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The Sky's The Limit is the fifth episode of season 1 of Epic Tyran.


Tyran learns about the Cosmic Crystals and has to help Magno get over his fear of flying before the team flies to another country to get the first crystal.


Tyran is looking at a hologram in his house.

Magno walks in.

(Magno) Hi Tyran.

Tyran looks up.

(Magno) What are you looking at?

(Tyran) I found this holomessanger outside. I was just about to watch it but it won't work!

The Randotrix glows.

(Tyran) Hey! It's working now!

Tyran plays it.

The hologram shows a dinosaur in a meteor shower.

(Tyran) IT'S MY DAD! I thought he was in hiding from Lamerik!

(Dad) Tyran, if you are reading this, you must have the Randotrix already.

Magno looks worried.

(Dad) Lamerik is attacking. You must use the Randotrix to destroy him. You must find the cosmic crystals of power to charge the Randotrix to full power to defeat Lamerik.

(Tyran) Hmm....

(Dad) You must find them before Lamerik does or we are all dead.

The hologram disappears.

The Randotrix beeps.

(Randotrix) First crystal tracked. Name: Epicrystal. Location: Awestralia.

(Tyran) I guess I have to book a plane.

(Magno) AAAH

(Tyran) What?

(Magno) I'm- I'm- scared of flying.

(Tyran) Why?

(Magno) One day, I was flying in a plane. It exploded and I would have died if me and my family didn't magnetize to a streetlight. I thought that next time I wouldn't be so lucky.

(Tyran) Don't worry dude. I'll help you get over your fear. MEET ME AT THE BOOT CAMP!

(Magno) What?

(Tyran) Just come to the backyard.

Tyran and Magno walk outside.

Tyran gets a cannon.


(Magno) Oh no, I'm not getting into-


Magno jumps in.

(Magno) Is this safe?

(Tyran) I don't know. You're the first tester.

(Magno) WHAT

The cannon shoots Magno into the sky.

(Magno) AAAAAH

Magno makes a hole in the ground.

To be completed...