Eon Crisis
Eon Crisis
No-Watch Ben amid the conflict
Event Type Conflict
Location Earth
Timeline No-Watch Ben Timeline
Conflicting Forces Professor Paradox
Eon and Vilgax
Many Alternate Bens and Albedo
Result Professor Paradox Victory
The Eon Crisis was an event and small-scale war that took place in No-Watch Ben's Timeline. It was hugely influential to the developing multiverse of Earth-1010.


Vilgax wanted to use his Chronosapien Time Bomb to destroy every timeline bar No-Watch Ben's timeline, believing that this timeline would be the easiest to conquer thanks to the lack of any Omnitrix.

Eon, not knowing Vilgax's true intentions, believed that the Time Bomb would only destroy the No-Watch Timeline. Eon also thought that the No-Watch Timeline was a wildcard, hence why he wanted it to to be destroyed.

Professor Paradox, not caring which of those motives would come true, wanted to stop the opposing forces from destroying ANY timelines.


Vilgax recruited Eon to help out his cause. Eon, anticipating that Paradox would try and stop them, recruited in turn a small army of alternate Omnitrix wielders. These Omnitrix wielders were then sent to the No-Watch Timeline ahead of Eon and vilgax to try and kill the native Ben Tennyson. Ben Prime arrived in the timeline to protect No-Watch Ben before his own reinforcements arrived.

Once Paradox arrived with his own army of Omnitrix wielders, Vilgax set about activating his Time Bomb. He was successful and everything not native to the No-Watch Timeline was destroyed save Vilgax, Paradox, and the Prime Omnitrix.

Since the Time Bomb only destroys the Multiverse from the moment after it was activated, Paradox was able to take No-Watch Ben (now wielding the Omnitrix) back in time to manipulate events in their favour. They recruited the Bens ready for their initial fight with Eon and the evil alternates, which Paradox purposefully excluded the trix-bearing No-Watch Ben from. Then, once the Time Bomb had been detonated, No-Watch Ben emerged as Clockwork to reverse its effects and bring everyone back.

The Eon Crisis ended with No-Watch Ben returning the Omnitrix to Ben Prime, the evil alternate Bens and Albedo being returned to their time and place, and Vilgax being defeated. Shortly afterwards, No-Watch Ben was invited by his Grandpa Max to join the Plumbers.

Conflicting Forces

Vilgax's Forces Paradox's Forces
Eon Ben Prime
Bad Ben No Watch Ben
Albedo Ben 10'000
Mad Ben Ben 23
Benzarro Gwen 10
Nega Ben
Death of Ben 10
Aaronbill3 Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Act 1

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Act 2

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Act 3

Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 13 - Chapter 14 - Chapter 15
Chapter 16: Part 1 - Chapter 16: Part 2 - Chapter 17 - Epilogue

Introduced in Act 1

Alien X - Buzzshock - ChamAlien - Chromastone - Clockwork - Diamondhead - Way Big - XLR8

Introduced in Act 2

Atomix - Armodrillo - Big Chill - Fasttrack - Goop - Gravattack - Lodestar - NRG - Snare-oh - Swampfire

Introduced in Act 3

AmpFibian - Arctiguana - Barrier Reef - Bloxx - Brainstorm - Cannonbolt - Ditto - Echo Echo - Eye Guy - Feedback
Geothermite - Ghostfreak - Gutrot - Heatblast - Hightide - Humungousaur - Jetray - Kickin Hawk - MindMatter - Sandbox
Spidermonkey - Stinkfly - Rath - Upchuck - Upgrade - Water Hazard - Wildvine

Ultimate Aliens

Ultimate Ben - Ultimate Big Chill - Ultimate Clockwork - Ultimate Echo Echo - Ultimate Fasttrack - Ultimate Gravattack
Ultimate Humungousaur - Ultimate Spidermonkey - Ultimate Upgrade

Fusion Aliens

Arctomix - Atomisaur - Big X - Camomech - Charmedge - Diamondactyl - Ectograde - Feedback Attack - Gecko Gecko
Gravattomix - Jawful - Snare-Chill - Tickin' Clock - XLRay - XLRtrack

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