Escant is a planet in the Prime Galaxy of the Warp Universe. It's a terrestrial, Earth-like planet classified as a Civilised World and is the second most important planet in Prime Galaxy after Aether.


Not much is known about Escant's history prior to its discovery by the Greysons. At the time of its discovery Escant was orbiting a dying star. The planet was a frozen wasteland. After the creation of the Warp Energy and artificial stars, Escant was terraformed into an Earth-like planet with a large ocean that covered 70 percent of the planet's surface.

Several hundred years prior to the First Expansion Escant was chosen to act as the prime point for gathering and deploying military forces during expansions. Because of that both Strategic Coordination Center and the Reality Anchor were constructed within the same system as Escant.

Nowadays, the planet is one of the most secure places in Prime Galaxy because most Legions and Fleets are stationed there. 


Escant has three continents that possess a wide variety of biomes and ecosystems, stretching from arctic tundra in the far north to boreal forests and temperate plains in the milder latitudes.

The Reality Anchor

The Reality Anchor is a megastructure located near Escant. It represents a giant teleport stabilizator. During an Expansion, a colony of natives to the Realm that is to be invaded is tricked by the Greysons into constructing a giant Pylon known to them as Shrine. Once completed, this Pylon would create a rift, weakening of the barrier between the two realms, allowing the Warp Universe's forces to enter the other Universe.

Once the rift has been stabilized, full control over it is moved to the Reality Anchor, who keeps the connection between the two Realms active and, if need be, could connect to other hidden Pylons build in the targeted universe, opening multiple portals through which the Warp forces can invade more than one location at a time.


  • The art of the planet is taken from Stellaris.
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