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Chris X Eruption.jpg
General Information
Species Bashaltian
Home World Pyros
DNA source Unknown
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Limited Elasticity
Limited Shapeshift
Equipment None
Voice Actor John DiMaggio

Eruption is the Omegaitrix's DNA sample of a Bashaltian from the planet Pyros in Chris X: The Series.


Eruption has a lava humanoid appearance that has the colors red on the inside and a yellow outline. He's got two brown pointed rocks on both his hands and darker colored rocks in his lava-like body.

Powers and Abilities

Eruption has pyrokinesis, the ability to control fire. His lava-like body generates heat, which makes it easy for him to create fire. He has elasticity, but it is very limited. He can also shapeshift into certain shapes and melt into a puddle for convenience. Eruption is also very durable, thanks to his limited elasticity


Being made out of lava, water is his biggest weakness. If exposed to enough water, he will tend to harden and not be able to move, making him a very vulnerable target to an enemy. Eruption is also not very strong, making him inconvenient to any strength related activities.

His body generates heat, so that makes him a target to explosives. Explosives could damage him slightly, as his body is durable, but damages him nonetheless.




  • Eruption was one of the few aliens created by the 8-year-old ChrisX10, who at the time the name was Lava Guy (very creative, I know)
  • Eruption's species live on the same star as the Pyronites (Heatblast's species) but are considered inferior to them.