Erudiden is a character in Brandon 10.


In Alien Force, Erudiden is a slightly short, blue/green colored Electron. Being an Electron, he has one green eye and is practically made of bone-like structures surrounded by an electric feild making him solid.

In Ultimate Hero, Erudiden's appearance does not change majorly from his Alien Force appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Erudiden is a genius which makes him extremely smart in all types of topics including technology and sciences. He also has the same abilties as an Electron including electric attacks and moving through machines as well as flight.


Alien Force

Ultimate Hero

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  • Erudiden comes from Erudition which means showing your intelligence.
  • Erudiden had rebuilt Electronia from the Zonarian attack during their invasion.
  • Although he is very rude, it is believed that he can be very kind-hearted.
  • He is also ruler of all the Electrons as he has said.
  • Erudiden is also the father of Electro and Techno.
  • Due to his old age, it is possible that Erudiden lost the ability to fly.
  • Erudiden acts like a teacher to Brandon when he is in need of help or is being irresponsible.
  • Erudiden has spent a long time learning about the Omnitrix and how it works.
    • He even felt that the team would have been better off if they had contacted him about the Ultimatrix before it got into the hands of the Conqueror.
  • Despite being nice and supporting to Brandon, he does not want it to ruin his image.
  • According to Erudiden, he is one of the most intelligent beings in three known galaxies.
  • It is possible that Erudiden only acts rude to Brandon in order for him to learn and that when Brandon seems unable to learn like when he is upset, as seen in The Final Fight Part 2, he will be direct and straight to the point rather than speaking in a way so that Brandon can clarify himself.
  • Erudiden is actually a self-sacerficing being as he was prepared to sacerfice himself in order to save his sons and people in The Battle For Earth Part 1.
  • Erudiden knows the mysterious voice as it saved his life from The Fall of Electronia and even before then as it called Erudiden his "old friend".
  • As revealed in The Ultimate Enemy, Erudiden and Doctor Quantum are friends.


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