UltiVerse: Protector of the Universe
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date 28/10/13
Written by User: Reo 54
Directed by User: Reo 54
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Eons is the 11th episode of UltiVerse: Protector of the Universe


Previously on UltiVerse: Protector of the Universe

UltiVerse: Where am I??

Zeron walks to Ulti

Zeron: Hello, Polymorph! My Name is Zeron!

Zeron: So this is my home. Wanna come in?

UltiVerse: Sure!

A Polymorph Girl runs from behind them

Girl: Zeron, Zeron! You're back!

Zeron (to Ulti): That's My Girlfriend Aquatia.

Aquatia: Zeron! finally, after 3 months, you're back!

UltiVerse (To Zeron): How do you stay in a relationship with her?

Zeron (To Ulti): Ikr

the Doors smash down Darkain comes in

Darkain: Zeron!

azkuter comes Behind him

Azkuter: Zero Nate! Why haven't you apyed and have left your post?

Zeron: I can explain!

Azkuter: No Need! This is you'r 5th Warrning

Aquatia: No!

Azkuter: Aquati Alli, Stop! Now you are banished from Helios City!

UltiVerse (In Mind): I Have heard that name somewhere! Yes! Granpa! He said he has lived in Heliso City!. Now what was his name? That's right, Unli Verse!

UltiVerse: I am UltiVerse, Grandson of UnliVerse

Azkuter: Unli Verse? UnliV? I haven't hear that name in a long time. let him go!

Azkuter: You're the one to talk,  Darkai Nero

Zeron: Nero! Lawl!

Darkain: wait, didn't UnliVerse Destroy Sector 5C??

Azkuter: Yeah! Arrest them!

Ulti Starts to Run to his ship.

Azkuter: After him!

More polymorphs start to follow him.

UltiVerse: Get Lost!

he Starts to run faster. He finnaly gets to his ship. He gets in. Aquatia and Zeron stand by the window and Wave. Ulti waves back and flys away.

Theam song

We see Ulti Flying. The  his ship is hit by a purple blast. Ulti exits his ship. a Pink Aoura glows around him. Eon appears with a purple around him.

Eon: ammHa!

UltiVerse: Eon? I thought you changed!

Eon: I Can't change, it's in my blood!

UltiVerse: What do you mean?

Eon: Do you even know why all of this is happening?

UltiVersam, yeah cause... amm. No

Eon: well then, Go back and see!

Everything around  Ulti starts to turn in to a Black and Purple spirral. Ulti wakes up in a Dark place. He looks around and doesn't see a thing. Then he looks up and sees three Celestialsapiens, One man, One woman and a kid. The Kid Shirnks down to 2meters

Kid: Hey, how are you?

UltiVerse: Me, I am UltiVerse. Where am I?

Man: You are in Celestia, the home of the only beings existing

UltiVerse: Say wha?

Woman: Dears, we should get back to creating the life

Man: we are the only beings existing, how can he be here?

Ulti starts to fade

UltiVerse: Wait, Are you creating the Universe?

Kid: The what?

Ulti fades and disappears.

Kid: Dad, Can we name the life, The Universe, you know in the honor of that guy?

Man: No!

Woman: Sure!

Kid: 2 against one dad!

A Bright light appears. Now we see the Anur System Ulti Appears. A Ship takes him in

UltiVerse: Where am I now?

A Petrosapien walks behind him

Petrosapien: A Polymorph? I didn't know polymorphs are fighting in this war

UltiVerse:waht kinda war?

Petrosapien: The war on the Anur System

UltiVerse: The one started by Zs'Skayr?

Petrosapien: Zs'Skyr? He's Justa minion. It was started by Tetramands. They knew which planet they have to invade. When they arived, they asked The young leader of the ectonurites, can they take over their home untill take the system, so the ectonurites can rule them while they are gone

UltiVerse: and what?

Petrosapien: Some think that the Tetramnads aren't behind it, but it's someone more powerful

Ulti starts to fade and then dissappears. Ulti appears on planet Pisscis. He walks in the palace. There he sees multiple alien species. Arnux, Labrid and Korwak are talking.

Korwak: The name of the grpoup should be the Inter galactick Peack Group

Labrid: No, The Universal Police Force

Arnux: No, none of them, it should be differen, just what?

Korwak: You don't even have a name

Ulti Runs up to them

UltiVerse: what about the Plumbers?

an Aerophibian walks up to tham

Aerophibian: I agree!

Labrid: Then it's settalled, the group is called Plumbers

Ulti starts to fade

UltiVerse: OH no!

The Aerophibian looks at Ulti as Ulti dissappears. Ulti appears rigth next to Earth. He sees the Highbrid invasion

UltiVerse: The Highbrid inavsion?

Eon appears 

Eon: Ahh, yes!

UltiVerse: what does this all mean?

Eon: You will understand.

UltiVerse: are you sure?

Eon: I'll let you out real soon, just take a look at this.

Ulti disappears he appears in a dark room, he sees a light from teh corrner. he looks arpound the corrner and sees 5 shadows.

Shadow 1: The 1st attack was great

Shadow 2: The second was Bad

Shadow 3: The 3rd was Acceptable

Shadow 4: And the 4th was Good

Shadow 5: But the 5th will be The darkest

They all laugh. Ulti blinks and waks up in front of Eon.

UltiVerse: what does it all mean?

Eon: I gave you a hint of what is cousing this all, now you must solve it before it's too late

UltiVerse: How?

Eon: You must do it your self. Remember, only you are trustted, no one else. The Existence of the Universe is at stake!





  • Celestalsapien Kid (First Appearance)
  • Celestalsapien Woman (First Appearance)
  • Celestalsapien Man (First Appearance)
  • Petrosapien (First Appearance)
  • Magister Arnux (First Appearance)
  • Magister Labrid (First Appearance)
  • Magister Korwak (First Appearance)



  • Shadow 1
  • Shadow 2
  • Shadow 3
  • Shadow 4
  • Shadow 5


  • All the 5 wars have been reviled
    • The Anur system war, The Civil war, Universal War I, Highbrid Invasion, Universal War II
      • Universe War II is the Ongoing one
  • It's reveal that the universe was created by 3 Celestialsapiens and it was named after UltiVerse.
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