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Erdenites are Metroy Eccholt's species in 'Get Animated'. They live on the planet Erden.


They look pretty much identical to Humans from Earth, but with more colors for the eyes, hair, and on occasions skin.


Besides the identical anatomy to humans and basic genes, they also have a second form. They could be revered as gods and goddesses as well for some of the things they can do, and with their long life spans.

Powers and Abilities

Second Form. It varies for each person but it usually enhances the power and strength of them as long as they are in the second form. How long they stay in it will vary per person as well.

Longevity. Their life can last indefinite and they retain their youth for quite a long time. It relies primarily upon the true match. Each Erdenite has one, just not everyone finds it.

Cosmic manipulation. They can manipulate the cosmos to some degree and not all have the capability.

Power suppression. They can suppress the powers of others but it takes a lot of focus and training if it doesn't come naturally.


Time Travel. If they were to time travel, it would negate all of their powers, even their second form.

Their second form has a mind of its own a lot of the time. It is more on instinct than thought and reason.



Notable (Erdenites)

  • N/A (Omnitrix DNA sample)

Notable Evolved (Erdenites)

  • N/A (Ultimate version of Omnitrix DNA sample)

Notable (Erdenites) Hybrids

  • Matthew 'Matt' Spectrum (Erdenite-Anodite-Mechamorph hybrid)
  • Madeline 'Maddie' Spectrum (Erdenite-Anodite hybrid)
    • (Alternate version of Pyronite hybrid)

Notable (Erdenites) Fusions

  • N/A (Omnitrix/Biomnitrix fusion containing Pyronite DNA)