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Alien of the Week
Season 1, Episode 7
185px-Humongousaur 00
Air date 6/4/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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Alien of the Week: Season 1
Episode 7: Way Big (Unavailable)
A Day As Goop/The Goopy Interview

Epiosde 6: Humungousaur is the 7th episode in Alien of the Week.


Voice: (offscreen) You've got Yourself a humungous Problem!

Four Arms: (enters) Who said this?

Crowds: Humungousaur!

Big Screen shows Ben activating Omnitrix and transforming. The Transformation sequence is shown.

Clip Ends!

Fourarms: Well, Everybody, You have noticed, Humungousaur! Well, He is a Vaxasaurian from the planet Terradino.

A clip shows Grey Matter talking.

Grey Matter: According to the ASDB, Vaxasaurians are one of the species living on Terradino. There is always a war between some creatures on Terradino and Vaxasaurians are regarded to stop those wars. Vaxasaurians have supreme strength, the power to grow to five times their regular size (which enhances their strength even more), and strong enough to survive in space for minutes

Clip Ends!

Fourarms: And now, We are talking about Humungousaur, right? Everbody please welcome the Big Guy... Humungousaur!

Humungousaur came flying on a rock and jumped in his chair. Crowds clapped and whistled.

Fourarms: Hello, Muscles.

Humungousaur: Hi handy body!

Fourarms: What is the most rough Material according to you?

Humungousaur: Taedinite, I could destroy it, but it takes the most Time.

Fourarms: What is your weakness?

Humungousaur: Sometimes villians could overpoer me.

Fouarms: Tell us a joke.

Humungousaur: What do you get when you trip Humungousaur to fall in the mud? Far far away!

The Crowds Laugh and clap.

Fourarms: Bye, Humungousaur. (Leaves)

Fourarms: Now the Humungousaur Album!

Big Screen shows:

Fourarms: Bye, Everybody, Meet ya next week, Bye!