General Information
Species Rubberian
Home World Rubberia
Body Funnel-shape
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Shooting Projectiles
Size Alteration
Graphite Manipulation
First Appearance none

 Eraserhead is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Rubberian from Rubberia. Though originally an alien not used in anything, it is going to appear in the second season of Mack 10, a series by PokeRob.


Eraserhead has a pink head along with pink arms and legs, which are attached to a blue funnel-like body. He has an Omnitrix symbol on his chest. He also green acid tubes connected to his chest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Buffing up his arms and gaining muscle
  • Shooting spiked erasers out of a hole in his hands as projectiles
  • Spitting out acid from tubes in his chest
  • Can remove graphite from objects such as paper


  • Weak and clumsy (when not buffed up)
  • Automatically detransforms or is seriously injured if acid tubes are damaged
  • Body can wear down over time from powers


Eraserhead has so far not appeared in anything.


  • Eraserhead was Rob's first original alien of 2015. He was created with just an online program that Rob, at the time, had little to no skill with.
  • Eraserhead originally was not created to be used in any series. Rob was so impressed by CaT's take on the design that he finally believes the alien is worthy of being used.
  • The Awesome Jack was the first one to create fan art of Eraserhead.
  • His name originates from the fact that his head, along with other parts of his body, are made up of the materials of which an eraser is made up of.


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