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Alien of the Week
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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Episode 2: Grey Matter

Epiosde 1: Heatblast is the first episode in Alien of the Week.


Voice: (offscreen) Why don't pick on someone with real fire power like me!

Four Arms: (enters) Who said this?

Crowds: Heatblast!

Big Screen shows Ben activating Omnitrix and transforming. The Transformation sequence is shown.

Clip Ends!

Fourarms: Well, Everybody, You have noticed, Heatblast! Now, He is a Pyronite from Pyros.

A clip shows Grey Matter talking.

Grey Matter: According to the ASDB, Pyronites are a race of humanoid beings made of molten lava rock. They are from Planet called Pyros. Pyronites can manipulate fire in many ways, including fireballs, fire breath, creating a rock to glide on... Pyros is a unique "planet" in the galaxy, in that it is the Pyronite’s homeworld which also doubles as their huge sun. The surface of Pyros is very much like a star, only containing a solid surface beneath the fiery plasma photosphereand atmosphere.

Clip Ends!

Fourarms: And now, We are talking about Heatblast, right? Everbody please welcome the latern... Heatblast!

Heatblast came flying on a rock and jumped in his chair. Crowds clapped and whistled.

Fourarms: Hello, Hothead.

Heatblast: Hi handy body!

Fourarms: What do you think is the More powerful move ever?

Heatblast: Heatrage. Exploding yourself producing High Temprature is Awe-Some!

Fourarms: What is your weakness?

Heatblast: Many, Like Cryo, Freezing, Wind and sometimes Soup.

Fouarms: Tell us a joke.

Heatblast: What is the Hardest to do welcome for Heatblast? Shaking Hands!

The Crowds Laugh and clap.

Fourarms: Bye, Heatblast. (Leaves)

Fourarms: Now the Heatblast Album!

Big Screen shows:

Fourarms: Bye, Everybody, Meet ya next week, Bye!