprised]: Really?

[Michael]: I've never even considered joining the police or the military, but now that humanity is in danger, I feel a sense of duty to help.

[Teru, annoyed]: Are we really doing this?

[Michael]: You want to help, too, Teru?

[Teru]: It'll be cool, I guess...

[Noelle]: Agreed. We'll be able to defend our city!

[Connor]: I hate to break it to you, but regardless of if you receive training or not, you're all going to have to leave the city.

[Teru, angry]: What's the point of even receiving training if we're just going to be running away?

[Kathryn, stepping in]: Have you ever heard the phrase live to fight another day?

[Teru, argumentative]: That only applies when you're in immediate danger!

[Kathryn]: Oh, you think you're not in danger right now!?

[Connor]: Alright, enough! I've got a proposal that I think all of you will like...

[Sven is lying on his bed, back in his room after a long day. He is not sleeping, rather simply staring up at the ceiling. Arik, Michael, and Teru are standing on the room, resting without sleeping. The room is silent as the four boys think about Connor's proposal.]

[Arik, shaken]: I can't believe you guys actually want to do this!

[Michael]: Connor actually had a very good plan: allowing most of the residents of Ateria to stay here under the protection of the military while Lawrence takes us inwards towards Wall Sera to train in another city.

[Teru]: Connor said that Nathan and Kathryn would be coming with us, too, so we would have at least some protection from actual military personnel. All things considered, it's a great plan.

[The room is silent for a moment.]

[Michael]: So what do you think about it, Sven?

[He continues to stare at the ceiling before looking at the other boys in the room.]

[Sven]: My dream has been to leave the city, and so I'm happy that I'm getting to do that... but I'll be worrying for the safety of my family.

[He thinks back to something Connor said when he gave the proposal. The camera shows a brief flashback of Connor talking to Sven.]

[Connor]: Don't worry, Sven. I'll protect them with my life.

[The camera returns to the room as Sven sits up. He turns and hangs his legs over the side of his bed.]

[Sven]: Tomorrow... I'll get to see the outside for the first time!

[The next morning, a large carriage pulls up to the northern gate in Ateria. Outside the carriage, Connor, Kathryn, and Nathan are on their horses as Lawrence talks to them from the ground. Connor looks at the officers who operate the gate and nods his head. The gate starts to open as Connor turns to Lawrence.]

[Connor, authoritative]: You're to head due north to the city of Teviv; it's about a day's journey if you don't stop, so I'd expect it to actually take you two days to get there. Once their, you're to rendezvous with that city's police chief, Ryan Thames. I've contacted him to let him know that you're on your way. Please have him send word once you've arrived safely.

[Lawrence]: I understand.

[Connor]: If anything happens to you on the way, Kathryn and Nathan will protect you. We don't expect the To'kustars to follow you, but we can't as safe with the Forever Knights.

[Lawrence]: Of course, sir.

[Connor]: And one more thing...

[Lawrence]: Yes?

[Connor]: Your daughter is a fine, young warrior. She was sliced in the arm yesterday, but that didn't stop her from continuing the fight.

[Lawrence]: She's strong and determined... After what happened to her mother...

[Connor]: I'm just saying that your team has potential... It's not just a shot in the dark...

[Lawrence]: My team...

[Connor smiles back at Lawrence.]

[Connor]: You may be receiving training from the military, but you won't always be...

[Lawrence thinks at the possibility of leading a team, but he doesn't respond. He starts walking towards the carriage as Connor says his final words to him.]

[Connor]: We'll be rooting for you, Lawrence.

[The camera cuts to show Kathryn riding out of the gate as the carriage follows. Nathan follows the carriage as Connor remains within the city, smiling as the group begins its journey for Teviv. The camera cuts to the carriage. Lawrence is sitting in the front section, guiding the two horses pulling the carriage. In the back, Sven, Arik, Michael, Teru, Noelle, Hadria, and Lily sit around. Sven looks outside through an opening in the carriage and watches the green fields as the carriage rolls by.]

[Sven]: We're... outside...

[Lawrence, from the front]: All right everybody, we're off to Teviv!

[Everyone in the carriage cheers, excited for what awaits them on their journey.]

[Back in the Forever Knights headquarters in Ateria, Vance throws Tuesday against a wall as some of the other lower ranked knights watch.]

[Vance, furious]: You let her discover your identity!? That's grounds for being expelled!

[Tuesday]: I'm sorry, it won't happen again...

[Vance]: No, it won't.

[He grimaces as Tuesday stays down against the wall.]

[Tuesday]: You go out in public without hiding your face.

[Vance]: I don't advertise my identity to others, though. Also, I'm the highest ranking officer in Ateria, that gives me the right to show my face... And you know who my dad is, don't you?

[Tuesday, afraid]: Yes, my lord, of course I do.

[Vance reaches his hand out and helps Tuesday up.]

[Vance]: You don't have to be so servile.

[Tuesday]: So what do you want me to do?

[Before Vance can respond, another man, appearing to be of an either higher rank than Vance, walks into the room. All of the Knights in the room immediately bow down before him. The man is Andrew Knowles, the Proctor of South Via.]

[Vance]: Proctor Knowles, what brings you to Ateria?

[Andrew]: I heard the operation was successful...

[Vance]: It was, but Tuesday here compromised her identity.

[Andrew]: To how many?

[Vance]: Only one, the police chief's daughter, Hadria Carter.

[Andrew]: Very well, do you know where she is now?

[Vance]: According to our spies, they say she's heading with a small group to Teviv to receive training while Ateria deals with the breach of Wall Via.

[Andrew]: Then it's settled...

[He turns to Tuesday.]

[Tuesday]: You will follow Hadria to Teviv, and you will kill her.

[Voice, from the doorway]: No, I'm pretty sure you will find that task quite impossible, and even if you could do it, I'd ask very kindly for you to refrain from doing so.

[Vance, Tuesday, and Andrew turn to the doorway as a man walks in. He is Pietro Czeswin, a scientist with the Forever Knights.]

[Andrew]: And what brings you to Ateria, Czeswin?

[Pietro]: Have you ever heard of the term a fate worse than death, Proctor?

[Andrew]: I'm vaguely familiar with it, why do you ask?

[Pietro grins.]

[Pietro]: Hadria has something that I want... And that's the fate that I have in store for her.

[Andrew laughs.]

[Andrew]: Very well then, Tuesday. You will bring Hadria back alive.

[Pietro steps in between Andrew and Tuesday and then turns to the latter.]

[Pietro]: If she dies, Tuesday, then I will kill you myself.

[The End]

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