A Super Mutant With Various Alien DNA Dr. Animo Created  for Lord Nosidda

Super Mutant 1 Eradicus


He can best be described as a barbarian that enjoys slaughtering his victims, But at the same time is a Master Strategist.

Powers and Abilities

He is Twice as strong as Ultimate Humungousaur and Twice as fast as Jetray . He can spontaneously regenerate at a sub-molecular Level, shoot Plasma Blasts from his hands, and He can fly with his Wings that are strong as steel and he can charge them with Tachyon energy that allows them to cut trough anything.


He is sensitive to strong smells, which can cause him to pass out.



  • He is Lord Nosidda's Second-In-Command
  • His name is a pun for Eradicate
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