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Timeline Traveler/ Omnitrix Hero/ Villian

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Chronokinesis Time Rays Enhanced Agility Enhanced Strength



Eon (genetic copy)
Era (genetic son/clone)


Eon is an alternate version of Ben that had gone rogue and wanted to eliminate all other versions of himself. Eon is also the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Chronian from the planet Chronia. The Current Eon is the result of Albedo's transformation into a Chronian, he is the same Eon just a different host.


Early life[]

Eon was sent to the Earth to activate the Hands of Armageddon and start the invasion on Earth. In this timeline Eon was too old to activate the Hands, so he hunted the Omnitrix wielder to duplicate his DNA and then control the DNA copy. He later was captured by the first Earth Plumbers 200 years before the original Series and was held through cryogenic freezing.


Eon was released when he was selected by Albedo. Eon spent most of the time trying to find a way to recover the Hands of Armageddon. He knew he would have to get Ben or Ken to transform into a Chronian in order for him to recover the Hands.


Eon wears a black jumpsuit with purple lights on it under a dark brown cloak. His face is cover by a clear mask. The Omnitrix Symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Chronokinesis - The ability to travel through time.
  • Time Rays - Shoot rays from hands.
  • Enhanced Agility.
  • Enhanced Strength.


Eon has no weaknesses except the fact that he needs the Hands of Armageddon to use his powers to their fullest.



  • An Eon is a time measurement unit that involves multiple eras and is equal to one billion years.

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