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General Information
Species Shianusapien
Home Planet Veridia (originally)
Off-World Colony
DNA Source Off-World Colonist
Body Centaur
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Earth Tremors
Appears in Charles 10
Ben 10: New Age

EpiCentaur is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Shianusapien from the planet Veridia.


EpiCentaur is a centaur-like alien. Therefore he has four legs attached at two hips sections, and two arms attached to his chest above this.

He strongly resembles a horse from the waist down, with a more human shape from the torso up. He has a coat of fur that stretches from his hooves all the way up to his wrists and neck/cheeks.

His head appears very similar to a human head, except with a third eye in the middle of his forehead, and he has no ears. His hands also look very human, except with naturally sharper nails.

Powers and Abilities

With four strong legs, EpiCentaur is incredibly fast.

EpiCentaur also possesses enhanced strength, capable of lifting heavy objects as well as carry them long distances on his back.

By vigorously stomping his hooves, EpiCentaur is capable of generating mild tremors.


Being the shape that he is, EpiCentaur finds it hard to manoeuvre in tight spaces -often struggling more than other aliens like Four Arms.

EpiCentaur struggles to reach his hind legs with his arms, making him easy to defeat if attacked or restrained from this angle.


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Charles 10

  • Ix This
  • The Fire and the Flames
  • Uncentaured Footage


EpiCentaur (Eh-pih-sen-taur) is a combination of the words 'epicentre' and 'centaur'


  • Although the Shianusapien home world was Veridia, EpiCentaur's DNA was obtained from a colony on a different planet.
  • EpiCentaur is the only known living Shianusapien in existence.
  • EpiCentaur, particularly his fur-less variant, resembles Tien from the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • He also resembles Saitama from One Punch Man.
  • Despite the fact that Shianusapiens were renowned scientists, this is not a natural talent. Therefore EpiCentaur does not possess enhanced intelligence.


Main EpiCentaur variants

EpiCentaur in other series

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